I See You {Book 2} (ON HOLD)

(Sequel To My Old Best Friend) Things will get better. Things will get worse. Things will change, but one thing is forever. I will always love you no matter what. ~Justin


3. Divorce

                 Lillian's POV
It's now about 10:30. We had dinner, cake and ice cream, now Justin's upstairs putting Ariana to sleep. I pointed to everyone sitting on the couch.

Lillian: Are you guys staying? We DO have spare rooms.

Grace: Sure! We don't have anything better to do.

Everyone started laughing.

Chelsie: Hey Lilly. Can I talk to you?

Lillian: Sure. Let's go in the kitchen.

Once I got into the kitchen I reached in the fridge and grabbed a water bottle. After that I sat on the stool.

Lillian: *Takes Sip* What's up?

Chelsie: I'm getting married.

I quickly accidentally spit the water out on her.

Lillian: WHAT?!

Chelsie: I SAID-

Lillian: No no I heard you. But like you weren't even dating anyone?! Like when?! Like who?!

Chelsie: Chaz.

Lillian: Chaz Somers?! Like like Justin BESTEST BEST friend?!

Chelsie: Yes why are you acting like that?

Lillian: Well because you two have completely different personalities. And like a BIG age difference. 

Chelsie: It's only 6 years a difference. I'll be 21 in 3 months and Chaz's just 26..

Lillian: Well I guess I'll be a supportive sister. But if Chazzie does something wrong his penis will go in a fire.

Chelsie looked scared.

Lillian: That's IF he does something wrong.

Chelsie: Good because I don't want Jetto to get hurt.

Lillian: YOU NAMED IT?!


Lillian: Why Jetto?

Chelsie: Because he's big like a jet.

Lillian: Well Justin's bigger.

Chelsie: No.

Lillian: YES.

Chelsie: NO!

Lillian: YES!


We sat there in silence for a few minutes. We then began to laugh to the fact we were arguing about penises. 

Lillian: So any more news? Are you pregnant?

Chelsie: Well..

I started choking.  

Chelsie: No! *Giggles* I'm not pregnant. What about you? Any more little Biebers? 

Lillian: I want another child. But with Ariana's condition it's risky.

Then Justin walked in the kitchen and wrapped his arms my waist holding me. He kissed my cheek.

Justin: *Whines* BABEEE. It's time for bed. I'm tired..

I frowned at him.

Lillian: Then go to sleep Justin.

Justin: I need my cuddly boo bear with me.

Lillian: Then grab one of Ari's stuffed bears.

Justin frowned. Then he picked me up bridal style.


Justin then ran upstairs. I began screaming like a maniac. Justin stopped once we got upstairs and looked at me. He pointed to Ariana's bedroom door and then put a finger up to his lips.

Justin: Shh...

Lillian: *Whispers* Opps... 

Justin carried me into the room and plopped me down on the bed. He hovered above and gave me kisses. I slightly pushed him away.

Lillian: What are you doing? You said you were tired..?

Justin: Never too tired for sex.

He began kissing me again. I pushed him away again. 

Lillian: Justin no. Not today..

Justin: Why not?


Justin made a sad puppy dog face.

Justin: He promises he'll be gentle this time.

I started laughing then got on top of Justin. 

Lillian: We'll see about that Jerry.. 

I hovered over Justin and gave him kisses. I pulled his shirt off over his head and threw it to the corner. He did the same with my top. He began to unstrap my bra while smirking. Once it was off I flicked it to the side. 

                   Justin's POV
I got on top of Lillian and pulled her pants off as she did the same to my shorts. I began to massage her nipples and licked them. I saw that I was bringing her great pleasure. I kissed her neck to her stomach. I began fingering her first slow then faster. She moaned in enjoyment. I looked up at her.

Justin: You ready?

Lillian: *Nods* Y-yes. D-do it.

I pulled my boxers down and put Jerry where he belonged. I held onto Lillian's hips as I slowly thrusted. Lillian loudly moaned. I brought my head down and kissed her. I began thrusting faster. I saw as tears came down Lillian's eyes. I whipped them away. 

Justin: Don't cry. Jerry promised.. I'll be gentle baby. 

Lillian: O-okay Justin. 

Justin: I love you. I wouldn't hurt you. 

Lillian: I love you too. 

                   Lillian's POV
I woke up the next morning and looked around. It's bright and sunny outside. I looked to my right and see Justin and Ariana asleep cuddling. I lightly tapped on Justin. His eyes fluttered open. 

Justin: Good morning..

Lillian: *Whispers* When did Ari get in here?!

Justin: I heard her in the room crying last night. So I brought her in here. Was that a problem?

Lillian: *Whispers* I wouldn't of minded but to the fact that I'm half way naked I'd like to have known!

Justin then got further under the blanket closing his eyes.

Justin: Just go put some clothes on your naked ass.

I sighed and smacked his head. I snatched one of the blankets off of the bed covered myself and walked into the bathroom and hoped in the shower. Once I got out I wrapped a towel around my body and went to get dressed.

I dressed in my underwear and threw on Justin's t-shirt. Then I slipped on some of Justin's purple sweats. He won't mind. After I got dressed I walked downstairs to the kitchen. There I saw Grace and Chelsie. I walked over and waved at them. 

Chelsie: Sounded pretty busy last night aye?

I rolled my eyes.

Lillian: What I do is my business thank you very mooch. 

Grace: Can my friend come over?

Lillian: I don't know. Do you think I would trust her?

Grace: Probably not... But please?!?!

Lillian: Fine, fine shut up. 

Justin came downstairs holding Ariana on his shoulder. She was still asleep. I walked over to them and  moved Ariana's hair out of her face. 

Lillian: Wakey wakey Princess.

Ariana woke up and stretched a little.  

Ariana: Good morning mommy.

She felt Justin's face.

Ariana: Good morning daddy.

Justin: *Hugs Her* Good morning buggaboo. What do you wanna do today?

Ariana laid back down on Justin and buried her head deep in Justin's shoulder.

Ariana: Daddy I wanna lay down. And stay down. I don't wanna be awake right now. 

I combed through her hair with my fingers.

Lillian: Don't be lazy. You know what you have to do. Justin.

Justin put Ariana down and watched as she felt her way over to the stairs and went up.

Justin: How does she remember how to do these things?

Lillian: She just does. I've taught her what she needs to do and how.

Grace: But with her being blind.. How did that go?

Lillian: It was a bit hard. I mean with her getting scared if she doesn't know how to properly do something not being able to see the objective it got frustrating. But she knows now. 

Ryan and Chaz came downstairs. Ryan kissed his girlfriend and Chaz kissed his fiancé. 

Lillian: Why don't you kiss me in the morning?

Justin: *Sighs* Because your breathe stinks.

I gasped shocked and smacked him. He giggled.

Justin: So... Today my friends are coming over and will be staying with us..

Lillian: What friends?

Justin: Remember Caitlin and Christian? 

Lillian: Yeah..?

Justin: Well them. They're coming.

Lillian: Why didn't we discuss this first?

Justin: Because they're coming and it's final.

I looked at him pissed. He just gave me a smirk. WTF?

Lillian: Excuse me but I fucking live here also so I have a say in this too! Before you go and invite people in my home fucking tell me first because I'd be COMPLETELY okay with it! But now I'm not! Shave your mustache and wipe that ugly ass smirk off your face! 

I pushed pass him and stormed upstairs. Once I got to the top there Ariana stood looking confused.

Ariana: Mommy? Are you and daddy fighting again?

Lillian: No no baby! We just had a little disagreement is all. 

Ariana: Didn't sound like a DISAGREEMENT. You guys are just fighting for the 1 billionth time.. 

Lillian: Ariana Elsie shut your mouth! 

Ariana: No! I'm tired of it mom! You always start problems with daddy and that's why he's always mad! That's why he leaves us!

My heart broke into a million pieces.

Lillian: Baby that's not true. Daddy's just busy with his job. He's very dedicated to it. He'll never just leave us. Not for anything. 

Ariana: No! Fu-Fuck you!

I couldn't believe the words that came out of her mouth. She quickly found her way to her bedroom and shut the door. I turned around to go downstairs and there was Justin.

Justin: We need to talk.

I began crying so I, pushed pass him and began walking downstairs.

Lillian: No Justin! No..

Justin stopped me by picking me up.

Lillian: Stop!

                  Justin's POV
I grabbed onto Lillian and held her tight. 

Justin: What's wrong?

Lillian: Get off!

Justin: Fucking talk to me!

Lillian: I see what Ariana is talking about!

I was confused.

Justin: What do you mean?

Lillian: Ariana said that all we do is fight and that IM always the one to cause problems to make you leave! She even fuckin cussed at me Justin!

Justin: Lillian calm down..

Lillian: No she's right! Maybe we should just-

I knew what was coming I knew what she was gonna say. We've been through this situation a few times. And then she just gives up.

Justin: No Lillian. Don't fucking say it!

Lillian: Give it a break. Just for awhile. I wanna get away. 

Justin: How do you think Ariana would feel about this?

She stood there thinking.

Lillian: Ariana has nothing to do with this...

I can't fucking believe her. 

Justin: Then what the fuck are we arguing about?! What the hell is this even for huh?!

Lillian: THIS! The yelling, the fights! Ariana's always mad and depressed because of us! Justin.. I don't wanna with be you anymore...

I began to cry.

Lillian: I want a-

I grabbed onto her and gave her a hug.

Justin: No! Don't say it! Please baby I love you!

Lillian: I want a divorce. 

(A/n: Hellooo youu guyys! I finally finished a chapter so don't kill meh! Alot so far huh? Loads of drama but here it is. I'm sooo lazy tho.)

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