My Life as a Book

Hello. Jade here. I'm a pretty weird kid. Deal with it. If you wanna know about me, for some odd reason, just read this here book. Go ahead. You know you want to.
DO IT!!!


1. Me.

     First off, I think I'll explain that there cover. *points to cover of book*

     That's me, if I were in Hogwarts and happened to be Emma Watson's twin. I'd probably be in Ravenclaw. Considering I'm in fifth grade on a Z reading level, I have two bookcases full of books I've read at least three times each or am in the process if reading, I've filled up three notebooks in writing  school year, and I'm a mostly As kind of girl. I get an occasional B in math, which has come up much more than usual this year. I guess all this new stuff she's throwing on us. Our teacher, let's just call her Mrs. Duggy, taught the class three digit by three digit. Some kids flew through it, some had a lot of trouble. I was somewhere inbetween. But the very next day-BAM! Oh, it's a test on three by three digit and four by three, something we didn't actually get a lesson on. I didn't have a problem with it, however a lot of kids who are a little, let's say "slow" in math sure did. I think that's pretty stupid, not that Mrs. Duggy cares. She seems pretty absorbed in her phone. Yes, in class. She'll explain something, tell us to write it down, then pick up her iPhone and click away. Even if it's like one sentence. The whole class will be staring for what seems like hours, waiting for her to get a move on. And Mrs....let's say Vandergruff, she is always rambling on and on about her kids. Example:

"Today we will be learning about couplets. Here's my example: Emily is very busy. Sometimes she is even dizzy." (?????) "Another could be: Gabby is very crazy. Sometimes she is lazy."


     But enough about that prison (I mean school. Oops). The name of the chapter is Me, not Me At Prison/School with Mrs. Duggy and Mrs. Vandergruff. If you don't wanna know about me, suck it up. You wanted to read this, didn't you?

     I'm not only a bookworm, or a writeworm (if that exists), but I love music. When I'm on my Kindle (24/7), I turn on iHeartRadio and listen to either Lorde, Cristina Perri, Paramore, or maybe the occasional Katy Perry or Elli Goulding. I love music, although if you asked me to sing in front of you I wouldn't do it for a million, billion, trillion, gazillion bucks. Okay, maybe I would. But I'd make you give me the money first because it'd be embarrassing and somehow having a trillion dollars in cash lowers the tension.

     Ok. You may be thinking my real name isn't Jade Lestrange. It isn't, but it'd be cool if it was. I am not telling you my real name. But I will tell you this much- Jade IS my real MIDDLE name, but I like it 533333339117383836299227273666464899773744 times better than my first name, so I use t for a lot of things. Lestrange is the last name of my favorite character in Harry Potter, Bellatrix Lestrange. I made a book about her daughter, Belle Lestrange. Hope you like it!


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