What a dream

a dream came true.


32. 29. Zayn

 ***yeah hehe why let you know how it's going so easy??? :P ***


Zayn's pov:

Liam just left and i was throwing my stuff into my bag. it was very small. okay okay m other clothes were in the bus already... i was a little bit worried about harry. he wasn't here yet and the bus will start in a few minutes so yeah. we will have to wait for hat little piece of shit. ii know i shouldn't talk about him like this but he realy fucked it up. EVERYTHING. i destroyed his relationship to niall in beating him up for telling him he should stay away of niall's girlfriend. i mean you know? Niall did everything to protect her from him but he just seduced her anyway. someway it's her fault too but which girl could say no to harry's attention. Just one day passed and harry already kissed and fucked her even though niall made her his in this time. what a lucky girl. she is loved by two of my best friends. and they even would end their friendship for her and i guess harry already did. That's so hardcore what is going on here now. i need to relax myself. i know i shouldn't do it but i needed one. i pulled out my "cigarrets" (because it's not just tabacco) and lighed it on. i took some drags. the scratchy feeling in my throat was nearly gone. i realy got used to theese. i realy should stop but this time there is a reason, a good reason why i need this. i mean it looks like one of my bandmates is missing while we are on tour and not enough that he is lost, he also fucked the girlfriend of niall. i wouldn't know what i would do if this would happen to me. Perry is so beautiful. i don't even want to think about this. i pulled myself out to smoke the rest i had left. i already felt the relaxed feeling running through my vains. i need to got to the bus before i forget to do it and at least end up missing like harry. i opened the door to see Liam talking to niall. i heard someone sobbing.

"Niall? Everything is okay." i said hugging him.

"yeah mate i'm fine." he seemed to be confused.

"Liam are you crying?" i said i turned around but liam doesn't look like he had cryied either.

"Are you high?" i simply nodded.

"But somebody is crying. Can't you hear?" i heard someone in niall's room. i past both weird looking guys which were so familiar and went to that little angellike girl who was standing in the room with an oversized shirt and a nearly fitting jeans.

""i am here for you" i said and hugged her tight. i don't want her to be sad. i don't really know why she is sad but i wanted her to be happy as i am.

"Wait...Where is my joint?" she giggled but i was dead serious. she grabbed one of my hands, i guess the right one and pointed on the joint in my hand.

"Oh Thank you very much" i said taking another drag.

"you want too?" i asked she shook her head. i shrugged and pulled her back into the hug.

"and what is that going to be Zayn?" liam asked he semmed to amused about the fact i was hugging her.

"to be true i have no idea" i said and started laughing." Niall came and joined our hug but i guess he was more hugging this angel then me. but i couldn't be angry. she reay seem to be his.

a little later i woke up in my tour bed. i stood up but as soon as i was standing the bus made an weird move and i fell on my bum.

"Zayn i guess you should lay down again. but in your bed not on the floor you are still dizzy" i heard an raspy voice say.

"hey better dizzy than to steal a girlfriend." i said and my head went clear. Harry doesn't bother to answer me.

"I mean i usualy go for girls who already decided on me and not on others. and on girls who realy want me and not the fame." i knew Ruth love Niall because she loves him but she just had sex with harry because he is Harry Styles. and because he is very good in getting girls into his bed but anyways

"Let her out of this! I know it's all MY fault but never was it hers."



***sorry i have to stop but this morning i won tickets for a concert and this is where i am going to :D

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