''Walkman Days''

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  • Published: 16 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 16 Feb 2014
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The story tells about a girl named Annie who receives a walkman on her 8th birthday back in 1998. She falls in love with it , plays on it non stop ''....Baby one more time'' cassette and brings it everywhere.
But one day, 10 years later, on the concert of her all time music idol Britney Spears lost the gadget and.......Britney herself is the one who helps find it.


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The year is 1998.Annie is a happy 7-year old Californian girl. From today ,actually. The sun-kissed girl is currently living in Calabasas with her parents because his father offered a better job in this area instead of struggling in his old work. Life is good in that part of the States. Families are living in big mansions and enjoying the endless summer , the beach, the breezy nights . It is quite fun living with your family in the state of California. Annie was the happiest . Here she has everything she ever dreamed of-nice ocean view, a spacious room only for her and can walk endlessly near the coast line. She also enjoys the palm trees because in Michigan didn't grow such''pretty trees'' as she says recently to everybody who came to welcome the new family. Margot- Annie's mom is thinking that now finally they three will start living like normal people without worries and disturbances. So did happen. . . . This particular morning is different than the others because Annie today turns 8. She was expecting this day from a week and the moment finally came. She woke up earlier today because was too curious to see what her parents bought her for the fest. Well, Margot and Derek didn't disappoint her. Annie mentioned by the way to her mom that wishes for the new walkman she once saw in the music store. This was a month ago. Obviously, Margot didn't forget about the walkman and when Annie saw it , she would burst almost into tears from happiness. -This is exactly what I wanted!-said Annie and hurried to put her favorite cassette in it. From this day on she could listen Britney Spears' ''...baby one more time'' until exhaustion. -Cake time -announced Margot and with the headphones in the ears and the body of the walkman in her lap, Annie made herself comfortable in the chair. Before cutting the cake and blowing the candles Annie wished to never part from the walkman and to be with it forever. The family enjoyed this special day around the table and later went to the ''Carnival City''- the pleasure place for the little ones where kids could enjoy different entertainment attractions. . . . Annie couldn't forget her birthday from yesterday. It was THE event she will never forget. Especially because of the most marvelous gift she ever received. This day she decided to put some stickers on it just to make it a little fancier. Annie placed three little hearts and a smile, also a note , too. -Now, it looks just fine!!-thought the 8-year old girl and put the headphones again. Since she received the walkman she was inseparable with it . Everywhere she goes , it was under her arm. Even at the beach or when she roller-skates. The birthday walkman was the ultimate fun gadget for Annie. She loved this music gadget more then her dolls or dresses. In school all her girlfriends wanted to see the new thing. And to listen for a while, of course. The sound was so clear and it feels like the rhythm is literally thumping inside your brain. -What a brilliant ….....magic!-awed the children from Annie's Elementary school. She was proud with the walkman but at the same time was nice enough to let for a minute or two to the other children to touch it and to listen music through the headphones. In other words, everything in Annie's life was great. . . . One day through the weekend she and her mother went to the music store. For new cassettes and new music. Annie picked the ''Hanson'' cassette and few others and on the way back home , put one of them to try it on. The melodies and the sound astonished her. Like this walkman was magical indeed. So, Annie grew up with the walkman- her favorite thing in the whole world. . . . A month before graduation. Soon Annie will say goodbye to friends and teachers at school and will enter the real life. Yes, Annie is 18 and the year is 2008. But before the prom the not so little girl has a concert to attend at. Yesterday she and her best three girlfriends found out they won tickets to see Britney Spears with the ''Circus'' Tour in their own city. Annie adores Britney since she was 8 and played her cassette''...Baby one more time'' 24/7 in her walkman. That's why she was so excited about this concert-Annie is going to see her all time idol. As to the walkman- she broke her promise to be with it forever and five years ago put it in her closet because it was so outdated and old. Still the three little hearts were there, the smile and the note. But after the walkman the girl didn't buy another modern listening device because.....maybe because she still loves her good old music pal but thought that others will laugh at her if they see her with it in her hands. Ten years are heck of a time and so many things have changed since the fabulous 1998. . . . The night of the concert came but before leaving home , she took secretly the walkman that was forgotten for so long in her closet. She just wanted to feel again the good old times and while walking put the little rusted headphones in her ears. ''…...it's not the way I planned it, show me how you want it to be......'' Annie is singing along with Britney and at the same time the young teenage girl moves along with the rhythm . All this brought back happy memories to Annie and she felt like she was 8 again-so careless and free. While listening song after song , the girl is forgetting about time and the rest of the world. But all of a sudden Jada, Millie and Leslie interrupted her and even scared her a little. -Girl, what are you doing?-asked Jada -It's time to go!-said Leslie Annie didn't realize she is in front of the entrance of the hall of the concert. -Keep it in your bag, Millie. I don't want Ryan to see me with this old thing!-said Annie , knowing that the boy of her dreams will be at the concert ,too. She didn't want to be embarrassed by the walkman. Milli agreed and finally the four girls entered. . . . The concert began. The four girls were very closely to the stage , screaming and chanting for the big star. Britney appeared several moments later and began with ''Circus''. Annie sings with full throat, enjoys every single second of the show. Still couldn't believe she sees Britney. It is like a dream come true for the teenage girl . The other girls are having fun, too because they also loved Britney. The whole hall is singing , clapping and awing. . . . The show was over. Annie was at cloud 9 even though she didn't see Ryan . At the entrance she asked Millie to pass her the walkman. -Oh, no, it is not here! -What do you mean it is not here! I remember quite well you put in your bag!-said Annie -Must have dropped it somewhere in the hall-said apologizing Millie -I'm sorry, Annie. Annie started crying. She loved the walkman so much. It was the most precious part of her childhood. -Do not cry for this prehistoric gadget, Annie . It's almost funny-said Jada. -You don't understand, Jada -Zip your mouth, O.K? Now Annie became a little angry and continued to cry. One of the guards heard the girl crying over a lost walkman and came to her. Then requested her to enter the hall again because he was just reported that the security of Britney Spears found the object. -Thank God you found it!!!!-smiled through tears Annie. When she entered , Annie saw in front of her eyes Britney herself. The pop singer spoke to her in a tender voice: -Your walkman is so pretty. I had the same when I was a little girl. -You had?-couldn't believe the girl. -You also had walkman like mine. -Yes-replied Britney Annie told Britney she played her cassette''..Baby one more time'' on it over and over again until exhaustion and then hugged her idol. Britney gave her an autograph and said that she is happy her guards found the walkman. Annie went out and told everything to her girlfriends. They were all startled. Annie had an extraordinary, almost magical night. A night she will never ever forget. On the way back home , the 18 year-old girl put on replay Britney's music on her childhood walkman with the tree little hearts, the smile and the note.
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