Baby Malik

What would you do if you found out you where pregnant with Zayn Malik's child the age of 18. I sure as hell was not happy.


1. Characters

Hi peeps my name is Willow Greene. I have a REALLY famous YouTube channel I'm an Olympic champion and go to Stanford I'm pretty much amazing. My room mates are my best friends Elise and Ally there pretty sweet if I say so myself which I will. My favorite colors black. I LOVE spaghetti like love. See what I did there instead of favorite I said love. You know what never mind. Anywho I have on awesome sister and two brothers Hannah William Leo Leo's the oldest then there's William then there's Hannah then FINALLY me. My hair is died red dip dyed black I LOVE to dye my hair if you didn't realize I'm just awesome like that. I live in California. Yes I went to college near my house it's not weird at all my sister did too my brothers did not though. Anywho my favorite artists are Cher Lloyd ( she is awesome.) little mix

( who is also awesome.) and other people but they are my favorites I have a fear of my friends driving me being carried ( yes I know those are weird fears) hears the normal fears sharks and spiders. Oh how could I forget me ally and Elise hosted this years teen choice awards where just that awesome oh and we are YouTubes most watched YouTuber for the past 5 years pretty cool right. We'll gotta go. Have gymnastics practice. See you later chickas.

So people I'm Ally the amazing. Sooooooooo well my names ally smith wait i just told you that. My best friends are willow and Elise as you probably no. Uh my favorite colors orange. Um I like ice cream and horror films. I'm amazing, if you didn't already realize that cause I'm pretty amazing. Oh I'm a world class gymnast along with willow and Elise pretty cool right. We'll I like Cher llyod little mix and one direction actually I LOVE one direction. I have uno sibling his name is jake he's way older then me like married and with kids I on the other hand I'm the amazing 18 at Stanford with my bestirs who are also 18. Um we'll that's I'll I gotta say. Wait I'm. Amazing. Now I'm good.

Hi peasants I'm Elise Gonzalez. I know your all probally wondering whether I'm Hispanic or not. We'll I'm half Hispanic my dad is and my moms not they wanted me to have both in my name so I do. Pretty cool right. Um just so where clear I'm WAY more amazing then ally and willow who are my besties if you didn't know. But you should know in less you have some disorder that makes it is you can't read. Wait if you had a diss order that made it so you could read then you

Couldn't read this. Never mind.

Never mind. I'm Um I'm a world class gymnast literally if you searched me tons of pictures of me would show up. I go to Standord yeah I'm an amazing gymnast and a genious. I don't like that stupid favorite color junk and stuff so if you find out lucky u cause I ain't telling you. See you later alagater gotta practice for my tests.

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