What a dream

a dream came true.


5. 5.

"i guess harry would love you." louis said quiet. i guess more to himself than to me. he hold out his hand, knowing that i had no idea where i am. i smiled and grabed his hand. he was the perfect big brother.

"how are they?" i asked what a weird question? nice. you'll love them. i can already answer my own questions.

"i hope you'll like them. well i know they wil love you. they are weird. i hope you wont be scared." he said seriously but fortunatly he started smirking as he saw my unimpressed face.

"i loooove crazy people!" i shouted like a little girl. suddenly a door opend somewhere i couldn't see it but i clear heard the noise of somebody calling and running

"REALY?? I WANNA MARRY YOU!" THE FUCK?!...wait you know that voice...that's

"no,no,no harry she wont marry you i dont allow that. stop harry no,no you wont-" harry grabbed me picked me up like a little child and started running away from the confused louis.

"hey darling. what's your name? mind if i carry you round a bit?" he asked me while running somewhere. his curly hair flew back and so i had a perfect view on his fucking nice and adorable face. his perfect green eyes looked a bit confused but his smile was alos so perfect. i could watch him forever...EARTH TO RUTH!! HE ASKED SOMETHING: STOP STARING.

"oh..uhm. no everythings okay. i'm fine with that..what else did you asked?" good job. he justed talked ONE TIME to you and you've already forgot what he said. PERFECT.

"your name sweety." he grinned at me while he opened a door and got in with me and looked it behind us. he called me sweety...HOW SHOULD I REACT. i guess i should kiss him...

"you look a bit uhm.... is everything okay?" he asked with raised eyebrows. i shook my head to get back him.

"oh haha uhm. yeah everything is okay,great,perfect. i mean it could'nt be better. i mean. i am talking weird shit. again. my name is ruth. nice to meet you" i hold my hand out and he shook it giggeling. like a little girl. i just couldn't stop myself i started laughing and hold my belly

"haha your laugh is cute" he stopped giggeling and looked seriously at me. have i said something wrong. my heart skipped a few beats. 

"is-" he smashed his lips into mine. oh.my god. what is happening? i mean his lips are so ...mhhmmm he kissed me passionate and i wanted it never to end. i kissed back not realy knowing how to do. Harry Styles just stole my first kiss, ever. i suddenly gasped. he stopped. his green eyes looked confused and also a little bit hurted at me. he eyed up my face. i blushed. it felt very uncomftable. you should kiss him again. or leave very fast.

"you don't liked it?" he asked looking very serious. nearly scary.

"uhm of corse i did.. i just was so...uhmm" i bite my lip. what should i say now to excuse for my stupid reaction? oh wait i know.. i wraped my arms around his neck pulled him close and- he kissed me. my body don't wanted to let him go again. i don't know how a perfect kiss should feel but i guess it's feels excatly like this. *knock* *knock*

"RUTH?? Are you okay??" big brothers can be anoying to...



i hope you liked it next chapeter is coming soon <3


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