Welcome To My World

Rose is the average teenage girl. She's into the usual teenage pop music, going on tumblr etc. But what happens when she decides to have her diary... online.

(This is totally made up. Rose or anyone else are completely made up.)


4. Wednesday 19th February 2014

Dear Diary,

Well... today went well. Not!!!! We were in the queue to buy tickets for the Lego Movie, where my Aunt Mary finally hung up after giving me a entire, dreary Tiddles the cat saga. Harmony and Loris were having a silly couple banter, totally oblivious that there was the warden stood not less than 8 feet away. Then Harmony had run out of comebacks and comments and opted to kissing Loris into silence. That was it; the warden went ballistic!!!!

"Harmony and Loris! Get here right NOW!" she screeched. They did as they were told but looked extremely embarrassed.

"And you lot!" the warden summoned us. We sighed before leaving the queue. Bye bye Lego Movie!

"How long has THIS been going on?!" the warden snapped.

"Err... Since really late year seven, miss." Harmony squeaked, looking teary eyed. Loris saw the distressed look on her face and gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

"Let go of her hand, you!" the warden growled, making Loris hesistantly let go.

"You two knew the rules from Day One! So why did you break them?" the warden continued snapping-fest.

"They love each other." The tallest out of Loris' gang of footballer friends, I think he's called Rory or something, piped up.

"Did I ask YOU?" the warden snarled.

"No, sorry." The footballer apologised.

"So?" the warden turned back to Harmony and Loris.

"I-It's t-true w-we a-are i-in l-l-l-love." Harmony stuttered nervously, unable to stop herself from letting a tear out.

"It's okay, love." Loris comforted, cuddling her whilst kissing her head for minute until the warden yelled at him to get off her.

"That's it! YOU TWO ARE FROM NOW ON FORBIDDEN FROM SEEING EACH OTHER! MY WORD IS FINAL!!!!" the warden shrieked, dragging Harmony away.

"HARMONY!" Loris called out, now in tears himself.

"Loris!" Harmony cried back.

"It's okay. We'll take care of her!" Leonie reassured Loris, who looked more defeated than ever.

"Look after him, boys." I told the footballers, who nodded and brought Loris in for a big man-hug.

The other girls and I returned to the coach to check for Harmony who wasn't there.

"You girls off home already?" the driver questioned us.

"Yeah. Has Harmony, you know one with the curly hair, been here?" Nephele asked.

"She's there!" the driver chuckled pointed at me, confusing us.

"No, I'm Rose! The tall girl with green eyes, pale sort of milky coloured skin, usually wears black skinny jeans, t-shirts under sometime checkered or just plain shirts and nearly always wears beanies, that's Harmony. Have you seen her?" I explained in as much detail as I could under the pressure.

"Actually, she was driven in that bossy woman's car." The driver replied.

"They'll have gone to school no doubt. Better go home, right girls?" Lilou suggested, making us all nod back. Lilou was always the one with the best answers and solutions.

The driver set off and took us back to the car park in front of the dorms. We practically all sprinted the way back to me, Electra and Harmony's dorm where there was a heart-broken Harmony.

"Oh... Harmony!" Leonie sympathised, taking the already-crying girl into her arms. Rather than standing around uselessly we sat on beds, beanbags and desk chairs, leaving Leonie who was the closest to Harmony out of all of us to do the comforting which she was a pro at. When Harmony calmed down she tried to talk to us.

"I-I'm not allowed to see him, guys." she sniffed.

"We know, Harmony." Leonie sighed.

"I don't know what to do, I can't live without him!" Harmony wailed, bursting into tears again.

 Now there's nothing we can do or say to stop her from sobbing. She's crying as I type.

Oh just great! My stupid laptop's nearly dead and I haven't even read tumblr yet.

Got to go now guys, sorry.

Bye bye,

Rose xxxxxxxx

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