Fallen , The love story of 'Altair'

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  • Published: 16 Feb 2014
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Even the great legendary Assassin Altair Fell in love...


11. Stuck in Reverse

July 9,1187

Yesterday morning I awoke fairly early.The sun was just starting to show its head in the sky and the light barely entered the room.I looked beside me and saw Kitsune was still sound asleep with a pillow clutched to her chest.A smile formed on my lips when I saw her.Since I was already up,I went to go speak with Malik about the mission we had completed.He still spoke to me harshly but in a hushed tone.He must not want to wake Kitsune either.He probably heard everything Kitsune told me last night but he didn’t mention it.After we spoke,I went back to the room she was in and saw her sitting up amongst the pillows.She gave me a tired smile and greeted me.It made me happy to see her smiling again.We spent a little while longer in the bureau after that.When we left it was midday and we started to travel back to Masyaf to speak with Master Al Mualim.Soon,night approached and we had to stop by a well to rest.Before we slept however,Kitsune and I were talking.Our topic eventually varied to the missions I’ve been sent to complete.I tried to answer without telling her the truth but I couldn’t lie to her anymore.She looked at me with those innocent eyes of hers and her lashes fluttered when she blinked.I couldn’t just hide it from her.I told her about the missions and why I was actually sent on them.When I finished telling her about it,she surprised me by her actions and her words.She doesn’t think it was my fault…She said things to me that really started to make me think.Why is this happening now?She really is a sweet girl and she’s had me wondering,what has she done to me?I don’t know…I feel different with her.She makes me smile when I’m stuck in reverse.

~The Day Before~

I awoke the next morning with a renewed spirit.A smile spread across my lips as I released a pillow I had clutched to my chest and sat up on the beautiful rugs and pillows that surrounded me.I looked beside me and noticed Altair wasn’t there anymore.I wonder where he went?I rubbed my eye and yawned as I thought about it.”Kitsune,you’re up.”I heard his voice say smoothly from not too far away.I turned my head as I rested my hand on my knee and smiled tiredly at him.”Good morning,Altair.”I greeted.He smiled back at me as he entered the room.”Good morning.How did you sleep?”He asked as he leaned against the wall.”I slept well,thank you.What about you?”I replied.”So did I.”He replied.The smile on his lips remained and widened a bit as we spoke making my cheeks brighten up a bit.I love his smile.”So…where are we headed to today?”I asked trying not to look him in the eyes in fear of becoming as red as an apple.”We have to go back to Masyaf to speak with the Master again.”He replied as I began to fiddle with my fingers.I nodded at his response.”Are you alright Kitsune?”He asked.I blinked,noticing that his voice sounded nearer than before.I finally looked up to see him kneeling in front of me.He looked at me with his mesmerizing chocolate brown eyes questioningly.I blushed shyly and nodded.”Y-Yes I’m fine.”I replied as I smiled at him shyly.He smiled back and nodded.”Good.”He said as he stood up again and extended his hand to me.”We should go,if you’re all set that is.”He said.I nodded and took his hand,accepting his help up.”Yes,I’m set we can start heading out whenever you’d like.”I said in return as he started to pull me up.I stumbled in my step but I maintained my balance.He helped me keep my balance by holding my shoulder.It helped but my cheeks brightened when I noticed how close we were.Why is it that he makes me so shy?He smiled at me as he let go of my shoulder.”Then we should start heading out.”He said.I nodded and smiled back,trying to let the shyness subside.After we had gathered our things together we left the bureau and began to leave the city.As we started to walk farther and farther away from it,I turned and looked at it and sighed.”Are you ok?”Altair asked as he stood next to me.I nodded.”Yes,I’m fine…just…saying goodbye to home once again.”I replied.I looked down at the ground after I said that,expecting to just move along with our travels but I was surprised by him wrapping his arms around me and holding me close to him.”We’ll come back.I promise I’ll bring you back to your home but the next time we come,you’ll be smiling all the way.”He said to me softly.I smiled to myself as he held me tighter.I liked being in his arms.I couldn’t resist and wrapped my arms around him as well,hugging him back tightly as I rested my chin on his shoulder.”Thank you Altair.You’re an amazing person,I’m so lucky to have you.”I told him as I smiled to myself softly.He squeezed me a bit when I said that.”Don’t say such sweet things.”He mumbled.I giggled at his reply.”But it’s true.”I said as I parted from him and smiled.”I am lucky to have you.”I added.He smiled softly at me in return.”I’m lucky to have you too,Kitsune.”He said making me blush lightly.”Come,”He said and took my hand in his.”Let’s keep going.”He added with the smile still on his lips.I held his hand back and nodded.”Alright.”I said and began to walk with Altair again,leaving my home city behind.One day I’ll come back and things will be different,I’m sure of it.He promised me they would and I trust in his words.

After a long while of walking the sun started to set.I was feeling pretty tired but I wanted to keep walking along with Altair.I don’t want to hold him back so I’m trying my best to keep up with him.”Are you alright Kitsune?”He asked me as he stopped and looked at me.”Yes I’m fine.”I said and waved dismissingly.”Just a tad tired but it’s ok.Let’s keep going.”I added.He looked at me skeptically for a moment and then shook his head.”No.Let’s find a place to rest.You look exhausted.”He said.I shook my head.”No,let’s keep going.I’m fine,really.I don’t want to hold us back.”I retorted.He looked at me with those chocolate brown eyes of his knowingly.I bit the inside of my lip slightly.Of course,show me those eyes and I’ll agree to whatever you say.”There’s no need to push yourself,Kitsune.”He said softly as he released my hand and placed his on my cheek.”Let’s rest.You need it.”He added with a smile.I smiled back at him and caved in.”Alright,thank you Altair.”I said thankfully.He nodded with the smile still on his lips as he took my hand in his again and we started to look for a place to rest for the night.

After some time of searching we found a well with a couple of palm trees by it.We decided to stay there for the night.The well had fresh,clean water for us to drink and we drank a lot from it.It had been an especially hot day so we were relieved when we saw the well here.When we finished drinking water and we got all our things set,we sat next to each other and started to talk.”What do you think your Master is going to tell you to do next?”I asked after a while of talking.His gaze shifted from me to the floor for a moment.He looked at me again and shrugged his shoulders.”Probably another person to assassinate.”He replied.I nodded and began to fiddle with my fingers before I asked this next question.”Altair,why are you being sent on all these missions?”I asked as I looked at him in the eyes.”I mean,I understand you’re an Assassin but it seems like too much at a time.I don’t know,maybe I’m just seeing it in a different way.”I added in.But when I said that,it took him a while to reply.He looked away from me and looked up at the sky and sighed.I looked at him nervously thinking maybe I shouldn’t have asked him the question.”In truth Kitsune,there is a reasoning behind all of these repeated missions.”He began as he looked back at me.”Before I was sent on these missions,I was on another with Malik and his brother,Kadar.”He continued.”I was arrogant,I was over confident,and because of that…the mission turned out badly.”He added in.”What happened?”I asked softly.”I overestimated myself and underestimated my enemy.I attacked him thinking I could bring him down easily but it did not go as I had planned.He countered my attack and pushed me into a wall and I broke through it.I escaped the place,not knowing what to do,and headed to Masyaf leaving behind Malik and his brother.I didn’t know what to do and I returned to the Master as a failure and on top of that,I broke the rules of the creed.Because of me,Masyaf was under attack by the Templars.Because of me,Malik lost his arm.Because of me,Kadar lost his life.”He carried on as he looked away from me again and stared out at the distance.”Many of our people were injured and even killed.Master Al Mualim was furious and I was stripped of my position.I had to start all over again as a novice and I was sent on these missions in a way to gain my position again.But…”He continued as he began to fiddle with his sleeve.”The thought of everything that had happened still lingers in my mind.All of that damage was done because of my actions,my mistakes.It was all my fault and everyone was painfully aware of it.If I had the chance to change the occurrences of that day,I would but I can’t.”He concluded and fell silent.He kept his gaze away from my own,refusing to look me in the eyes.The wind gently picked up and made his ruffled brown hair dance lightly.Even though he refused to look my way,I could see the sadness in his expression,could hear the light trembling in his voice.He’s been through so much.I slid over closer to him and wrapped my arms around him.I felt him stiffen by my sudden action but he slowly started to relax in my embrace.I placed my cheek on his forearm and tightened my grasp on him.”Kitsune?”He asked softly.”You’ve been through so much…there’s nothing I can do or say to make the past better or make those bad memories leave but,”I said and looked up at him to see him looking down at me with a deep look in his eyes.”I don’t blame you.I see no fault in you.”I continued.His eyes widened slightly as I continued.”What?”He asked.”I don’t see it to be your fault.It was a mistake.A rather big mistake,yes I must admit,but still a mistake.You meant no harm in your actions and I think people were too harsh on you when everything settled down.”I added.”I see no fault in you.You are a great man with a kind heart and in my eyes,you’re a kind man,a hero,and a friend.”I concluded with a soft smile.He just stared at me wide eyed for a moment when I finished but soon after,he smiled softly and wrapped his arms around me as well.”Kitsune,why are you so sweet to me?You’re so different from everybody else.You confuse me.”He asked.”Because Altair,you mean a lot to me.I wish there was a way to express how lucky I am to have you but there is no way to express such gratitude.”I replied.He shook his head and tightened his grasp.”No.I’m the real lucky one.”He said and parted from me slightly and gave me a soft smile.”You’re the only one who sees it differently and the only one who treats me so kindly.”He added.I smiled back at him and hugged him tightly.”They don’t see you the way I do.”I said softly.”You’re incredible in my eyes and nothing can change that no matter what you do,I’ll always see you as such.”I added.He held me tightly in his arms and sighed.”Thank you,Kitsune.For everything.”He said to me softly.I smiled and nodded.”You’re welcome.”I said as we parted.”Well,we should get some rest.It’s been a long day.”He said.I nodded in agreement.”Yeah.”I said in return and lied down on the ground next to him.I crossed my arms over my chest and smiled with bright cheeks as I felt him drape an arm around my waist before my eyes began to close.”Goodnight Kitsune.”He said softly.”Goodnight Altair.”I said in return as I closed my eyes and sleep consumed me.

Later that night,I started to hear mumbling in my sleep and felt movement.It was constant so I decided to take a look.I opened my eyes slowly,trying to make the sleepiness brush away from them.I looked beside me and saw Altair sigh and stare up at the sky as he lied his head back down on the ground.”A-Altair?”I asked tiredly.He looked at me and blinked a bit surprised.”Is everything ok?”I asked quietly as I fought to keep my eyes open.”Kitsune,I woke you?”He asked,avoiding my question.”Yes but it’s alright.”I replied as I rubbed my eyes.”But what’s wrong?You seem stressed.”I asked as I put my hands under my cheek.He shook his head.”I’m fine.”He replied.”You don’t seem fine to me.”I said as I placed my elbow on the ground and held my chin in my hand,uncomfortable with the position I was in before.”What’s wrong?”I asked again.He sighed and turned so he was facing me.”Just a dream.”He replied.”Just a dream?”I asked.He nodded.”Of what?If I may ask.”I asked.He shrugged.”Memories…”He replied.”Is it of what we talked about earlier?”I asked.He shook his head.”No,not that.It was of my past but it’s nothing.You don’t need to worry about it Kitsune.”He said with a small smile.”What happened in your dream?If I may ask.I’m sorry I’m asking so much.”I asked.His eyes shifted and he looked towards the floor for a moment and then at me again.He told me about his past life in Masyaf and how his father was killed and his best friend turned on him.I can’t believe how much this man has been through and yet he was so confident and kind and acted as if nothing had happened to him before.”Altair,you’ve been through so much.”I told him as I dared myself to slide over to him and drape my arm over his chest and place my hand on his cheek.His eyes were soft and gentle.”And yet you seem so confident and well minded.You act as if nothing like that ever happened to you.”He breathed in and his chest rose slightly.”You’re incredibly strong to have that kept inside and not let it cloud your judgment.”I let my gaze drop and took my hand away before I continued.”I just wish there was something I could do to make your bad memories leave you.You seem so…upset now about it.”I said.”It’s fine Kitsune.Do not burden yourself with such trifles.It’s all in the past.”He said and sighed as he shifted his gaze away from my own.”It’s all just memories in the gray…”He added on lowly.I frowned sadly.He’s hurting.I know it.Although he won’t show it,I can tell because of the way he’s acting.I snuggled closer to him bashfully and nuzzled his neck.I heard him sigh again and shift.I looked up to see him with his eyes closed and a soft smile on his lips.”Kitsune.”He said softly as he opened his eyes and looked at me.”You’re not alone.”I said softly against his skin.I felt his chest rumble gently and then his arms wrap around me.I became rosy cheeked as I looked him in the eyes.The soft smile still brightened his face and further darkened my own.”You’re so sweet,Kitsune.”He said and widened his smile,a small chuckle escaping his lips.”And rather warm and soft as well.”I blushed darkly at his commentary.”You know I’m here for you if you need me,right?”I asked softly as I curled up next to him and looked at him shyly.”Yes,I know.”He replied with a smile.”The fact just surprises me is all.”I tilted my head,confused by his remark.”Why does it surprise you?”I asked curiously.”Because,no one has really cared for me as much as you do…Can I ask you a question,Kitsune?”He replied.I nodded.”Why is that?Why is it that you care so much?I know I’ve asked before but I still don’t understand why someone like you,”He said and placed his hand softly on my cheek.”so sweet,kind,caring,and…beautiful would bother spending her time with someone like me.”He added on.I blushed darkly and stammered in my speech as I replied.”Th-The answer remains the same,A-Altair.It’s because I’ve grown closer to you and…you mean a lot to me.”I said and wrapped my arms around his torso.”I don’t know what I’d do if something were to happen to you…”I tightened my grasp on him.”I couldn’t bear to lose you.I care so much for you and the thought of losing someone like you again is…unbearable.”He tightened his hold on my waist once I finished.”Again…?”He questioned lowly.I nodded.”The most important people in my life were my parents and I lost them a long time ago…then I met you and I was happy again.”I said and hid my face in his neck,not wanting to tear up.”I can’t lose you.I-I don’t know what I’d do…”I said shakily and bit my lip,not wanting to cry.’Don’t cry,Kitsune.Don’t cry.’I told myself mentally but it didn’t help.”Shhh,it’s okay…”Altair said softly as he moved onto his side so he could hold me closer to him.”Don’t cry.I’m not leaving you.Nothing is going to happen.In truth,I don’t want to be separated from you either.”He said softly against my hair as I curled up closer to him and hid my face in his robes,small sniffles escaping me.”Y-You don’t?”I asked lowly.He nodded.”I’ve never really felt like this…”He mumbled and held me tighter.”I’ve never really cared so much for someone before…”I looked up at him once I heard him say that,surprised by his words.”W-What are you saying?”I questioned lowly.”…I don’t know myself,Kitsune…you confuse me so much in so many ways.”He said and smiled.”I may not be able to say exactly what is going on right now but there is one thing I am certain about.”He continued.”What is it?”I asked.His smile softened and his pressed a soft kiss to my forehead.”That you’re the most important person I have.You make me smile when everything is stuck in reverse.”I blushed deeply and looked at him bashfully once he said so.”Y-You’re not just teasing me,are you?”I questioned.”Of course not.Every word I’ve said is nothing but truth.”He replied with a smile.I smiled back shyly and kissed his cheek sweetly.”You’ll never know just how important you are to me.”I said softly as I pulled away.He widened his smile softly and held me closer to him.”Come,let us rest.Maybe we can sleep until light.”He said.I nodded.”Alright,but,”I began and blushed darkly.”Yes?What is it,Kitsune?”He asked.”Can…can we stay like this?”My blush deepened further as the words escaped my lips.”I like being like this.”I added on lowly.He smiled and chuckled warmly.”Who said I was letting you go to begin with?”He questioned in return and held me closer to his chest.”You’re too warm and soft to pass up.”I blushed deeply but giggled at his commentary.”Am I like a pillow to you?”He chuckled.”I suppose you are.”He replied and moved a bit into a more comfortable position.”Goodnight Kitsune.”He said and kissed the top of my head sweetly.”Sweet dreams.”I smiled to myself softly at his words as I closed my eyes.”Goodnight Altair.”I snuggled closer to him and sighed peacefully.”Sweet dreams…”

~End of Chapter 11~

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