This Is Us And Only Us (Harry Styles And Selena Gomez)

Memories, Moments, Things We Always Do For Fun, Sleepovers, Being There By My Side, All Being Thrown Away By Just One Silly Offer To Make Her Famous. Selena Gomez Was Once A Kid Who Had A Dream To Do Anything, But She Never Meant To Realize That One Day She Would Become One Of The Biggest Celebrities In Los Angeles. Harry Styles Also Had A Dream, A Dream to Always Be There For Selena When She Needs Him. The Day Had Came Were Selena Was Offered A Letter From Avex International To Move To Los Angeles And Become A Singer, Harry Thought It Would Be Awesome For Selena to accept Until They Made The Biggest Mistake.

What Happens When Harry And Selena Are Both On The Other Side Of The World. Selena Doesn't Know What Harry Has Been Doing, Neither Has Harry Known That Selena Has Been Bonding With Someone That He Despise. Will They Ever See Each Other Again? Would There Be Any Problems Along The Way To Fame?

But The Question Is........ Will They Be Together Again Like Old Times?


48. 47. I'm Coming For You

Chapter 44 (I'm Coming For You)

Harry's POV

I stared at the photo right in front of me.

"Where did you get that?" I said, speechless as I looked at him with my eyes widened.

"I found it in Demi's Lovato instagram profile. I was checking her photos that she posted and I found this." Louis explained. I was still speechless, still staring at the photo in front of me. I can't believe this, I have Selena's old phone so how did she know about the party? I began to clench my teeth and hold back my anger.

"Wait. Look, the photo was just posted 15 minutes ago." Niall pointed out. He was right, it was posted about 15 minutes ago. How could she go to a Halloween party without me? Especially with Justin. I stood up and grabbed a pillow from the couch, I threw it hard on the ground as I groaned in frustration.

"Harry. Don't be mad. At least she's having fun." Liam comforted me. I took a deep breath and exhaled. I peered over to him.

"I'm not mad Liam. I'm scared." I admit. I could feel the tears form in my eyes. Zayn went up to me and rubbed my back up and down, the way I used to do on Selena.

"Scared of what?" Liam replied. I stared at him, letting a tear fall just once.

"Scared of losing her again." I breathed out slowly. There eyes widened as Louis turned his phone off and placed it back in his pocket, not leaving his eyes off me.

"Wait. So your telling me that something happened between you too." Louis said concerned. His eyes squinting a bit making him look mysterious.

"Us Louis. Us." Liam corrected him. I watched Niall go into the kitchen slowly for some reason. I nodded my head agreeing to Louis' question.

"Then what happened?" Zayn asked. I grabbed my phone and stared at the photo of Selena and I. It was a picture of us in a photobooth last year. I made it into my lock screen backround since I really like it.

"It's difficult to explain actually." I said as I ruffled my hair.

"Well whatever happened to the both of you, it must really be a serious problem." Liam said. I nodded. I began to part my lips as my mom came in with a plate of cookies in her hands.

"Cookies are ready!" My mom yelled. The boys all went up to her as they took one or two, as for Louis, he took three for some reason. As they all muttered thanks to her, my mom gave me a look as she pulled the plate of cookies closer to me. I shook my head at her and walked over to the stair case, I began to walk upstair up to my room. Once I was in my room, I closed it and flopped onto my bed. I closed my eyes and began to take deep breaths.

What if Selena needs me right now and I can't go out and save her? What if Justin is mentally killing Selena right now? I can't keep up with this any more and I'm sick and tired of it. I want Selena back at home, her real home. I want her in my arms and tell her how much I love her. I just want her here with me right now. I can't even think straight right now. What more is there when she already broke up with me and left me in the dust. This is not the real Selena I loved and laughed with. I began to hear a small soft knock on the door as my eyes shot up. As the door opened, Niall came in.

"Hey um can I come in?" he asked. I sighed as I got off the bed and sat up straight.

"Yeah sure." I said as he nodded. He came in with a glass of water in his hand and closed my bedroom door. He came forth to me and gave me the cup of water.

"This is for you. Your mom is worried about you." Niall spoke. I nodded. He pressed his lips into a very thin line as he scanned my room.

"So this is your room. Looks nice." He complimented. I mouthed thank you as I watched him carefully walked around my room, until he went over to the corner that had all of my valuable things. He began making faces as he looked at the photos of Selena and I that are on the wall.

"You and Selena look very happy in this photo." He smiled. I gave him a small smile as I continued to watch him. He came upon a small white fuzzy box. He held it up for me to see, that's when flash backs began to haunt me again.

"Haz.... um I have something for you." She said shyly as she handed me the small box. I looked at the box then back at her. I was asking her if I could open it with my eyes receiving a nod from her. I slowly unwrapped the ribbon and opened the box. There laid a necklace that had Selena's name on it on a infinity sign. I looked at her with a bright smile on my face.

"Selena, its perfect." I said as I took it out of the box. She blushed at my statement.

"Now you will always remember that I'm always here for you even when I'm not with you." she said. My eyes began to water like never before. I never cry in a drama moment. I gave her a hug smelling her hair. Wait what? I pulled back from our hug giving her a confused look and a innocent look from her.

"What's this?" Niall asked. I stood up and walked over to him. I grabbed the necklace that Selena had gave me that was attached around my neck and showed him.

"That's the box for this necklace." I said as he took a quick look at the black infinity symbol on it.

"Selenator." Niall read. I looked down to the necklace and found were Niall had read the word. I let go of the necklace and let it fall onto my collar bone. Before I could reply, my phone began to ring. I went into my pocket and checked the number which appears to be a unknown number. I scrunched up my eye brows.

"Who is it?" Niall asked as he looked at the screen.

"It's an unknown number." I said. Niall looked at me with a confused look.

"Well, pick it up. It could be important." He said sternly as if he really wanted me to do it. I sighed as I tapped the answer button, I placed the phone on my ear.

"Hello?" I said as Niall cupped his hands onto his ears and listened. I could hear loud music and yelling from afar.

"Harry?" I heard a soft tone say. I became alert to we're I heard that voice before. That explains the loud music, of course. Could have my thoughts be right?

"Selena?" I asked urgently. Niall's eyes went wide as he took a deep breath in surprise. I didn't get any response back but the sound of heavy breathing. What's going on, on the other line?

"Selena. What's wrong!?" I shouted as I sat on my bed along with Niall. Still no reply. Something must be wrong if Selena won't answer me. Although I'm not sure if this is Selena.

"Selena, please answer." I begged. I began to hear shuffling from the other line. The next thing I knew, I began to hear her groaning as if she threw up somewhere. I knew Niall heard it as his face was all scrunched up in disgust. Once I heard Selena's voice again, I froze.

"I need you right now." I heard her whisper gently but in needy. Harry she needs you.

"Where are you now? What's going on?!" I shouted as if I needed the answer right now. I began to hear her cry on the other line, sniffling and his pouting as her echo bounces off the walls.

"I'm in a bathroom right now in Justin's friend's house. Harry, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have listened to you. I shouldn't have gone to this party." She cried.

"It's ok, don't worry about that. Where's Demi?" I asked calmly so she wouldn't panic.

"She's somewhere downstairs." she muttered. I could hear her shuffle with the tissue she was using to wipe her eyes.

"Stay calm Selena. Stay close to Demi as possible ok. Don't let Justin go near you ok. I'll try to catch the next flight tonight." I reassured her. I can only imagine her nodding to me right now.

"I really have a big headache right now Haz. I feel so dizzy, I just puked right now you know." She reminded. Those are all the symptoms of drinking and yet, she drank alcohol for the first time so this is her first experience with hangover.

"Take care of yourself ok. I'll be there as soon as possible like I always do."

"Ok." she answered. I smiled a bit.

"Oh and remember. Don't drink anymore." I ordered.

"How did you know?' She asked softly. I chuckled.

"I have my ways. I got to go if I am going to catch the next flight. See you soon." I quickly said.

"Ok bye." She ended.

"I love you." I added but I think it didn't go through as the phone line was died. As I slowly put down the phone, Niall shot me a angry look.

"What?" I asked. She shook his head no and his face hardened.

"You can't go Harry. We have the semi-finals next week and we need to practice if we want to win the XFactor." He reminded me. Oh shoot. I forgot about the XFactor but I ccan't leave Selena behind.

"Oh Crap.... I forgot!" I yelled as I grabbed a hold of my hair and ruffled it. I began to hear another knock on the door, I peered over to see Louis, Liam and Zayn. Great there all here to shout at me.

"What's up." Louis smiled as he walked over to we're Niall and I were at.

"Harry has to go to Los Angeles tonight to see his best friend." Niall said. I watched the boys reactions, I expected to see lightning and thunder but all I saw were smiles and laughter.

"What? Really? Harry, your so sweet." Louis purred as he hugged me for some odd reason. I went over to my closet and grabbed my suitcase.

"But Louis. We have the semi-finals next week. If Harry goes then we only have the four of us." Niall complained. I sighed as I took some of my clothes and packed it in my suitcase.

"I promise Niall. I'll be back before our performance." I promised. Liam smiled as he went over to me to help me with my clothes. I gave him a small thanks as I zipped my suitcase up.

"Now somebody has to go downstairs and tell my mom." I smirked. Suddenly they all muttered out 'Not Me.' except for Zayn for some reason.

"What? Don't look at me, shes your mom." Zayn protested. I laughed as I opened my door and made my way downstairs, followed by the others.


"Love you sweetheart." My mom said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek. Zayn came up to me and patted my back.

"Yeah. Will miss you mate." Zayn comforted me. I chuckled a bit as I held my suitcase tighter.

"Don't forget about our preformance on Monday next week." Louis told me sternly but in a good way. I smiled at him.

"Yeah yeah mister bossy." I smirked. He laughed. I took my phone out and checked to see if Selena had sent me any text messages or calls until I heard a ring from the PA.

"Flight 1A9 to Los Angeles. Now boarding in 5 minutes." The lady spoke into the PA. That's my signal. I bend down to the ground and picked up my bag and wore my jacket on. 

"Well, that's my signal." I said as they all looked at me. I watched as my mom went all teary as she went up to me for a hug.

"Oh I'm going to miss my baby. Now both you and Selena are gone." She muttered as she caress my curls. I rubbed my mothers back as I pulled away, the others began to watch.

"Don't worry. I'll be back. Remember, you will always have me by your side when I'm not here." I reminded her. She nodded as she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and stepped back with the boys. I waved goodbye as I strolled down the aisle. There were so many people and banners that I had to look out for. I was being pushed a bit yet squished. I never knew how busy the airport was at night. Once I had found my gate, I quickly showed the old lady my ticket and went inside the plane.

Selena's POV

As I putted the phone down, I felt another twist in the inside of my stomach. I instantly turned around to the toilet and let everything out. My breathing was heavenly and I feel really exhausted. As I stared at the blank white wall, all I could do was cry. What have I done to be in this position. I wish I had never accepted that offer in the beginning, everything was perfect back then, well slightly. I feel so guilty already. I just kissed a random boy that I wasn't even suppose to be with. Logan...... all I could do is think about him. I also have Justin around. If Harry was here, he would have gotten mad at me and I respect that. If Harry were to hang around with others girls after our break up, I wouldn't have gone emotionally insane.

I stood up from the side of the toilet and went over to the cabinet. As I opened it, I grabbed the air freshener and sprayed it everyone in the air so nobody can notice that somebody has puked in her, and the person is me. I grabbed a roll of tissue and ripped a portion out. I wiped my eyes dry making them red and puffy. As I placed the air freshener back, I noticed a mouth wash on the side of the sink. It wouldn't hurt to freshen up a bit since I puked, and I wouldn't want to go back out there with smelly breath. I began to gurgle and rinse until my breath was minty fresh.

I could feel my eyes leak and my nose stuffy. As I threw the unusable piece of tissue I used, the door opened. My eyes laid on the door as a boy went inside, not just any boy but Justin. He noticed me crying as he closed the door and walked over to me. His hand came in contact with my left cheek as he stared at me. I looked at the ground trying to hide me eyes since they were teary up again. What is he doing?

"Why are you crying?" He asked. I didn't respond. I could feel my head pound again as if I got hit by a basketball. I sniffed as he lifted my chin up making my eyes come in contact with his.

"Its nothing." I mumbled as I took my hand and swat his hand off my chin. I heard him gasp as I stumbled back. I held my head in pain as crouched down. I could feel all of my blood in my brain making it seem heavier then originally. I groaned.

"Selena. It must be something? What's wrong. Does your head hurt?" He asked urgently but softly. I tried to shake my head no.

"Selena." He breathed out as he came closer to me. He placed both his hands on my arm and tried to comfort me but I pushed him off me. I stood up as I wiped my hair off my face.

"I said. Its nothing!" I shouted as I walked past him. As I held the door knob of the bathroom door, I felt my eyes getting blurry and my hearing getting quiet. My head is in so much pain right now and I can't stand it. As I opened the door, I quickly stumbled out of the bathroom.

"Selena!" I heard Justin called out as the pain in my head began to take over me. I didn't know what to do but ignore him. I quickly went over to the stairs but felt a pair of hands grab me. The person quickly spun me around making me see their face. My eyes was getting sleepy as I looked at their face. I realized it was Justin as I pushed him away from me and I quickly turned around. That's all I knew before I realized that I fainted during a Halloween party.


Hey Guys! You guys all voted for me to continue and I was so happy when one of you readers message me not to give up on this book and to not let the votes and comments take affect. Their just ghost readers and I hate you if you decide to become one. I'm only do this because I love this book so much, I love shipping Selena Gomez and Harry Styles together and especially for you!!! Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter as much as I do. Sorry if this chapter was boring but that's what I came up so far.

Love Kayla

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