Beware this is sad


1. RIP Niall

You were watching the T.V with your 5 yr old granddaughter when something caught your eye on the news.

"A worldwide legend has just passed away in his home town of Mullingar Ireland" the news reporter said. At that a tear rolled down your cheek as you remembered his contagious laugh.

"Did you know that man Grandma?" Your granddaughter asked.

"Yes dear he was one of my best friends" you replied breaking into tears realising how true it actually was.

You take her up to your attic and pull out a box full of posters, CDs, DVDs, books & dolls.

"He was in a band. That band was called One Direction. The other four Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn have already gone to heaven" you said pointing to each boy in turn. You hand her the Niall doll and tell her to keep it.

"I like this grandma!" She says playing with the doll.

20 yrs later

You have fallen quite ill and your 25 yr old granddaughter is coming to see you one last time before she moves far away. You open the door and she hands you a box. You don't open it. The two if you talk for hours. Eventually she has to go. You cry together and she drives off.

Later that night you decide to look in the box. You found the Niall Horan doll you had given her 20 years ago, there was also a note. It read

Dear Grandma

A few years ago I was thinking of committing suicide but I looked at this doll and thought of Niall. I researched One Direction and watched their video diaries, listened to there songs and looked at pictures of them. They made me feel loved.

Here is the doll of my lifesaver.

Your Granddaughter

At that you loved One Direction more than ever. Not only because they made you happy but because they saved your granddaughter's life.

Soon after you joined the boys up in heaven.

Your granddaughter attended your funeral. She took all your 1D stuff.

She promised herself that 1D would get passed through the genarations of your family forever.

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