The best party ever!!!!

One day, Little Miss Goody Two Shoes , finds herself in the most popular party ever. It's basically the party of the century. Only the most famous and popular people in highschool go to it.. And believe me, she wasn't one of those people. But, she found herself to be invited with her friends. The party of the century became the party of her life. The party that would change her life forever. Will she be able to go home with a happy ending? Or find herself to have a head ache to last an eternity? Find if out if the worst can become the best.


1. Chapter one

Ashley's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of my alarm buzzing and the stream of sunlight shining through a small opening in my curtains. I slowly dragged my hand to my alarm and turned it off while postioning my body to sit down at the end of my bed. I threw my phone backwards to land on my bed and gingerly stood up to stretch my arms wide. "Good morning Monday. It's NOT nice to see you again." I said, while moaning my way to the bathroom. I grabbed my towel and and hung it on the rack while closing the door and locking it.
--15 minutes later--
I had changed into a long sleeved white sweater and rose printed skinny jeans that looked some what antique and had that old rustic vibe to it. As well as wearing my black converse with purple laces on the left and hot pink laces on the right. For my jewelry, I wore a bronze heart pendant, gold earrings, 4 skull bracelets, and my special white One Direction watch. I grabbed my backpack and my phone and went downstairs. "Morning guys." I said to my younger brother eating breakfast. "Morning" he replied. I sat down and ate some Cronflakes and drank cold water while we waited for our father to drive us to school. After eating, My dad came out of his room and said, "Hey guys, Ready to go?". We both nodded yes and followed him to our White Expedition 2000 version.
--10 minutes later--
My dad had dropped off my brother in his Elementary school and now had dropped me off in my High School. We said our goodbyes and I started walking my way to the doors of death. Suddenly.. "HEY HEY HEY DOUBLE H!" I turned around excitedly to see my 4 besties standing in a line!!! "HEY THERE GANG!" running to them and hugging them all. We then continue our journey inside. "Wait guys, I have to get my books. Summer, Can you come with?" I ask. "Sure! No problem sugaah babeeeh!" She exclaims. We walk to my locker while Jayla, Dylan, and Hailey go to History. Summer and I go to our lockers, luckily that are both beside each others, and get our books. I close my locker to see a very excited Summer.
A:Why are you jumping up and down??
A: Woah woah woah. Wait a second, stop jumping and tell me what exactly youre talking about.
S: The Masquerade Ball!!!
*Summer looks down... picks up some letter and hands it to me*
*I open to see the invitation*

We both started sprinting to the History class and sat down in our chairs which were in the back since my History teacher says we dont need to be in front anymore. I look to my right to Summer, seeing her scribble something down on paper. After watching her write, she gave me the letter and asked me if that was alright. I opened to see that its supposed to be a note to check the other girls' locker during recess. I nodded and gave April back the note.

Summer's P.O.V

I passed the note to Dylan, then jayla passed it to Dylan, then Dylan finally passed it to Hailey. They looked at Ashley and I and they nodded with a weird expression because they were unsure why we told them to do so. I can't wait to see the girls' expressions when they get the invations.....and I still can't believe Ashley and I are invited to the most popular ball in the entire highschool!!! Let's just hope that the others are too. FINGERS CROSSED because that ball will surely be the talk of the whole school. Especially because the guest of honors are REALLY famous!!

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