He Looks So Perfect

After Veronica and her friends Denise, & Eliza go out they run into Michael Clifford!!! Nervously following him around L.A. Veronica gains the courage to talk to him & finds out they have a lot in common. After talking they develop a relationship & she introduces her best friend Denise to his mates.


9. Chapter 9

"Denise get in the car." Veronica demanded "Okay." Denise said awkwardly walking to the passenger side of the car "You can't leave me here!" Eliza cried "We aren't friends, so you aren't my problem." Veronica said getting into the drivers seat of her car. "Veronica wait!" Eliza yelled as Veronica quickly reversed the car "Bye." Veronica said with sass and a smile. "I can't believe that just happen." Denise said in shock "Well believe it." Veronica said with a sigh. "I can't believe she'd do that." She added "It was pretty childish of her." Denise said still shocked "Well at least Ashton said you're cute." Veronica said changing the subject "Shut up!" Denise yelled covering her blushing cheeks with her hands. When they got home Veronica and Denise changed into Pj's "Denise can i sleep in your bed tonight?" Veronica said in slightly still upset "Of course you can sweetie." Denise said hugging her. "Thanks love." Veronica said hugging her back. "Let's get some sleep." Denise said taking off her glasses. Veronica nodded in agreement. They stayed in bed and talked for awhile before going to sleep. "Good night Denise I love you." Veronica said getting comfy "Good night I love you too Veronica." Denise said as she was turning over. When Veronica woke up that morning she felt hurt but she knew it wasn't worth it to cry over someone who would easily throw her friendship away. "Denise wake up." Veronica said nudging her "No." "C'mon you're already awake." "No I'm not." Denise said childishly "C'mon Denise." "Shhhh. I'm sleeping." "Fine I'll go get food by myself." Veronica said getting off of Denise's bed. "Noooo come back." Denise whined Veronica laughed and decided to jump on the bed "Never mind go away." Denise said putting her pillow over her face "Get up its 11:06am." Veronica said dropping herself. Veronica grabbed her phone and began to play Blink182 and saw she had gotten a message from Michael.

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