Finding Frost

After returning home to Arendelle, Queen Elsa tries to learn more about here icy powers. Through a old kingdoms tall tale Elsa learns, her father, King of Arendelle, is not her biological father. Now she must find the man responsible for her power, all before her sister's baby is born. Not even having a picture to put to his name, Elsa travels to the Farther North to find him.It won't be easy, she hasn't seen this man in the nineteen years of her life, but she is determined to find him, but will she find more than just her father?


1. Prolouge

It started with him. The man responsible for the powers bestowed upon me since my birth. I have no idea who this man is, what he looks like, I know  nothing. However I am determined to find him. My sister Anna warned me not to expect much, I know she worries about me, but I have to ask him my questions. I want to know why he left my mother, how he just decided to forget us, why didn't he bother to help her, to help me? Why?

Before I get to far ahead, I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Elsa of Arendelle, I am the Snow Queen. I was born with powers of winter, and my biological father is said to be the cause of it. I have white hair blue eyes and am very slender. My sister Anna is normal, she is our father's true daughter.

Now that introductions are made let's get back to the reason I'm looking for my father. I have to know if there is away to control my powers without letting them control me. No one for miles has the power I hold. My brother-in-law Kristoff's family of wise trolls, informed me on where I could possible find my father. I must travel north to Comnor, and to the kingdom of Sepia Blanca  my mother's birth place, and where she met my father. Anna wants to go, but she is pregnant. Before I ruin the rest of the tale, let' got to the present, and I'll tell you more then.

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