Wait What? I'm a Father?

This is a story about a girl, name Alanna, and Louis getting married, having fun in life(and with the boys), and having a unexpected baby.


1. Where it all begins

"Alanna, Alanna, Alanna! you're going to be late!" my best friend,Aleah, yelled at me.

"WHAT?!?!?! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME EARLIER TO GET UP!!!!" I screamed at her.Does she not know that this is one of the biggest days of my life?!

"Well you're going to be late for being early, duh" she said trying to hide the fact that she is laughing.

" You are such an idiot!!!!!" I said to her grabbing a pillow, and she screamed and ran out of my room, and me running after her.

"Get off me! we need to get to the church!"

" Please we have at least 5 hours till we have to go"

" Well still get off of on top of me. You're heavier than you look, and you're really skinny! I feel bad for louis"

"Hey!!!", I said getting off of her and smacking her with the pillow, like a million times," I'm not that heavy!"

" That's what you think" she said back. Aleah is very sarcastic. Then we heard a knock on the door.

" Battle stations!" Aleah whispered. We made our hands "guns" and snuck by the door and slowly leaned over to look out the window.

" Oh, it's just Niall" Aleah said.

"Oh ok. Wait what is Niall doing here though?" I said

 " I don't know. lets find out!"

" I still can't believe that I'm getting married before you and Niall"

" Pfftttt whatever Alanna", she said while opening the door," hey Niall what you doing here?"

" Well I was walking overs to Louis's when I heard screaming and I thought maybe someone was attacking you, so I decided to check on you guys" he said looking around the apartment.

" Oh yeah I attacked Aleah with a pillow and sat on her" I said

" Ya Niall she sat on me and A-T-T-A-C-K-E-D me with a pillow, like a savage person. So technically someone was attacked"Aleah said with a smile

" Oh um.. ok? Well I'm off to Louis's to help him get ready BUT not before I get a kiss from Aleah" he said tilting his head so his cheek was closer to Aleah.

"Pfftt whatever", Aleah said before kissing his cheek.

"Alright now LEAVE cause I need to get my dress and go to the church!" I said pushing him out the door

" Ok well i'll see you late-" he was cut off by me shutting the door in his face.

'Hey that wasn't very nice", Aleah said putting her hands on her hips.

"Well it's a very special day for me and we need to go now before the boys come, cause it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding, duh" I said

" Ok well lets get the stuff and go" Aleah said

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