Petrova Cousins

Have you ever wondered how Katerina Petrova actually survived as she ran from Klaus. You probably think it was her amazing yet ruthless survival skills because that's what she thinks it was, but that is a false statement. As you know, Katerina seems to find a way to piss off every person she meets at some point and that is a an excellent talent if your looking to make an enemy in everyone. So how did she survive all these years? Oh yeah that was me. I'm the one who has kept hits off her, and I'm the one who has kept her heart perfectly intact. "Why?" you may ask. That's the real question. I know I asked myself the same question for decades but I finally came with the answer. It was because Petrovas protect their own. Yes, I know you wondering what's going on so I'm going to let you in on a little secret. My name is Andrea Petrova, the other Petrova who spent half her life running with Katerina and the other running after her. This is the story of our times together,our adventures, our


2. England, 1492

Chapter 2

England, 1492

It had been two years since Katerina and I had been banished from Bulgaria. Two years of being orphans in the cruel world, and two years reflecting back on the memories of that night. My actions haunted me everyday, but that was a small fraction of all the hardships we faced. Struggles and obstacles that seem unresolvable. Our troubles began merely five days after we left our home village when a group of traveling bandits ransacked our carriage, leaving us with the clothes on our back and a handful of gold. That went quickly as we continued on foot to Kavala, Greece. We worked temporary jobs along the way to feed ourselves and sleep in actual beds, because when times got rough we were forced to sleep on the cold, rigid forest floor or in the small village alleyways. Mattew stayed with us through the hardest of times, supporting us in towns where the only jobs a woman could possess was stripping for the men who only thought we were put on Earth for their sheer pleasure. Ofcourse, Katerina and I did our fair share of dancing and stripping along the way. Secretly, I did enjoy the attention of some of the men, but I never told Katerina that.

When we reached the port at Kavala, we applied for jobs on a passenger vessel voyaging to Essex, England. I was assigned to the nightly entertainment due to my dancing skills and the fact that I knew how to handle people. Katerina was given the job of seamstress where she fixed all the passengers and servants clothes. Our jobs fit us well. Katerina's innocenese would be a liabilty in the casino room and being in a silent room with a needle would indeed be the definition of hell for me. Mattew also accompanied us on the boat ride as an engine mechanic. During our voyage, we spent long nights fighting the rough, vessel shaking waves and tiring days obliging to every passengers' request. Though the journey was hard, it all became worth it when we reached Essex.

In the beginning of our stay, we were forced out of an alley and into a shelter center for the youth. It was no beautiful log cabin in the secluded woods, but it was a known place of safety. It was also the place where all our friendships were formed. The other shelter residents took us in with open arms and showed us around. Every afternoon they would take us to the Mikaelson Estate. The estate had a large pond with beautiful flowers embellishing its banks. The shelter kids said when we first went was that it was once a dirt hole with dead surroundings, but turned into the majestic sight it was then when the Mikaelsons moved into the mansion four years before. I knew why they found it as such a symbol for hope. They saw that if something so damaged could be turned into something so beautiful with a little helping hand they could too. So everyday for two years, no matter the weather, our group would take the mile hike up to the estate, and on most days, we saw two men and a woman outside, drinking what looked like red wine.

One day in late January of 1492 when I was bedridden, Mattew and the others went to visit the frozen pond, and they left Katerina behind to take care of me because I was her responsibility. I had caught a small cold from the freezing weather, leaving me in the bed for several days. I was cooped up and I hated every minute, but Katerina, the solitary not bothering her, stayed beside me. That was when she still cared about others.

As the days passed on, the group never returned sending Katerina in a state of worry. She ached to search for the lost residents, but she knew she couldn't leave my side. Finally when a week passed with no sign of their return, I faked being better to ease Katerina's nerves. In reality, I was worse than ever, but I managed to tred out of bed and onto the trail to the estate.

"This was a terrible idea," Katerina said as we stopped for the fifth time so I could regain my breath. " I should have never let you out of that bed."

"To late now, Cousin." I smiled back at her. She escorted me to the front of the mansion and with a little persuasion let me climb the step of the porch alone. I was beyond grateful to have a little control back in my life.

"You are so stubborn, Andrea," she said. She laughed as she lifted her dress to follow me up the steps. I would have knocked myself, but I could barely move and I didn't need her to know that. So I asked her to knock for me, because I was warming my fingers at that moment. She obliged, knocking her small, tan fist against the wood of the extravagant door. We waited patiently for the Mikaelsons or at least their servants to open the door but no one came. In my waiting, I propped myself against the white column and bent over coughing. Katerina ran to my side and put a hand on my back.

"I can help you," a man said. He looked familiar. I wondered if he was one of the servant boys we had spoken with on a few trips, but his clothes ridded of that option. They were clothes of the wealthy and I knew no master was willing to donate such clothes to a poor working servant. It had to be one of the Mikaelsons. He was gorgeous with long brown hair that fell to his shoulders and his dark brown perplexing eyes that had caught with my own light brown ones.

"Thank you, Sir, but I just choked on the cold air. I inhaled to fast," I lied. I held back the urge to rid of the cough lurking in my throat, but it quickly it became to strong to resist. I bent over and coughed as if something had lodged in my throat. Although when I continued a liquid made its way up. I became embarrassed at the thought of throwing up on this man's porch, so I tried to choke it back down; however, it continued up my throat until it found its self in my hand. It poured from my nose, sliding over my lips. "See I did it again," I coughed.

"Dear, you are very sick. Please come inside and let me help you." He offer his hand but I backed away, pressing myself against the column. I shook my head vigorously, yet he wouldn't stop. He came closer and took my unoccupied hand and rubbed his thumb over my knuckles. I could feel the waves of attraction flow through me. Every part of me was numb and I felt paralyzed. "May I?" he asks motioning towards my chest. Before I can answer his head is rested near my bossums.

"Wait," I yelled pushing him away. "What the hell are you doing?"

"You have pneumonia and you need to come in now. I'm a doctor," he said, tugging my hand. I looked over to Katerina with embarrasement in my eyes. Wiping my bloody hand on my dress, I looked back at the man.

"I can't," I replied. "I can't afford that. We live in the shelter and can barely afford clothes much less a doctor's visit."

"That is why it is free, my dear. How could I let a pretty girl like you die," he said. I look edup with wide eyes and a gaping mouth.

"I can't do that. It's not right when there are dying children at the shelter," I turned to leave, but he caught my hand.

"You want to pay, fine. If I treat you then you have to stay here and help me in the medical room. Your cousin may accompany you," he said. My heart said yes but my mind knew there had to be more than that on the table because offering two orphans a house and jobs was uncommon. 

Before I responded, he took my hand with a smile. "Then it is settled. You shall reside here as payment." I looked back to Katerina who stood in complete shock but also had a smirk at my little romantic encounter. The man opened the door and lead us into the house.

"Please wait." I choke, gripping his hand firmly. Another coughing fit began almost bringing me to my knees. I paniced as the air left my body. The fluids filled my lungs. Closing my eyes, I felt the dizziness take me.

"Hey, you are fine, my dear." The man pulled me closer. That's when I realized I accepted an offer to live with a man who's name I had yet to know. "Breathe, Andrea," he said, lifting my chin and wiping away the blood that had accumulated underneath. "Just breathe," he said looking into my eyes. Mine were glued to his as he spoke. "You are fine."

"I'm fine," I repeat with a smile. He nodded and turned away. That's when Katerina interupted.

"How did you know her name," she asked, grabbing my arm and pulling me back.

"You honestly think I would go two years without learning about the beautiful Petrova cousins that seem to find their way to my fence everyday. I suppose you don't expect us to see the six of you, but we do. We know your stories and ofcourse your stories." The man shined a heart stopping smile and let go of my hand. I couldn't help but longing for it back. He moved closer to her, so I interupted.

"And what would your name be, Sir? What's your story?" My tone caught his attention and he turned back.

"Elijah Mikaelson and that's all you need to know at the time being. You'll have plenty of time to learn my story. Beside, I'm suppose to be saving your life, aren't I?"

"Indeed you are, Doctor Mikaelson. In fact your are not the best doctor," I joked. "A bit to easily distracted for my taste. Just not my type." He grasped my hand with a smirk, and gripped my waist.

"Oh really. For a woman who is dying I thought you wouldn't mind," he said, leading me down the hall filled with breath taking art. I intended to study each piece once I was settled.

Once we made it down the hall, Elijah stopped and looked at Katerina. "Will you please stay here?"

"Hell no," she replied taking a hold on my arm. "I'm not leaving her."

"You're not leaving. You're waiting for her on this side of the door," he tried to be polite. Katerina looked at me and I just shrugged. she was shocked maybe even hurt, but she nodded and leaned against the wall.

"Fine." Elijah pressed his lips together and nodded. I walked behind him as he lead us into the medical room. A desk was placed next to a window that allowed all the sunlight to infiltrate the room. It shined upon his desk which had paper scattered among the books that layed on top. He took me to a table in the middle of the room and helped me onto it with a little hoist at the hips. Warmth spread from the position of his hands.

"Well I'm going to have to give you a shot. Is that okay?" he asked. I nodded and shifted on the table. My feet dangled in the air, swishing against my dress. He moved to his medical table and reached for his needle and syringe. I closed my eyes preparing myself. I hated needles and the pinch that accompanied them.

"Okay please bend over and pull your dress up," he said flicking the syringe that was filled with a red substance. I was shocked. I thought it would be a quick jab in the arm.

"Excuse me?" I asked sliding off the table. He repeated himself, but cracked a smile when he finished. I let my mouth gape and I laughed, hitting his arm gently. "You are pretty cheeky."

"I know," he said smiling. He raised my dress' sleeve and wiped it with a damp cloth at the cress. I bit my lip as he lowered the needle down to my skin. "Are you ready?" I nodded and closed my eyes. I had prepared for the needle, but I didn't prepare for the soft lips that met mine. Elijah was kissing me and I had only met him twenty minutes before. Tingles sprung to my lips when he retreated. "All done." I looked down at my arm and saw where he had stuck me.

"You distracted me," I said.

"Only because you were acting like a child. Some of my younger patients aren't that worried about a little needle," he said. "So I took your mind off it." He turned and placed the needle in a wrap and placed it in a small bucket then reached for a platter. Elijah faced me again holding a peice of hard candy. "Here. I give these to all the children." I laughed at his joke. That was when Elijah was funny and always had a joke up his sleeve. He was more carefree back then. Over the years the pressure and heartache cracked him leaving him emotionless.

Once we were done, Elijah sent servants to retrieve our things. We were shown around the estate and I felt much better. More than better. I felt amazing as if I had never been sick. I also asked about my friends, but was told that they hadn't seen them since the last time we were all together. I had a bedroom next to Klaus and Rebekah, Elijah's siblings. Katerina's room was across from mine.

That night we met the other two Mikaelsons. Rebekah and I connected right away but Katerina was hesitant towards the blonde. She later said that she didn't trust her, but ofcourse that was when we were alone. Klaus on the other hand stole my cousin's heart with a single look. The man, in fact, repulsed me. Yes, I thought he was an attractive male, but the hairstyle he sported did not suit him in my opinion. He was cocky and arrogant. Elijah said that his brother's childhood was the cause of his behavior.

Over the next four months, I worked at Elijah's side, helping with the cleaning and small talk of the patients. I was a person who they would gossip to so I was pretty included in the community as well. They no longer saw me as the poor orphan girl who lived in the shelter. I was the girl that Elijah Mikaelson took in and the one they confide their secrets and juicy gossip in. I also grew closer to Elijah as I paid off my debt.

One day, I walked in his medical room and hoped onto the table. He stood from his desk and stopped in front of me. I placed my hands around his neck, and his hands were sitting on my hips.

"Don't you think I have relieved my debt yet?" I asked.

"Yes, you have, but you also broke a capsule yesterday." he replied, pulling me closer by the small of my back.

That was you!" I laughed defending myself.

"I know. I'm just trying to find an excuse to make you stay," he said.

"Well, I bet the capsule I broke was really expensive," I replied leaning in.

"Priceless," he whispered against my lips. I let my hands wander into his hair. He picked me up and directed us to a wall. My heart pounded in my chest. I finally knew what Mother was talking about when she talked about how her and my father fell in love. The sparks that egnite a fire inside. The tingles that leave your body numb. I was feeling everything she said I would when I got older.

Elijah's lips left mine and fell upon my neck. I gasped and held him tightly. He looked up at me with black veins flowing from his eyes. They moved down his face to right above his nose. I didn't scream. I probably should have thinking back now, but I didn't. I was to in love with him to stop now. With my fingertips, I traced down the veins until I touched his lips. Those soft lips that was being pushed back by fangs. Elijah was shocked. He didn't move until I pressed my lips back to his.

"I don't care," I said breaking the kiss. "I love you." That's all that was needed to be said because he used his powers to quickly take us to his room.

That was the day I found out about vampires. Elijah sat me down and explained the whole story of his family. He and his siblings were original vampires. Kol, his younger brother, was said to be in The East while his other brother, Finn, was staked by Klaus with a dagger and Whiteoak ash. I was interested, but I was also sworn to secrecy. So for the rest of the month, I acted is if I knew nothing unless I was talking to Elijah or Rebekah who had became one of my best friends.

Then the night came. The night Klaus revealed himself and his plot to Katerina. I was hurt to say the least. My heart was broken in two because Elijah had been in on the ordeal. Rebekah apparently was left out of the event because they knew she would become to attached. Klaus was going to use Katerina, a doppleganger of our ancestor, and drain her of her blood only to let the dormant werewolf in him coexist with his vampirism. So when Trevor offered to help Katerina escape, I hopped on that bandwagon. We ran through the woods, tripping and falling many times. We were being chased by Klaus' men. I wanted to be mad at Elijah, but I couldn't find it inside me. After all, he was doing this because he was helping his brother, his family. I couldn't blame him for doing so because if the situation was turned around I knew deep down that I would help Katerina at all costs even if it lost me the man I loved. That's what I was doing then, helping Katerina escape the hands of Klaus because she was family.

So we ran. We ran atleast a mile and a half before we found it. The small cabin that Trevor had directed us to. I had the moonstone in which Katerina stole from Klaus. Yeah, that might have been one of the many factors of her pissing him off. When Rose let us in, I hid it away. She fed us her blood, letting us heal. When I was changing in the back room, the moonstone fell out revealing itself to Rose. She locked us up in the home owner's room and left us unattended.

After hours of thinking, I decided to lay down. Katerina on the other hand had another idea. Once she assumed I was asleep, she stood on the chair and kicked it over. How could I have done that? Why would I let her do that? I did it because if she was still human, Klaus would drain her and become a hybrid and I knew that couldn't happen. So I let her do it and I let Rose find her.

When Katerina woke, she was in bed with me watching over her.

"I had to," she said. I nodded, agreeing. "And I am so hungry." My eyes widened as she sprung up and held me against the wall. Her large fangs sunk into my shoulder and I screamed trying to push her away but there was no avail. I could feel myself slipping away.

"Katerina, no," Rose screamed from behind her but it was to late. When Katerina released me, I crumbled to the floor. You probably think I died. Well I did, but Rose's blood hadn't left my system yet. I was sucked dry only to wake up hours later with the same hunger that caused my death. I didn't want to be a vampire. I didn't want to kill the lady who owned the house, but I did. I did the exact same thing that Katerina did to me and I felt dirty. I was repulsed but also satisfied. The hunger had left for the time being and it stayed gone until night fell. That's when we started what we did for the next five centuries. We ran.


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