Its the year of 2016, and aliens have invaded the planet. Humans are now being harvested as livestock, boys being eaten and women's bodies becoming homes for the Alien's.

Lyra Parks is one of the Captured, which means she is under age and is being raised and fitted for her host. She lives on Faction Farm 23, which is located in Texas.

As Lyra's time starts to run out and as she explores more and more of this Alien race, she realizes a few things that could save the human race, and many things that could destroy it....


1. One


Aoife Collins


The darkness was hiding me well, at least that's how I felt. I could hear them looking for me, needing me. No, actually. Wanting me. It was so angering to me, treating us like animals. The clicking and slapping of footsteps came closer, and I bolted. The ruins of my house could no longer hide me, and I bolted. I heard the screams of the alien body hackers, but never once did I look back. The foreign invaders would not catch me, and they never would. Ever. I could hear them gaining on me, trying to pry me out, almost as if they were acting smug, like they had already caught me. Quickly, I turned to the woods, unaware that they already had mapped out my move. When I saw 'it' was awaiting me in the woods, I knew it was over. The alien, in a body with olive-toned skin, short, strawberry blonde hair with brown eyes, was awaiting me. I practically ran right into her. I knew what would become of me in three years once the alien hooked the rope over my neck then lead me on a leash.

It was a long night. The leash was held firmly in the Aliens hands, and I was squished between 2 other humans that I couldn't see, mainly because I was blindfolded. I could tell they were human--they were warm... It felt comforting to know that I wasn't alone.

I knew we were getting close to the farm, I could smell the plentiful amount of wheat. I breathed it in, coming to the uncomfortable realization that I would be eating this for the next three years. After that... I would become Alien. It was a scary thought, having someone else use your body-- terrifying, actually. We pulled up to the farm, and the Aliens led me outside. The ripped of my blindfold, and as far as the eye could see there was miles and miles of golden wheat. A giant, glass dome covered the wheat, and I was guessing it was a one-way mirror. They pressed a button, and a narrow hall with cages all the way down, most likely as long as the wheat. There was a station, that sort of looked like a toll booth. The Alien escorted me to there, and they brought me in and sat me down. They took a sleek, silvery needle- like thing, and in big, bold letters inscribed M16 on my wrist, back, and the back of my neck. They then led me down the hall, and we passed several prisoners along the way. They were all asleep, of course. It was ten o' clock at night. But there was one boy, who was awake. He had jet black hair, and blue eyes. He just sat there, on the little mat that, I guess, was supposed to be a bed. Across the hall from his cell, there was an empty cell. It had a wooden name plate, and in big, bold letters said M16. My cell. The Alien opened the door, and shoved me in there. He hung my leash on a hook on the cell door, then shut it, and locked it. The cell was dry, and boring. Gray cement covered the walls, with areas of red discoloration. I wondered if it was from blood, then decided to just not think about. There was a water

bowl-- only half full. There was also two hooks on the ceiling, one holding a pink collar and the other holding a pink dress. I looked at the boy across the hall, who seemed to be about my age, 17, and pointed, with a confused look on my face. He nodded, then turned to give me some privacy. I quickly threw them one, and whispered 'pssst' when I was finished. He gave me a thumbs up then went to bed. I stared at the boy--er-- man for a few minutes, then laid my head on the 'bed' and fell asleep, preparing for the next day.

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