Zayn Malik's kids!!!!!!


1. introductions

Hi I'm Josie but people call me Jo, I'm 17 years old, and have a twin sister named Jaden. The only way you can tell us apart is I have blue eyes and she has brown.

Hi I'm Jaden but people call me Jade, I'm also 17, and I'm Jo's twin, I was born first though so I'm the oldest. I have brown eyes and she has blue eyes.

Hi I'm Diana, I'm 15 years old, I'm the 3rd oldest and have blue eyes like my sister Jo. I was named after One Directions song 'Diana' since my dad is Zayn Malik.

Hi I'm Delilah, I'm 14 years old, I'm the 4th oldest out of 5 kids. I was named after the song 'Hey there Delilah' because it was my dads favorite song. I have brown eyes like Jade's.

Hi I'm Paige, I'm 8 years old. I'm the youngest! My favorite sister is Jade cause she is the nicest to me. I have brown eyes. We all are really good singers just like mom and dad.

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