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1. New chapter


Beep beep beep... I gently open my eyes to hear the sound of my alarm going off, I quickly reach my hand out to my bedside table in search to find the off button. Finally I feel a round button and press it hard. Suddenly the ringing alarm stop and a sense of relief goes rushing through my body. I slide my arm back into my doona letting the coldness fade away, starring at the window I hear the sound of my mums feet stomping up the stairs. I quickly turn around to face my door being opened.

"Rise and shine honey, It's a new beginning today" she says with her soft voice that she always uses when she's happy, which isn't a lot. She walks over to my bed and sits on the side of it. I lean myself up on one arm.

"So how is your new room going? Do you know your way around the house yet, it's quite big?"

"Mum!" I snap. "Don't act like you agreed to this movement!"

Mum looks into my eyes deeply and I know this means a big lecture is about to happen.

"Your father and I agreed to this movement together and it is for the best. "

"Well I certainly didn't, did you ever think about me!" I yell.

Your father will find a job that earns more money and we will be able to do more things!"

She was about to keep going on but we heard Brendan coming upstairs.

"Mum!" Brendan cries.

"Yes sweety,what's wrong?" Mum says with adding a quick kind smile

"I heard yelling from the kitchen" he says worried.

"No, everything is ok here." Mum grabs Brendan and puts him on her lap, Brendan gives her a tight hug. Mum turns her head to me and whispers,

"We'll talk about this later". I can see the stress all around her face, which makes her look runned down and beaten. You can see that the stress is from leaving our home town Brooklyn and trying to get everything unpacked.

"Come on Brendan, Let get your lunch packed for School." Mum lifts Brendan off her lap and carries him downstairs.

Brendan is 6 this year and is in grade 1. I can here mum talking to him saying that it's a good thing going to a new school in a new town and that it means he can make new friends. I wish it would be that easy for me. I lie back down in my bed and start thinking of what I am getting myself into, how my parent could do this to me and if this day will end.

I try to go back to sleep but all I can see in my head is me,Sarah,Hannah and Lily siting together at the back of the hall eating chocolates and reading magazines we brought from home. I feel a tear come out of my eye. Then I notice dad was standing at the door with his hands crossed over and his boney arms showing.

"I thought your mother told you to get ready for school! Even though it's your first day at a new school, doesn't mean you can slack." With all my anger stuck inside from mums conversation before I decided I shouldn't take it out on him, so I simply got up and went straight to the bathroom to have a shower. When I got out of the shower I sat on my bed looking at the already open wooden doors to my closet. I stare at the clothes in front of me but all I can think about is my friends and the quite streets in the neighbourhood, here in Lentil it has loud streets and the noises of the cars beeping in the city traffic.

Finally I find my favourite outfit, my short sleeved black shirt and my long flowery skirt, all together it just looks like a dress which suits me just fine. I swivel my feet around to my mirror and look at my pale face with all the freckles on my cheeks and The one freckle on the corner of my eyebrow. I look up at my long black curly hair, it isn't usually this curly but I guess Lentil always has dark clouds and rainy weather.

I hear my mum coming up the stairs again. I wanted to hide from but I froze and was stiff still. All I was thinking of is what will she say and will this end in a big mess. Finally my eyes adjust from the shock and I look into the mirror. I see her standing next to my bookshelf and for surprise she has a calm face on letting her wrinkles fade away with her bright blue eyes show. She saw me look at her through the mirror and quickly started to talk.

"Look I wanted to apologise for all this, we should of talked together as a family. I know this isn't easy for you, I'm so sorry." She took a deep breath letting her shoulders sink to the ground like an anker and I could see her wrinkles coming back also with her bright blue eyes fading into a dull greyish colour. I stood there in silence not knowing what to say. I could feel guilt coming into my veins and I don't know why, I guess my mum has that face that makes you feel guilty but this time it was different. I slowly turned around to her, when my eyes met her face I quickly ran over to her and hugged her so tight she was nearly gasping for air. She put her arms around my back lightly so they wouldn't crinkle my shirt which didn't both me.

After a while I slowly let go of her and wipe one tear out of my ear. She kisses me on the forehead and went downstairs without saying a word, which I thought was the best thing for both of us at that moment. I stand there with thoughts running through my head and then finally made my way down to the kitchen, I was starving. Everyone was silent except for my brother who's playing with his train set he got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa, I miss them already. Dad is ready his newspaper and eating his burnt toast with Vegemite, mum is still cooking breakfast for herself.

"Hey bub would you like some bacon and eggs?" She says like our other conversation never happened.

"Ummmm... Yes please and make the eggs hard if you can"., I try to say with a casual voice but still feel a bit different since dis morning. Mum gets back to cooking.

"So..." ,dad says putting his newspaper down and carrying his empty plate into the kitchen.

"Are you excited today for school?". I can't take this anymore, all the "I'm ok" act and nothing big just happened, so I snapped.

"Are you serious dad!

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