New movella

Just me being dorky, hurr. So I'll probs update very little.


1. Ollie Who?

The Doctor and his wife, River Song, were in the TARDIS.

"So, where are we going, sweetie?" River asked.

"Anywhere you like."the Doctor smiled in her direction.

Meanwhile, a girl was falling through space. Her hair was halfway down her neck, and a mad explode of brown curls and blue streaks.Her denim jacket had been tied around her neck, making her look like a super hero. She wore a green t-shirt, a denim skirt, purple leggings and combat boots. On her face she wore what appeared to be pilot goggles.

"Five, nineteen, peanut, thirty five!" She shouted.

"Hold on...I'm getting some coordinates...." The Doctor looked at the screen.

"Twelve, nine, eight, twenty!" The girl shouted again, and curled up into a little ball.

The Doctor tapped the coordinates in.

Suddenly, the girl broke through the for of the TARDIS, and knocked down River.

River groaned at the impact.

The Doctor stared in confusion. "I-what- WHO ARE YOU?"

The girl rolled off of River, and laid in the floor, panting.

River stood up. "It's a girl. Are you alright?"

The girl took off her goggles, an closed her eyes. "I'm fine...just a bit bruised..." She put her hands over her eyes. "Damn..."

"But who are you?!" The Doctor said.

"Ollie." Ollie then realized who she was talking too. "Oh, well this is great." She stood up, put her coat back on, and slid her goggles off her face. Her eyes were the color of ice.

"What were you doing?" The Doctor said. "You broke the TARDIS's door!"

"I didn't mean too!" Ollie said angrily.

"Sweetie, she was falling trough space," River said. "She had no control over that!"

"I really shouldn't be here..." Ollie looked around wildly.

"Calm down, love." River put her hands in Ollie shoulders. "Why not?"

"I just...can't," Ollie said. "I'm from the future, your future, and I..."

"You what?" The Doctor approached the girl. "You're from our future...?"

"I'm not saying, I've-I've told you too much." Ollie said, and she backed up. She looked wide eyed between River and the Doctor.

The Doctor was looking at her intensely. "Future..."

Ollie backed up. "S-stop that!"

The Doctor turned his back on River and Ollie. "From OUR future, and can't say anything more..."

River was confused. "What's going on?"

"River...are you...pregnant?" The Doctor asked without turning around.


Ollie turned red, and slammed a button turning the engine off.

And so, the TARDIS fell.

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