A Hoof Shaped Heart

A girl named Mallian Hensley loved horses. Especially her own, Beautiful Fiasco. Sh visits her horse everyday, her brother, visits his horse everyday too. Her father looses his job and they sell Fiasco to the barn instead of boarding it, so technically, it's Ever Acres Farm's horse, not Vivian's. Ever Acres Farm ordered a few budget cuts to help them expand, horses will be sold. Will Fiasco be sold? Will Mallian's life be ruined?


1. Mallian

                I opened my eyes, waking up from that dream was like waking up from the best day of my life and everything was now dying. The best dream was me and Fiasco winning an Overall Champion Ribbon from the county fair. The county fair, the county fair! That is the complete, whole, entire, big, county! The fair sums it up, your whole county, facing off in all out battle, and against all odds, Mallian Thompson wins the show. The crowd goes wild. Best. Day. Ever.

                I get out of bed and stare at a picture of Fiasco. Beautiful Fiasco is his show name. He is an American Paint horse, black and white, black mane and tail. Pure beauty, what I call it. I walk toward the door and stop short, reaching across my room to my bedside table and get my phone. I reach for the doorknob and miss, already absorbed in the phone. Sad, I know.

                Out of my tiny room down the hall to the stairs that I nearly walk past as I stare at the screen of my Blackberry. I text Stephanie. Of course I text Stephanie. Why wouldn’t I. Oh right, she’s not awake yet. Oh well, she should be. It’s 6:30! Come on girl, sort yourself out.

                You become a human when you wake up early. No scratch that, you become a better person when you wake up early. If you accomplish stuff in the morning, like the hardest human body operation in the world, getting dressed, you’ll feel good about yourself for the rest of the day.

                I vaguely realize I’m stalled on the first step until my annoying brother who is going to college soon, thank goodness, pushes me down a step. Gasping and falling down stairs, which is not under any circumstances fun, I scream. Landing 3 steps down on the landing, I am miraculously standing up. I lean against the rail and shoot Max a scowl. He just laughs his curly brown hair messy with his navy blue LAND sweatshirt on. He has grey athletic shorts that sway back and forth when he walks; he too is absorbed in his iPhone.

                I walk down the rest of the stairs with pajamas on. My brown hair in a green ponytail holder. The ponytail itself is a mess from sleeping. My pajamas are cool, a grey tank top and purple sweatpants. My freckle-less face smiles at Max, who is leaning against the sliding glass door that has shades on it. I’m surprised the shades aren’t breaking.

Spoke too soon.

                He jumps forward, eyes wide.

                “WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?” My mother yells from the office. Max hesitates.

                “Nothing mom!” He yells back.

                “Yeah right,” I say to him. He shoots me a mixture between an angry look and a distrusting look.

                I turn toward the island and start to make breakfast. Simple cereal. I start to eat my Cheerios, when I get an angry text from Stephanie. Great. I think. Just wonderful. I read the text; it is sloppy because of early morning fumble fingers.


Stephanie Waltz ---



Hey Stephanie! Whats up? J

Text a reply…….



Thanks for wsking me up! What the heck? Uou know I slewp in!




















                I decide not to text back. Take the safe route.  After I eat the Cheerios, I walk back upstairs and back into my room. It is a dark purple room; I was young when I chose the color. Now I wish it were navy blue, or no. Navy blue. Max’s room was black with red streaks across it. He had LAND COLLEGE blankets nailed to the wall. I wanted to go to LAND, but I didn’t at the same time. I had always wanted to go to LAND, but now I have mixed feelings.

                Don’t get me wrong, I love LAND, but I like St. Pruto’s University now. It has an equestrian program. Sole reason I want to go. That’s a lie. I like it because it’s awesome. LAND is awesome too, but not like St. Pruto’s.

                Ok, mind get back to getting dressed. The hardest task of the day. Except for English. Stupid English. Stupid Mrs. Tansy. Stupid World. Ok, I’m sorry, I can’t say that. I know a girl named World, she’s really nice. Stupid Universe. Much better.

                I nod to an internal beat. No I don’t. I’m listening to the radio. Duh. It’s not like I was so distracted by my thoughts that I think the radio is in my head. No… Who am I kidding? I’m insane. Who am I kidding everyone knows that. Duh.

                I get past the hardest thing to do. Besides English. Which is 2nd period. Darn it. Stupid school. Now when I get to school I’ll have to apologize to it. Yep. It’s official. I’m out of my mind. I cross the room to get my brush. The brush falls on my foot. Stupid brush. I’m sorry brush, I didn’t mean it. I promise.

Officially Crazy.

Shut up mind,

No, Yes,

No, Yes,

FINE! Officially Insane.

Great, I’ve gone up a rank. I thought.

                After I get dressed, I do the second hardest thing, brushing my teeth. I succeed, which is miraculous. Max probably does that 15 times a day, ok, I don’t have anything against dental hygiene, but I need to go out to Fiasco.

                I have to pack my backpack. Joyous times. I struggle with my fat binder. It won’t go in. I hit it in the face. I don’t say I’m sorry because I’m not. What’s the point of lying? Really, lying is like destroying the fabric of the time space continuum, which is, by the way, bad.

                After my stupid, fat, binder goes into my ridiculously small backpack that my wonderful mother got me, I walk outside.  I walk over the grass, which will probably upset my mom because I just got these shoes, and she will want me to ‘take good care of them’, whatever that means. I honestly don’t care.

                Since my boarding barn is a half a mile down the road and I go there every day, my mom just assigned it as my bus stop. Which I have nothing against; it gives me an excuse to see Fiasco every morning.

                Max tags along because he wants to see his horse. His horse’s name is Magicians Secrets. Also known as Magic by the barn staff and him. He has another horse, that horse’s name is Red. Just Red. No seriously, that is his show name, Just Red. Not Red, Just Red. With the just. You get it? Good because I’m not going to explain it again.

                I walk down in silence. Well that’s a lie. I can hear Max’s footsteps because he’s totally forgotten how to be silent. After he finished some project last year, he stopped sneaking up on me. Losing his unbending cool. Now he must be in denial. Because all of his cool has positively vanished, off of the face of the earth.

                I don’t feel bad for him, because I’ve gone up from the Officially Crazy rank to Officially Insane rank. He should be at Officially Unstable Mentally because he is out of his mind to the moon and back. He’s the one who should be in the nut house. Not me. Because I consider my house a complete nut house.

                As soon as we are in sight of the Ever Acres Farm sign, I break into a sprint. I mean, I’m running as fast I stinking can. I think Max is running too, but I don’t really care.

                “MALLIAN! WAIT!” Max yells. Nevertheless, I still don’t care.

                “NO!” I yell back. I can tell he’s started to put on his all out speed because I can hear him panting from where I am. Which is bad. Since he is a football player, but we have been running for the equivalent of a football field, so I understand. Only a little though, that is one football player. One who can’t run.

                I get to the sign of Ever Acres Farm. I turn and slow down. I go immediately to Fiasco’s stall. But he’s not there. The white board telling the other workers where the horses are, tell me that Fiasco is in pasture 3. Pasture 3 is at the very back edge of the property. Darn. I went down the stalls, looking for horses. There was one.

                The horses name was Gem.

                “Hey Gem,” I whispered. Gem was a small appaloosa. I made kissing sounds. She didn’t respond, I clicked my tongue against my teeth making a weird noise. She walked up to the stall door. She swung her head over the door. She had amber eyes that complimented her spots. Gem let me pet her but then I heard Max yell for me. The stupid bus was coming.


I’m sorry bus.


                As I get on, I notice that we have a substitute bus driver. His name was Mr. Reggie. He’s really nice. Max nods to him but I stop and say,

                “Hello Mr. Reggie,” I say. He nods back.

                I walk toward the back and sit at the Emergency Exit window seat. I have no one to talk to so I stare out the window. There are more horse farms and then it gives way to houses and houses followed by, houses. I get angry.

                They wasted precious farmland on these developments. They had new everything. I had been in them because my mother’s family had been in the town for 4 generations. We were a well-respected family along with the Pintaloah’s.

                The Pintaloah’s were my cousins to an extent, like third or fourth cousins. I had a large family; my ancestors often had three or four children. My family only had one boy and one girl, so we are outcasts. Just kidding, my mom’s sister doesn’t have kids.

                The bus stopped at school. I got up, grabbing a glove that was left behind. It made no sense, it wasn’t cold outside. I gave it to Mr. Reggie who nodded. He nods a lot.

                I walk into the school and immediately spot Stephanie and another girl named Lauren waiting by the music room. They speak in hushed voices, giggling and eyes darting around. I know better then think them as gossipers. They’re obviously talking about the school musical. At least it’s obvious to me.

                Lauren and Stephanie are the actors of the grade. Just like Wayne and Sean are the athletic boys of the grade. Karla and Jade have all the smarticle particles.  I am, technically athletic. I am an equestrian pedestrian.

                But that doesn’t matter. I walk over.

                “What’s up?” I ask Stephanie. Who’s expression hardens.

                “Why did you wake me up?” She freaks out.

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