What a dream

a dream came true.


14. 13.

"what's happening love?" harry asked and smiled. why all of them need to be so gorgeous? only because of ther laugh i could have marryied every single one of them. but then there is niall. and harry. so beautiful.

"i'm watching the cutest romance happening." i answered an pointed to the giggeling,kissing and hugging zayn and perry. as my eyes where wandering between them and harry i catched niall in the corner of my eyes. i doesn't looked that fine. he looked totaly agitated and also...hurted.


"yes love?"

"first love?! and second what happened after i left you and niall the room?" he seemed not realy wanted to answer this question. he'll avoid it.

"yeah, love why not i thought you wanted me to give you more hints that you are important to me"

"what have you done?" i was nervous if i'd like th answer. he was going through his hair with his and and totaly messing his hairband up without even realizing it. he was to busy to find an answer.

"well uh nothing just stuff like uhm you know..."

"what have you said to him?" i was about to get angry if he said something rude to him because of me i'll mes him up even though it's harry styles himslef. nobody hurts nialler. nobody.

"i told him to never uhm annoy you again. because you are already belonging to me and that you are mine." i was stunned.

"you said what?" i shook my head. "you can't be serious to me i mean this need to be one of your bad jokes even though i know you prefere knock-knck-jokes but please say this is a joke!" he wasn't sure how to react so he shook his head. i wanted to slap him realy hard. he had broke nialls heart. i guess. but we finaly all got to the stage and the boys needed to practice the choreographie. well you know how this normaly should ended up but today everybody had his reasons to be and stay serious. zayn wanted it to end fast because of perry, niall wanted it to end because of harry, harry because of me i guess-he wasn't finished with that conversation in contrast to me and louis well uhm louis was like louis all way through.

"hey i'm perry. nice to meet you." the wonderful women stood in front of me helding her han out. i shook it and smiled.

"nice to meet y o u. i'm ruth. uhm i am able to spend the day with the boys whyever." she smiled.

"wow! i'm so jealous! the complete day?" i thought this was a bad joke so i just laughed.

"no, i'm serious. i mean i would give anything just to spen one complete day with zayn and the boys. we havn't got that much time because of his band and my band and those thousands of different tour dates and stuff. it is realy sad so the only thing we can do is visit us for half a day when one of us have no concert or other things to do." i was impressed. i mean it was ear to me that it would be difficult for both to see eatch other but now i just understood how she felt about. every time zayn said something she turned around longing for the practice to end. so did zayn. they are such an cute couple and i would even understand if zayn just would have interupt the practice to leave with her but he was paitient. the only thing i got out was a little "aww. that's so adorable"  which made her hug me and thank me.

"and hey atleast i guess later you'll have lots of time and also lots of money" i said half joke half serious and she nodded understanding.

" so uhm sorry for asking but well i'm curious and zayn already told me not to ask but what is going on between you and harry?" i hoped she aked niall but since i spoke up to harry nobody intrest in niall and/or me. just harry and me.

"nothing i said plain. she was clearly dissapointed by this answer but she smiled politly.

"okay okay. i guess zayn told you the beginn of the story?" she nodded excited and her eyes sparkled. she wasn't that fancy dressed i realized. her clothes doesn't made her much prettier. but hey even in a regular skinny jeans and a black hoodie she looked nice.

"so since i spoke up to him he is always by my side and call me "love" and stuff. he's flirting i guess." she looked at me like i was a weird cow. i guess because of my unimpressed voice.

"aren't you happy about that?" i shrugged.

"i guess i am falling for niall." OH MY GOD. i said it loud i widend my eyes and slapped both of my hands onto my mouth. what was weird because perry actualy did the same. i caught a courious look of zayn.

"please don't tell him!" was everything i could say before they all jumped off the stage and towards us. i need to go. an excuse which is credible...uhhmm no nobody died...ah!

" you had a good conversatoin girls?" zayn asked. we both nodded and perry pulled him into a kiss. i guess harry was about to do the same but i sood up and went over to liam. i havn't taked that much and he was always the polite one.

"liam?" he smiled and turned to me.

"how can i help you?"

"like you want to sell something" i giggled and he just smiled and nodded.

"could you show me where the toilets are?" he laughed a smal polite laugh

"yes of course no problem" he held his arm to link mine in and so i did and we left towards the hallways.


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