fire must burn out--HoO fanfiction

'I will come back for you' Leo's promise to Calypso rang in his ears. He must find her. After ditching his friends in a accident, Leo Valdez decides to rescue Calypso from her prison.


1. Chapter 1



Leo tapped on the rim of the wheel on the Argo II. “Why are you doing that Valdez” Asked Frank, irritated. “No reason.” He said sadly and walked away, head bent. As he stared into the darkening sky, he heard someone behind him. Turning, he noticed it was Annabeth. She studied him. “That was Morse coad for I love you.” she said, watching his expression. His shoulders drooped and he shrugged. Leo took a shaky breath and pushed his curly hair from his face, witch wore a look of desperation. Annabeth's gaze softened. “I understand what it's like being away from your love.” Then, she hugged him. He stiffened, he was never actually hugged, unless you count family and Hazel, but those where probably for Sammy anyways. “Everyone needs a friend.” She whispered into his ear. “We will find her again, I promise.” They stood their, hugging, Leo drenching her shirt in tears. He could no longer keep it in. It was to much. Annabeth was right, sometimes, you need a friend. A actual human, not a machine.


The seven demigods have been travelling for a while now. They had closed the doors of death and now they had too unite the two camps. Piece of cake. The seven where heading to camp Jupiter. Annabeth and Leo separated when Percy walked around the bend. He took the site in. Annabeth made the 'he is feeling really sad' look and they walked away, arm in arm to give him privacy. Leo sniffled and whipped his nose on his sleeve. He was embarrassed to have cried like that, but it did feel good. Suddenly, Festus let out a warning call. Everyone rushed onto deck, Leo had to snicker at Jason's PJ's. They where one piece, yellow and had flowers on them. “Dude, what ARE you wearing!?!” Leo laughed. Jason flushed and mumbled “ a present” Percy came too his rescue “shouldn't we be preoccupied with the problem.” He said and Jason threw him a grateful glance. Suddenly, wind shook their boat and they span around and around. Festus suddenly turned quiet and Leo saw that the light in his eyes was dying. “FESTUS!” he screamed and ran to his dragon. Then, they plummeted.


“ JASON!!” Leo cried out “ TIME TO KEEP YOUR PROMISE!!” Jason tried unsuccessfully to save them all by flying, but they where too much. Just as he was about to grab Leo, He saw Piper plummet down. He looked from them both and then dove straight after his girlfriend. With a final scream, Leo fell, he couldn't hear anyone else.


He thumped against something. Opening his eyes, he saw he was under the ocean. His heart pounded fast, he was afraid of water ever since he almost drowned when he was little. He started too kick upwards but he had never learned to swim. His lungs burned and he longed to take a breath of air. Leo's head hurt and his attempts to swim up weakened. He let out his breath in defeat. His eyes rolled upwards and he slowly drifted off, looking at the tiny flame that came from his pocket. H-his pocket! He tried too remember what was so important about his pocket and he slowly pulled out a piece of wood. A sac had came off it and sank too the floor. The wood slowly burned despite the tons of water. He desperately beat his hand at it, trying to make the fire go away, but he was overcome with the water as it went into his system.

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