The Tease


1. The Tease

I must have fallen asleep, wearied by the events of the past few hours. What had started off as a private lap dance for Harry had turned into my first experience with Louis, Niall, and now, apparently, Zayn. Because when I next opened my eyes, Zayn was leaning hungrily over me, clicking my handcuffs back around the wire headboard of the bed. I felt hands on my ankles and turned to see Harry turning me over again, onto my back, and retying my ankles at the bedposts. “Eyes up here, love,” Zayn said, tilting my chin upwards. I met his gaze, which he soon dropped in favor of absorbing my naked body from hairline to toes. My eyes slid past Zayn’s waist to see Liam standing in the doorway, looking as confused as Louis had been when he had first walked in.

I grinned up at Zayn, jingling the handcuffs against the headboard. “You mean I finally get the whole set?” I teased, looking back across the room where Louis was collapsed into Harry’s favorite armchair, Niall leaning against the back of it while on his phone again.

“The…whole…?” Liam said from the entrance of the room.

I felt a hand on my foot as Harry patted me gently, then removed it. “I need a drink. Be gentle,” he said, stumbling slightly as he pulled on a pair of boxers and then left the room.

“Fill me in,” Zayn said, now loosening the tie from around my neck.

Niall spoke from the opposite side of the room. “Something ‘bout a lap dance for Harry. She made him jizz himself and he’s getting even.”

Liam laughed. “Nice one, Sophia!”

I craned my neck to look at Liam. “Am I gonna find out if the rumors are true?” I asked, looking pointedly at his crotch.

Zayn’s hands left the tie around my neck and lifted my chin slightly roughly to face him. “Yeah? What rumors have you heard about me?” His hands lowered to my collarbone, tracing his fingertips in large circles around my breasts. The circles decreased in diameter until his nails were grazing my nipples, sending a shiver down my spine. I looked up into Zayn’s amber eyes, which were narrowed slightly in desire. “I’ve heard you don’t last long,” I challenged with a smirk. “Smoking’s bad for you.”

“Oh yeah?” The fingers on his right hand remained at my breast while his left arm slid slowly down my bare stomach to cup my heat. “Who says I’ll need to last at all?” He used two fingers to spread my entrance wide. “You should be more concerned about yourself.”

I shuddered again as Zayn’s hands grazed my sensitive flesh, at my puckered nipples and at my sex. His hands were deft and strong, applying more pressure than Harry, but I felt so worn and used that it was what I needed. He slid his middle finger inside me and my eyelids flew open at the sense of penetration shooting through me. I could feel Zayn’s smirk as well as I could see it, so I forced myself to close my eyes, to shut him and his cockiness out and focus on the pleasure.

It wasn’t exactly hard. Zayn’s hands worked me like he’d known me many times before. Two fingers, then three and my eyes flew open again and my back arched, my feet twisting madly against the restraints. I moaned with his fingers inside me, I moaned with them out. I moaned as he lowered his head to my hips, slowly gliding his warm, wet tongue up my core until he flicked it over my nipple, making me spasm in pleasure again.

At the sound of my moan, Zayn withdrew his hand from me, making me tremble again at the loss of sensation. I opened my eyes to see Liam standing before the bed, undressed, his erection jutting upward from below his waist.

“It’s true,” I managed to whisper hoarsely, but he ignored me.

“Let’s play a game.” He smiled, that Liam smile that I knew so well but was so out of place in my bedroom, while we both were completely naked. He pulled the necktie that Zayn had removed from my neck and tested its strength between his hands. I felt myself swallow as I stared up at him. “Guess the cock.”

Zayn moved out of the way and Liam lowered the necktie to cover my eyes. He lifted my head and tied the cloth securely behind it, then lowered it back to the pillows. I couldn’t see anything except for two small pricks of light on either side of my nose.

I felt my heart start to beat harder. “If I guess right?”

“Then they’re out.”

“And if I’m wrong?”

I heard Louis laugh. “You swallow.”

Someone’s weight depressed the mattress, and I felt the shadow of a body pass over me. Without any ceremony, he thrust his cock inside me, making me cry out with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Whoever it was was bigger than Zayn’s three fingers. I gasped with pleasure as he began rocking into me, first slowly and then with increasing speed. Waves of sensation rolled through me, making my head spin and my body writhe against my bonds. And in between the ripples of pleasure I tried to force myself to focus.

Christ. Whoever it was, he was good. His hips rolled into mine at a steep angle, pinning me to the bed even more than the neckties and handcuffs kept me in place. Then his hands groped at my breast. I fought the electricity sparkling through his fingers to focus on the touch. Rough fingers, especially at the tips. Guitar-playing fingers.

“Niall,” I gasped.

The reply was almost instantaneous. “Fuck!” an Irish voice sounded right above my head. He hesitated, then withdrew his hips from mine. My back arched as his erection slid out of me, sending me into a dizzying spiral. “What am I supposed to do with blue balls?” Niall swore as he slid off the mattress.

I smirked in the direction that I thought he was standing. “Bet if you watch you’ll jizz yourself like Harry.”

Louis laughed again. “God, I love Sophia’s spite.”

“Shut up! No talking unless you’re out,” Zayn hissed. There was a sigh, followed by a shuffle of movement. They were rearranging so I wouldn’t know who was who.

Another body over mine. This time, I was ready as someone’s engorged erection thrust into me. He was merciless, fucking me hard from the moment he slid inside me. I moaned weakly, trying to adjust my hips to accommodate the hard pounding. Someone’s hand slid to my throat, pushing my head back into the pillows. The dominance aroused me further and I moaned again. Fuck. I wouldn’t be able to do this for all four. Niall was a lucky guess when he gave himself away. It would only get harder as I became more aroused, closer to my orgasm, and farther from my senses.

He fucked harder, his erection striking my g-spot with enough force to make me cry out. My hands clenched harder around the wire bedframe. Someone angry. Someone with something to prove. Maybe someone who hadn’t fucked me before?

“Louis?” I said cautiously. There was no answer; the thrusting only increased in speed. “I said Louis,” I said between breaths, wondering if they hadn’t heard.

“Open wide, Sophia,” Zayn’s voice hissed from above me. The thrusting stopped quickly, and I felt the motion of someone scrambling closer to me on the motion. Fuck. There was panting, and then Zayn’s hot cum spurted into my mouth. Most of it, at least. Zayn was breathing hard, laughing in small little exhales. He used a pillow as a napkin and wiped the excess semen away from my face, though some of it remained smeared against my chin.

Another cock slid inside me and I swore. Too much, too fast. I hadn’t even caught my breath from Zayn’s harsh fucking.

“Niall, let’s re-tie her, wrists to ankles. It’s more hot,” Zayn said. I moaned as I felt the mattress sink beneath the weight of someone’s hands on either side of my body. He gave a massive thrust and I screamed, his cock paralyzing me in place against the bed.

Zayn—or Niall—used the opportunity to unlock my handcuffs. Two pairs of hands lowered my wrists to my sides, and someone else untied the neckties from the bedposts. More hands bent my knees and opened my legs wider, now fastening my wrists to my ankles so that I was completely open to whoever was fucking me. My legs were farther apart now, opening myself wider to his cock, and he knew it, too. He slammed into me again, making me scream with agonizing pleasure that made my body contort.

Someone’s hands were on my shoulders, keeping my body flat against the bed as whoever it was continued pounding into me. I couldn’t take this. I was losing cognizance by the second, lost in the pleasure of the moment. I tried desperately to profile him, but I had nothing to go on. But I have a fifty percent chance. “Liam,” I panted. “Liam!”

Louis’ laugh sounded right above me and my heart sank. His thrusts continued ramming into me for several seconds, and then, he, too, withdrew. I opened my mouth and Louis thrust his cock inside, spilling his warm liquid down my throat.

I gagged as he withdrew, opening my mouth to speak, but Zayn interrupted. “Liam gets a go while Louis and I recharge, ‘cause you know it’s him. We keep going until you guess right.”

I rested my head back against the pillows as I felt the weight of Liam above me. His hands slid up my thigh, arm, and down my breasts. “Ready to hear about those rumors?” he teased, then thrust himself inside me.

“Fuck,” I hissed, my entire body rocking backward in my lotus position from the force of Liam’s cock. Someone’s hands pressed against my shoulders again, holding me in place. Stars swam before my eyes, not just from the blindfold pressing against my eyelids, but from the spiraling pleasure rising within me.

Liam was as forceful as Zayn, pounding into me over and over while my moans turned to yelps. I could feel my orgasm within me, lurking just beneath the surface, but out of my grasp. I was too used. My thighs were sore from the stretching. My breasts were tender from the stimulation. My sex felt like I was chafing with every thrust of Liam’s cock.

“Oh, God, please,” I moaned, trying to brace myself from the onslaught. I heard another exhale and smelled a hint of tobacco for a brief second before someone’s—Zayn’s—weight dampened the mattress to my right. His hands found my chin again, tilting my head. His weak but present erection bumped against my parted lips, and he thrust his hips forward.

I tried to pull my head away; the pain was now much more noticeably pronounced than the pleasure, despite Liam’s obvious attempts to sway me otherwise. But Zayn’s grip was tight. “Come on, love, I’ll get hard faster this way.”

I didn’t want Zayn to get hard. I wanted this to be done. It had been fun at first, but now I was overwhelmed, and sore, and tired, and done. I couldn’t orgasm like this; I needed gentle and loving; I needed it to be coaxed out of me, not forced. I tried to speak around Zayn’s cock but he held my head fast, keeping my mouth pressed against his abdomen.

I started to panic. I jerked my head back but was interrupted by a harsh thrust from Liam that rocked through my body and made me wince. I tried to cry out again, but my voice was muted by Zayn’s thickening shaft. He had no idea. He thought it was part of the game. I struggled against the ties around my wrists and ankles, but Liam, apparently seeing my struggles as shudders of pleasure, only fucked harder.

“Whoa, whoa, enough! STOP!” I finally heard Harry yelling and then, suddenly, everything stopped. Liam and Zayn withdrew; the mattress jostled when they slid off the bed and Harry clambered on. He quickly pulled off my blindfold. I blinked in the sudden light, watching Harry as his hands roamed down my arms until he quickly untied the necktie around my right wrist and ankle. Someone else was untying my left wrist and ankle. I could barely move. I lay limply in silence as Harry’s arms cradled me, and in one motion he lifted me off the bed and carried me past a silent but guilty Liam into the bathroom. He shut the door and set me down in the large bathtub, then turned on the water.

He held my hand in one of his, and with the other he tested the water temperature. I watched meekly, still fighting for breath. He was wearing his boxers only, except for the coat of shame that hung about him as he moved to lay next to me in the tub.

“Sophia, I’m so sorry.” The water lapped at my toes as Harry cupped my chin in his hands to make me look at him.

I gingerly pulled his hand away, looking down at my ankles where the neckties had bit into my flesh.

“It’s all my fault. It got way out of hand. I thought I could trust them with you. I was wrong.”

I still said nothing, but I leaned my head against Harry’s shoulder. The water was up to my shins now, tickling the back of my knees. It was warm and liquid and quiet and gentle. It was what I needed.

Harry didn’t press me further. He knelt, reaching for the cabinet where I kept the bubble bath, and drizzled some near the faucet where the water poured into the tub. Then he reached for a wash cloth and wet it. The water was up to my waist now, and although I felt less warm with Harry not by my side, the temperature felt pleasing against my burning, chafed flesh.

He lifted my right ankle and, keeping his eyes on me, began rubbing the joint where the necktie had started cutting off my circulation. His hands were soft and caressing, a world away from the instruments he’d used to slap my ass while he fucked me. It was different.

Harry moved his hands to my left ankle, and I closed my eyes. The water was up to my shoulders now, with bubbles tickling my chin. Our nakedness was shielded by the foam covering the surface of the water. Harry turned off the water and silence permeated the bathroom, occasionally interrupted by the slow drip from the faucet and the rhythmic sway of the water from Harry’s massage.

The water shifted and I opened my eyes to see Harry sliding towards me again. His long body pressed up against mine and his hands found my right wrist underwater. I leaned my head against shoulder again and let my eyelids close. Harry’s long fingers encircled my wrist, giving slight pressure that seemed to evaporate the pain from the handcuffs. He moved to my left wrist and I pressed closer to him, letting the pain and soreness dissolve away into the water and into his arms.

Then I took a breath and let myself slide all the way underneath the water, allowing the warmth to cleanse my face and hair. Harry’s hands never left mine. I resurfaced, opening my mouth to suck in air, but was stopped by Harry’s lips. He kissed me briefly and I opened my eyes to look into his waiting face. He pulled away after a moment, allowing me to breathe.

I realized the water level was lowering; Harry must have pulled up the plug while I was underwater. The liquid was draining quickly, leaving puffs of suds against the wall of the tub and on our bodies. Harry stood up and then, very carefully bracing himself against the wet floor, lifted me from the tub and stood me on one of the fluffy red mats. Then he pulled one of our white towels from my hook and wrapped it around my torso. He gently rubbed it across my collarbone, stopping once to kiss the nape of my neck with his soft lips. Wherever he dried me, his lips followed. The towel and his mouth covered every inch of my body, paying close attention to my wrists and ankles.

He wrapped me fully in the towel and we walked back into the bedroom together. To my surprise, there were new sheets on the bed and it was neatly made, with the covers drawn up and the pillows arranged carefully. The neckties and handcuffs were nowhere to be seen.

A piece of paper was lying on the bed as we approached. I turned it to read it better.

“We’ll never be able to excuse what we did, getting carried away like that. For what it’s worth, Sophia, we apologize and we never, ever wanted to hurt you, and we never, ever will again.”

I pushed the note aside. I would deal with it later. I knew that they hadn’t meant for things to get out of hand, but I was still in pain and didn’t want to think about them right now. Right now, I just wanted Harry. He pulled back the covers and I slid underneath the sheets. Harry crawled next to me, his long slender arms covering my toweled body.

We didn’t speak, we lay together, in our bed, just being still and listening to each other breathe.

“I am sorry, Sophia.”

“I know. It’s okay.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Harry, you didn’t know. It’s fine. It was fun at first. It just got… too much.”

“I shouldn’t have left you alone”

“It’s over now, Harry.”

He kissed the top of my head. “I’ll take it slow from now on.”

I turned my head to look at him. “That’s not what I want,” I said, smiling gently. “I liked you rough and controlling. I just need you to know when to draw the line.”

“Okay.” He kissed my forehead, tucking a strand of wet hair behind my ear. “Where’s the line?”

I smiled, then drew one finger across his abdomen, from hip to hip. Then I trailed my finger lower. “Somewhere around here.”

He grinned, then pulled the covers up over our heads, his lips roaming possessively once more over my bare skin.

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