Be Careful What You Wish For

Kimberly is a 13 year old girl who loves ice skating. Along the way, Kimberly finds a secret room at the Ice skating rink. She finds a lamp that looks similar to the one in Aladdin. What will Kimberly do with the Lamp?


1. Don't Be Late!

Chapter one~ Don't Be Late!

Ring! Ring! Ring! I jumped out of my bed, and checked the time. Oh no, I was going to be late! My school starts at 8:30, and it was already 8:07. I still had to get ready, eat breakfast, and have my mom drive me to school! I'm Kimberly. All my friends call me Kimmy for short. I am 13-years-old, and I am an ice skater. I got dressed, ran down stairs and quickly ate breakfast. My mom told me to be ready in 10 minutes. Quickly, I brushed my hair and straightened it. I threw on some quick makeup, and put on my boots. My mom said that it was time to leave. So I grabbed my book bag, and quickly got into the car. It was one hectic morning.

We arrived at my school just in time for the bell to ring. As I got out of the car, my mother told me that she loved me, and to have a great day. I walked towards the entry of the school, and heard my name being shouted from behind. It was one of my best friends, Caroline. Caroline and I met at ice skating practice eight years ago. She is one of my closes friends. She told me that she was going to walk to my locker with me. I hate walking alone. As soon as you walk into the school, you see a bunch of kids messing around and acting crazy. It is good to have a friend to walk with.

We went to our lockers, and put all of our stuff in it. Caroline reminded me to bring my math book. Last time I forgot to, Mrs. Harold yelled at me and embarrassed me in front of my entire class. It was awful. I heard Mrs. Harold telling us to hurry up. I grabbed my books and walked into class.

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