A Nightmare to Remember !

Sometimes Bad things turnout to be real .


1. A Nightmare to Remember

It was 12 at night , I was laying there in that twilight state just between being awake and asleep. The night was so very, very still. Off in the distance I could hear the muffled sounds of thunder but I was so tired that I was drifting off to sleep when suddenly a loud clap of thunder awakened me and I sat up in bed  not quite sure what had just happened and then I heard it , several little drops of water hitting the window glass and dripping off onto the window sill . It had started to rain heavily , i gazed out side the window and could the street lights , the streets were empty and there was no signs of life nearby . I sat there gazing lost in my own imaginations . At first i felt like i was just imagining things when i first saw it , but as  i stressed my eyes i could see that it was no imagination of mine . On the other side of the road Stood a thin manly figure , it was hard to make out whether it was a human or just some shadow i was just seeing but i felt like it was staring at me . The rain had started to pour enormously by now and the street lights could hardly be seen , but i could easily make out that thin human like figure , still felt like it was staring at me , i felt that i was probably hallucinating and got up to get a glass of water . Quenching my  thirst i was all ready to get back to bed as my body couldn't take it anymore just as i placed myself on bed and looked outside it felt like that shady figure had come closer , it was on this side of the street . I could easily understand that it was  a man staring at me , i couldn't make out his face but i could understand that it was a man . His face was somehow covered but i could see his deep red eyes looking . I was too afraid to stay up any longer . I got in bed quickly and covered myself with the blanket . I was confused at the same time afraid , What was it ? was it really a human ? a burglar perhaps , But even a burglar wouldn't be out on the streets at such weather .Various Hideous Thoughts Spun around my head .


I couldn't sleep , although i tried really hard to close my eyes but the thoughts of that ghastly figure outside my house just freaked me out . I was all sweating and Shivering at the same time . I thought perhaps i should tell my parents but i was too frightened to get up from my bed and get to my parents room across the hallway . All the horror movies and books i had read was getting the better of me now. Finally after a long time i gathered up some courage and quietly slipped out if my bed it was all dark in my room , only a faint light came from outside . It was still raining heavily , i tried switching on the lights but the power was out . I looked for a Flashlight and held it firmly although my hands were shaking and slowly i sneaked out of my room . The hallway was pitch dark and everything was silent , there was only the sound of rain and the periodic sound of thunder . I started walking towards my parents room , the distance seemed to be much longer in this situation . My heart was beating really fast and the thoughts of that man standing outside was giving me chills . Somehow i managed to Reach my parents room and there i was standing in front of their door , i slowly turned the knob being careful not to wake them up . As i opened the Room a gust of wind ran over me and with a sudden shock i dropped the Flashlight .  I found my self in a total blackout again , but somehow i managed to find the flashlight and switched it on again . I entered my parents room and pointed the flashlight towards the bed , it was empty , Where were they ? the room was completely empty .



I  Felt a sudden chill run down my spines , i tried calling out for them but somehow a very faint sound came out of me . I got back out on the hall way and peeked in the living room , it was deserted as well . Where were my parents ? Now things were turning out to be pretty Bad . I went downstairs to look for them , probably they were investigating the power cut , i managed to get downstairs and slowly i head towards the basement . The basement was the place i really hated going to , it always creeped  the hell out of me . The basement door was closed , i couldn't hear my mom and dad , i entered the basement and slowly went down the stairs but it was empty as well . I didn't wanna stay there for long so i head back up stairs and just as i was about to head the was a loud bang and the door closed upon me . I gave a loud cry and ran down and hid behind a box in the basement . I was afraid , i was really scared . Something was happening and i felt somehow it had something to do with that mysterious man i saw outside . I switched om the flashlight again and headed back upstairs , the door was locked from the other side. I  Tried turning the knob but it wouldn't open . But then among the sound of the rain and thunder i heard foot steps . It was coming towards the Basement door slowly . I was completely frozen in my place , i didn't know what to do i just stood there helpless , and there on the other side of the door stood someone . I wanted to move back but i couldn't move . My heart started beating faster as i saw the door knob turn slowly and as the door opened i pointed the flash light forward and there i saw a tall dark figure with bloody red eyes and long hairs staring at me with his deadly eyes . I turned around and tried running downstairs but he caught my hand and the flash light fell from my hands and turned off . I felt the cold hands on my forearm i screamed loudly and pulled myself from his grips and the sleeves of my shirt tore and i rolled down the stairs and passed out . When my eyes opened i was in my bed and i got up . My head felt heavy and i looked outside the window , the sun was out . My mom was calling me for breakfast , i felt that i had a really bad nightmare . I head downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast and sat down on the table . Everything was normal as usual i asked my mom about last night and she just laughed about it . She said that they were in their all night and that the power had never been out . Somehow i believed that this was all a nightmare . I finished my breakfast and headed up to my room when my mom suddenly asked that how did my sleeves get torn , i looked at my hand and saw that the sleeves were torn , i had the shock of my life . Was it all real ? 

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