before you leave me

when you don't expect it, it happends. Daisy is a 19 year old girl she has a very ordinary life untill JUstin gets in the picture.


1. the phone call


i  just came home when my phone starded ringing and i anwserd 

-hello ,i said

-hi ,a male voice anwerd me 

-ehh....who are you,i said with a sceard voice 

-Justin ,he said 

-and what do you whant , my voice sounded much iriteaded now

- i just wanted to ask you if you'd like to go out some time?? he asked  me 

i was stunned i just stand there and though about what he just asked.Did just Justin Drew Bieber the top 10 cutest boy in the world just asked if i would like to go out with him.

-OMG yes yes a thousand times,i screamd much happier than before

-okey!! what is said that we'll meet tomorrow at 6pm ,he said exited 

-yeah course!!!bye see ya tomorrow ,i said 

-bye !!,he said 

 sorry that it got so short but hope you liked it keep reading i'll uptade soon bye guys

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