Liam's sister(Zayn Malik punk fanfiction)

Things are not always what they seem...


5. chapter four:almost...

Hey guys sorry for the wait here is the new chapter enjoy!!

My Pov:

"Moan my name babe" Niall whispered as two of his fingers entered me."Niall" I moaned quietly causing Niall to smirk and take out his fingers and lick them. Just then someone knocked on the door.

Niall quickly got off of me and stood up so did I "come in" Niall said Zayn opened the door."savannah I need to tell you something follow me" Zayn said to me so I followed.

Zayn stopped at his room and pulled me inside and shut the door locking it and backing me up until my back was pressed against the wall."love,Niall is not good for you I am please would you go on a date with me?" Zayn explained to me.

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