Finding Frost

After returning home to Arendelle, Queen Elsa tries to learn more about here icy powers. Through a old kingdoms tall tale Elsa learns, her father, King of Arendelle, is not her biological father. Now she must find the man responsible for her power, all before her sister's baby is born. Not even having a picture to put to his name, Elsa travels to the Farther North to find him.It won't be easy, she hasn't seen this man in the nineteen years of her life, but she is determined to find him, but will she find more than just her father?


6. Off Again

After being home for two days I was ready to set our again,This time for Sepia Blanca. I'd woken up early and was surprised to find Anna up as well. If you know Anna like I do, she is never up before the sun. I found her in the dining hall having her morning tea.

"Good morning," I said taking my seat.

"Oh, good morning!" she said excitedly nearly spilling her tea.

I smiled and poured my tea as the kitchen maid brought me my breakfast. I ate as Anna sat their watching me.

"Did you sleep well?" I asked her.

"Hmm? Oh yes! I did thank you." she said.

She continued to watch me.

"Anna, I'm still going to leave."

"But what happens if you find something?"

"Would it necessarily be a bad thing?"

"Yes, I mean no I mean oh Elsa I don't want you to leave. What if you miss the baby's birth? Or the the announcement party?"

"You know I don't like parties."

She gave me a look and I chuckled softly. That got her to smile a little bit.

"I promise I will only begone a few weeks. I'll be back before the snow falls and before your baby's birth."

"Are you sure?"


I finished my breakfast as the my chambermaid, Vivian, brought my trunk down. Kirstoff, Anna, and Olaf where there to send me off after hugging each one, I held Anna's hand for a moment.

"I will be fine. I'll be home before you know it." I assured her.

Anna nodded and I could see the tears forming at her eyes. Kristoff held her while I climbed into the carriage. All too soon I was on the boat and Arendelle was far behind me.

I arrived in Sepia Blanca a day later and embraced the warmth. I put on my gloves once more and stepped off the boat.



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