The 18th Birthday

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  • Published: 16 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 16 Feb 2014
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Matt was waiting eagerly for his birthday party , but he gets an unexpected surprise ...


1. The 18th Birthday

It was the day Matt had turned 18 , He had been waiting for long for this day . We all know how adolescence feels , Matt was all ready to begin a new chapter of his life ,"Adulthood". Well it was a very Joyous day at the Miller's residence , Everyone in the house was all ready to celebrate their Dear Matt's Birthday . Matt's 11 year old Sister jenny had even made her brother a giant poster that said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT" , well Matt cared a little about all this stuff , all he had in his mind was the party that night . He had been planning it for a month now . He was perhaps the most enthusiastic about the party .


The family had prepared the house for the party and soon it was time for the guests to show up . Matt was up in his room gazing himself upon the mirror looking at his new dress , everything was going as he had planned he was already he , he bent over to try on his new shoes and saw that there was this tiny little box which was wrapped beautifully kept under his bed . He guessed that it was probably another one of Jenny's little Surprise for him and picked it up . It was a heavy box , well heavier than it appeared and it was beautifully wrapped in a red paper with a note stuck on it saying "to Matt" . Without hesitating Matt opened it up . There was this wooden box with beautiful engravings all over it and it had its own charms . He opened the lid and to his surprise there was nothing , it was just empty . "Well maybe that's how its supposed to be" , said Matt . He quickly kept the box on his table , put on his shoes and headed downstairs . He could already hear people talking and he really anticipated the loud "Happy Birthday Matt" from the guests but he noticed that he had forgotten his watch in his room . He hurried upstairs and went in his room to pick up his watch , he found it on his bed and strapped it quickly around his wrists , while leaving he noticed that the box had disappeared from the table . He didn't gave it much thought and went downstairs . Everything was awfully quite this time , he thought that maybe all were hiding and would just surprise him the moment he got off the stairs but nothing . He went to the living room but it was empty .


The house was quite there was not a sound except the ticking of the big clock that stood in the living room . Matt looked in the kitchen , it was empty . "Hiding outside huh , well lets see" he dashed outside the main door , but the lawn was completely empty , no one all he could see was the lights that was put up to decorate the house . Strange it was , he ran back inside and shouted "its not funny anymore guys , time to come out " . There was no reply , everyone had suddenly vanished . Matt took out his cell phone and tried calling his dad but there was no network , he went on the land-line but strangely it was dead . There was something wrong he felt but just then he heard a soft thud right outside the main door . He ran forward towards the door and turned the knob , but it was locked . Matt Tried hard , pushed , But it was locked for the other side . He head for the windows but they were all closed as if it was somehow being closed form outside . Matt screamed in Frustration and suddenly with a strange noise the power went out . It was all pitch black . He could see nothing . He took out his cellphone and tried to find flash light but he couldn't find any nearby , he made his way to the kitchen and managed to find a candle , Somehow he lit it . He saw that on the kitchen table there was his birthday cake with a few candles on it , but he had to figure out what was going on . He head towards the living room again trying to figure out something to get out of this mess , he was a bit scared by now just near the living trying to make his way out to the main door again he heard a soft giggle inside the kitchen . "Jenny ! is that you ?" shouted Matt as he ran back to the kitchen , it was empty as it was before but the candles on the cake was lit . A chill ran down Matt's spine , he remembered pretty well that the candles weren't lit the last time he saw them . He ran out of the kitchen but tripped on the carpet and fell . The candle went out , it was all dark again .


Matt couldn't see a thing , he was afraid of the dark , He managed to take out his cell phone again and tried to stand up . With the Faint light of his phone he could hardly see anything , still trying to move towards the door Matt felt Someone just walked past right behind him . He turned around with the light from his phone but there was no one , when suddenly someone held Matt's hand from behind . With a loud shriek Matt somehow hurried up the Stairs as fast as he could . He ran straight for his room barely able to see anything and closed the door behind him . He sat down on the floor terrified , he started to cry . Beneath the door of his room he could see that the power was back on , but his room was still in darkness . With the little light that came in through the door he saw that there was something on his bed , or maybe someone , he was shaking he gathered his courage and tried to lift up his cell phone trying to see what it was but the door suddenly opened wide and there was this flash of white light and he heard a woman screaming and as he opened his eyes there he was standing in front of the mirror , it was as if nothing had happened , he was right there as he was while he was dressing up . He could hear people downstairs , "Was i dreaming ? " said Matt , he looked around , there was no one in his room , everything was as normal as it had always been . Matt had a sigh of relief . He giggled a bit saying "Better stop Reading all those paranormal Stuff over the internet" and with a smile in his face he sat down to put on his shoes when he noticed a small package under his bed it was all beautifully decorated and there was a note stuck on it saying "To Matt" . Matt grew serious again , he tore off the wrapping and stared at what was in his hands , a small wooden box , that had it's own charm .


- Rony Roy ""

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