"Why's the ferret here?" (Dramione)

Hermione's just come back from America... after 5 years. Her friends don't know it yet, but she wasn't the only one to move to America. What will the say when they see her husband?


1. The Reunion

As a slick black car pulled up infront of Grimauld Place, the eyes of the guests flicked to it's expensive model. When Hermione stepped out of the passenger seat in a stunning summer dress they were even more surprised, not having seen her for 5 years.

"Hey guys!" She said shakily. Rushing towards her friends she expelled a breath of relief when Ginny ran forward and hugged her. The rest of her friends followed suit and led her inside.

"So, got married yet?" Was the first of many brazen questions from Ginny. Answering Ginny's question with little more than a murmur, she quickly moved onto the topic of her travels and was interogated on this subject instead.

Meanwhile, Draco was parking his car a few streets away. "Damn yellow lines!" He exclaimed. After spending atleast 15 minutes looking for a parking space that wasn't entirely illegal and was totally free he lost his temper and paid £3.20 to park a few streets away from the Potter's house. Walking sulkily he soon realised that noone knew about his and Hermione's eloping in America. Well, they were in for a pretty big surprise.

After the interrogation Hermione had been left to recuperate on a gaudy sofa, which was quite probably a Black family heirloom, while her friends dispersed themselves around the room. Hoping her husband wouldn't take long she looked at the gold ring on her finger, set with a beautiful emerald, her birthstone. Then she heard the door handle turn and prepared herself for his dramatic entrance.

"So, how have we all been?" Greeted Draco, flinging the doors open with the air of a performer. "Ohhh Ginny, you look gorgeous! Where are the pack of wolves you call children? I swear the second I stepped on your path they rushed out like animals. I have a bad feeling they were informed about me by your spider of a husband" acting like a reality TV star, he flounced around the room shaking everyone's hand. He was about to continue when Ron shouted out, rather rudely, "Malfoy, what are you doing here?".

"I came at the specific asking of my wife" he replied, not the least embarassed. At this the guests started whispering amongst themselves rapidly. "And who's she?" Ron said jeeringly. At this Hermione stood up and walked to where Draco was perched elegantly on the arm of another decrepit sofa. With a peck on his lips, Hermione replied "That would be me".

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