The Concert That Started It All


1. The Concert

I was laying down in bed when my best friend Destiney came barging in my room

Guess what I just got for us! She sai.What?

I got us 2 tickets to the One Direction concert front row and we get backstage passes so we get to meet them!!!!

OMG really?!!! Yup we need to go shopping the concert is tommorow so hurry up and get ready! I got ready and couldn't stop thinking about one direction we loved them they were like my idols!

Skipping the day

I was all ready to go but Destiney had to take her longest time to get ready cause se wanted to impress them."Destiney hurry up please!" "I'm coming" We got into the car and drove to the stadium.Once we got to the front desk we showed our passes an a body guard took us backstage to meet the boys before the show.

"Here you go young ladies their in there enjoy"

We entered the room and there they were jamming out to some music.

"Oh hello girls I'm Liam and who are you"

"I'm Andrea and this is Destiney she's my best friend"

"Nice to meet you girls"

"I'm Harry and may I say you two girls are looking dazzling tonight"

"Thank you Harry"

"I'm Niall and your friend over here looks absolutely amazing"

"Thank you Niall I'm Destiney by the way"

The boys all introduced themselves to us and we all chatted with each other but I chatted with Zayn more than the others.

"So Andrea can I get your phone number?"

"Yeah of course"

He gave me his phone and I have him mine and we exchanged phone numbers.

"Do u want to hangout after the show with me?"

"Won't you be tired?"

"I'm never to tired to take a pretty girl like you to dinner"

"Okay well you got yourself a date for tonight I'll see you later we better get our seats call me when the concerts over"

"Okay see you love"

He winked at me and we left.

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