Truth or Fiction?


1. Short Story Enjoy!!!!!

Whatever you do, just remember if you ever see a person with an axe run away. In the town of Givertenville everyone knows that if you see the person with an axe it means the seven days of nightmares are coming. This happens every year mostly in October. The person takes seven people who the person doesn’t like and kills them. We don’t know who the person is, but we know that it’s someone in the town. I have my money on Ms. McFarlen; she’s cold and has a heart of stone. We don’t actually know if this is true, no one actually has seen the person. We just keep watch. Yesterday morning a kid was telling me he thinks I’m weird and started tugging on my ponytail. I told him to leave me alone. I haven’t seen him since then.

Welcome to Givertenville morning news, we have some startling news that a kid has been found lying in the middle of the street with a number one next to him. Other details are being withheld until further investigation.

            I came to school right after the news report and I had a feeling that I just knew that the Seven Days of Nightmares had begun and that this was the first time that Givertenville will have evidence. She is real. I went up to my locker and got my books before the first period, English began. I closed my locker door and standing right there were my friends Drake and Kelley.

“Did you hear?” Kelley stated excitedly

“Yes, it’s so scary!” I exclaimed

“We have to keep a look out just in case something bad happens. That person must be pretty smart to get away with something like this.” Insisted Drake

“Yeah or just crazy!” Kelley exclaimed.

“Sure or they could be really smart!” Drake insisted.

“Remember if you see a person with an axe run away!” Kelley exclaimed.

“We know, we know,” I said with Drake nodding in agreement.

“It’s weird why cant Givertenville be normal and have superstitions like the black cats and stuff.” Drake complained annoyed.

“Guys you know that scary house that everybody’s afraid of because they think that’s where the 7 days of nightmares person lives?” questioned Kelley

“Yes,” Drake and I responded

“Well do you want to stake out there and find out who she is so we can stop her?”

“ Uh no, not really unless you have a death wish.” I stated

“Well I’m going tonight.” Kelley announced as she walked away

That night at 8:00

Kelley opened the door to the old Victorian styled house, with furniture that looked like it hadn’t been used in ages. Kelley took one step into the house and got a creepy feeling. She placed her stuff onto the floor next to the fire she sat on the couch. She thought to her self that she needed to find the answers to who is behind this awful behavior, which made her even more determined to find out. She sat there for 10 minuets until she got a creepy feeling that someone was behind her.

“You seriously thought I was going to let you stay here—“ I stated as Kelley freaked out until she saw me and hugged me.
“You are right we need to figure out who did this tonight or 6 other people will die, lets take a tour to see if we can find anything out about this mysterious person.” I stated

We toured all through the house, and nothing was found no lady, and no dead bodies in the closets.

“Oh yeah, Drakes coming at 9:30.” I stated

“Wait what time is it now?” Kelley asked

“Oh um, 9:30….” I stated they started searching for Drake but couldn’t find him, just incase he snuck in.

“Lets just wait maybe he’s a little late.” Kelley replied.

“Sure…. Or Ms. McFarlen has taken him.” I said

“Hahaha.” Kelley laughed sarcastically. I look up at the ceiling and see weird liquid dripping down from the ceiling, it turned out to be blood we could tell because Kelley took a nursing camp program over the summer. Kelley and I look at each other then freaked out and screamed. I grab Kelley’s hand and ran away still screaming someone stops us from going any further.

“Guys, guys are you ok!” Drake says worried. I faint and Kelley looks like she had seen a ghost. I wake up back in the living room where our stuff is.
“You’ve been passed out for 10 minuets.” Drake said.

“Sorry guys.” I said.

“About what?” Kelley said confused.

“For passing out we really need to know who is doing this.” I said

“Lets start where the blood was,” Drake said

“Ok,” Kelley said they walked through the old dark hallways with doors on both sides of the hallway. They heard the floor creaking under their feet.

“Did you hear that!” Kelley exclaimed

“Its probably your imagination,” Drake stated, “Here it is, Lets go upstairs to see what it is.” We walked up the old wood stairs to the third floor. The third floor was even creepier it was the attic. It had boxes stacked up in the corners. Nothing was there, there wasn’t any blood.

“Too bad there isn’t anything up here,” Kelley said reluctantly

“This is so weird,” I said confused “Why would there be blood coming out of the ceiling if there isn’t any blood in the attic.”

“There could be a secret passage,” Drake suggested

“I guess its worth a try,” Kelley said we started knocking on the old dust covered walls and pressing on cracks. “This is useless there is nothing here!” Kelley exclaimed annoyed.

“Keep trying I know it’s around here somewhere,” Drake said

“I agree with Kelley we can’t waste our time with this we need to go look somewhere else for other clues.” I said

“Fine.” Drake said sassily we walked down the dark creaky stairs, and into the hallway, and back down into the living room.

“We should probably look in the bedroom.” Kelley suggested We went into the bedroom it had pictures of a nice family all looking happy. I looked down at my phone and checked the news report there wasn’t anything new they were releasing about the investigation.

“There isn’t anything new about the investigation.” I spoke annoyed

“Seriously, well we need to find who this person is before the 7 days are up.” Kelley remarked.

            “There isn’t anything here,” Drake said

“Ok let’s go—“ I said as something hit me on the back of my head and I blacked out, I heard as I fainted Kelley saying,

“ WH—what are you doing!” I woke up an hour later with a sharp pain in the back of my head. I turned over and saw Kelley right next to me we were laying in the living room. I whispered to Kelley,

“Who knocked me out where is Drake is he ok?”

“We have to get out of here its—its Drake it was all him, I should’ve know when he knew about the blood even though we didn’t tell him about it.” Kelley said in shock staring up at the ceiling. I took my phone out of my back pocket and started typing I memorized the keys just in case I was ever in a situation like this so I texted my friends Sydney, Olivia, Gabrielle, and Lauren. In 10 minuets they all came to our rescue and Drake was put into a Mental Hospital. The police tested Drake and he turned out to be completely crazy.


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