Touching Spirit Bear 2

Cole has to go back to Minneapolis he has to face school and his parents. Can he do it?


1. Last Night on The Island

Cole Matthews looked across the beautiful bay on the Southeast Alaska island. Thanks to Peter, his totem was finished. Today was the day Peter and Cole would go back to Minneapolis. Was Cole ready to go back? Just then Cole turned and saw Peter coming toward him. "I don't want to go back. I like it here," said Peter. "Me too, I'll miss the rock, the pond, and the Spirit Bear," Cole said sadly. As Cole thought about what had happened over the year he was on the island, he smiled. In one year he had accomplished changing, becoming invisible, forgiving himself and his dad, building his own shelter, and the most important thing of all helping Peter. "Come on and get all of your stuff packed. Edwin will be here in the morning to pick us up,” said Garvey. Cole thought he should surprise them tonight with a fest. He would fix them chopped hot dogs in spaghetti sauce and for desert they each would have their own candy bar. He had thought of everything but what dance they would dance. At last it was night he had not told anyone about the fest. Cole made a fire, got the table and carried it outside, and put the at.oow on the table. Cole yelled for Garvey and Peter to come outside, but when they didn't Cole got scared. He looked everywhere but could not find them. Then he went to the pond and he saw not just Garvey and Peter, but he also saw his parents, Peter’s parents, and Edwin. “What are you guys doing here. I thought you wasn't going to be here until morning,” Cole said surprisingly. “We wanted to surprise you Champ,” Edwin said smiling. Cole was just happy that they were there. Cole scanned around where he was at. He saw a huge table filled with foods he hasn‘t ate in a year. “What about the food I cooked for Peter, Garvey , and me?” said Cole questioning them. “Go get it and bring it down here. The more the merrier,” said Edwin. Cole run as fast as he could to go get the big pot of food. He also got four chocolate bars to split. Cole walked fast but not to fast to dump anything. He was about to get the wood to start on the fire, but he realized someone had already done that. Cole walked to the table and sat the big pot of hot dogs in spaghetti sauce on it. He put the four chocolate bars into the cooler. Just then Edwin and Garvey got everyone to the table. “ So many things has happened this year with Cole and Peter, but they have learned to get along. Cole has done many things this year he should be proud of.” said Edwin. In about an hour they all got done eating and Cole stood up and started dancing a combination of every dance he had done while he was on the island. Garvey and Peter stood up too and joined Cole in his dance.
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