Ouran Highschool Host Club: A Girl... Umm yea


1. Ouran High School Club; That Girl :3

[ I'm not sure if the intro is gonna be boring or not XD. But I promise plenty of fluff and fun in the next chapters:3 Lez begin :3]

Oh my!! This school is hugge!!

Hello, I'm Michelle. After 3 years of what some call the worst years of your life, or middle school, I decided I wanted to go to Ouran Academy. Thus, to pursue my dream of taking part in my aunts business. It seems like a lot, but it's all worth it when I receive those glossy smiles from my family members!

Anyway, I received a scholarship! Apparently my grades were "abnormally high", but the way the teacher said it... It didn't make me feel good. So now I'm here! In front of this big ball of cotton candy these rich children call school.


I made my way through the endless,terminating halls. Like, where the heck am I??

"Hello!" Someone lightly tapped my shoulder from behind me. I turned quickly to see a petit boy. His skin looked smooth and he could easily be confused as a girl.

"Are you new here?" He smiled, "I've never seen you before, did you just move?"

"Well sorta?" I replied, "I got a scholarship and only recently was I able to move here, because of money and stuff."

"Oh!!" His face lite up. " I have a scholar too!"

"Do you think you can help me find music room 2? I think that's where I was told to go. "

The boy gave me a funny look, and then told me to follow him.


He opened the door and I stepped it.

A group of boys were gathered rambling about a vacation with someone named Haruhi. But they weren't just any kind of boys, THEY WERE HOT! I blushed a bit at the sight of them.

"OHH! Now who may you be? My beautiful young lady!" A tall blond boy took my hand and planted a soft kiss on it. I knew him, he looks familiar. I believe he is the chairman's son. But I think I know him from somewhere else...

"...I'm Michelle Cherryblossom..." I slowly took my hand from him. "Im a scholarship student, and I was told to report to music room 2 when I arrived."

"Hello Michelle, I'm glad you arrived." A man with glasses looked up from his small notebook. "I'm Kyoya Ootori, did they give you my name with the message?"

"Actually yes..." I had totally forgotten. I think there was something else with it too...?

"So your a scholar student..." A frisky boy placed his arm around my shoulder. Followed by his twin who finished his sentence, "just like Haruhi!" Then he pointed to the petite boy who I met earlier.

"Is it correct that you are from France? And you know of a woman with the last name Souh?" Kyoya smirked at me and began to write in his notebook.

"Y-yea. I'm mean yes! She is actually a very close care taker of mine!" I smiled and began to remember all the time we spent together.

All the boys dropped there mouths and the chairman's son took my hand and stared into my eyes.

His eyes became watery. "You knew her... You really knew her? She's beautiful isn't she? And sweet and kind. "

I couldn't help but smile and blush. Is this her son? She had a picture of him as a small child hung on her wall. And she would constantly share stories of him.

"Yes, she is very wonderful..."

"You knew Tama's mommy!!" A small boy, currently on the shoulders of a towering man, smiled and hugged his stuffed bunny.

"They were very close. That is why I brought you here. So you could help us find out more about Tamaki's mother."


[ Ok guys that was chapter 1!! I KNOW IT WAS SHORT DONT YELL AT ME!!

Oh you weren't yelling?

Sorry -.-"

It's kinda crappy, so I'm open to criticism.

Plus I read the books and I know that like all that stuff.

I kinda wanna Keep a Haruhi/Tamaki thing. But I can add gush for Michelle too! Plus I live for the twins <3

ALSO (omg I talk forever) there will be many chapters with just like off Plotish. Cause yolo :P and it's more fun with random parties and pregnancies... Jk no babies!! But u get the point XD. Ty Ty


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