The boy next door!

Hi, my names Sasha. I am 19 and I live in Holmes Chapel and I think I may be in love with my next door neighbours son Harry.


2. Chapter 2!

It's been 2 hours and all my furniture is now on its rightful place. My bedroom. I ripped open the last box to find all of my clothes, I hung every single one if them up in my wardrobe.

"Sweetie get ready. We are going next food for dinner." Mum shouted from down the stairs.

"Yes Sasha, get ready we are going to see your boyfriend." Nate teased from behind the door.

"He's not my boyfriend you little shit!" I screamed at him.

"Not yet anyway." I mumbled.

"Heard that." Nate said.

"Fuck you Nate." I shouted.

I got dressed and made my way down the stairs. Grabbing my phone on the way.

"You ready Sasha." Dad said.

"Yes dad." I answered him.

We all walked out the door, down the drive and into next doors garden. I am finally going to meet the cute boy from next door. Mum knocked on the door and the cute boy answered.

"Hi, I'm Harry. You must be the new neighbours." He spoke. His voice is just pure heaven.

"Yes, we moved in before. Your mum invited us." Mum said.

"Please, come in." Harry spoke, pointing towards the living area.

"Lovely house." I said walking in.

"Thanks. Your name is?" He said sitting down on the sofa at the side of me.

"Sasha." My cheeks went bright red.

"Are you ok? Your cheeks are bright red." Harry said feeling my head.

"She's fine. Just a little school girl...." Nate started.

"Fuck off Nate." I said, still admiring Harry's beautiful green eyes.

"Dinners ready." His mum shouted. All three of us got up and sat at the table. Harry sat across from me next to who I assume was his older sister.

"This is Gemma my sister and this Anne my mum." Harry said pointing towards them. He is so polite.

After 15 minutes we had all eaten our food.

"Anne, that food was amazing, thank you." Dad said placing his cutlery down.

"My pleasure Ian." Anna said. "Harry why don't you take Sasha upstairs and show her your band."

"Oh your in a band. That's cool." He's good looking and talented.

"Yes, we are called White Eskimos." He said talking me upstairs. We landed at his room and he opened the door. "Ignore the mess." I sat down on his bed while he put one of his songs on. It was a cover of the classic Summer of 69.

"So, what instrument do you play?" The lead singer was amazing.

"I don't. I'm the lead singer."

"Wow you're voice is amazing."

"Thanks." He had a little grin on his face.

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