Jade Lestrange: Titles and Names

Need a title? Can't think of one? Let me tell you, this is my specialty. Most of the time. Just give me the main plot of your story, blurb, main characters, just the really important things that could effect the title. I'll also do character names, a thing I know a lot of people struggle with. Just give me her or his personality, appearance, what book it's from, etc. All for free!!!!!


1. Welcome to my Store!

     Welcome to my Title and Name store! Here you can give the the required info so I can come up with a great title for your book or a great name for your character.


1. Blurb

2. Plot (including the end!)

3. Any ideas or specifications? (Want the title to be based on an event, a person, both -Ex of both: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer 's Stone- or a surprise?)

4. Other


1. Appearance of Character

2. Personality

3. What book is it from? Has it been published? What's it about? 

4. What time? Like, past would be an old name, present would be a popular name, future would be a weird futuristic name, medieval would be an old name...ya get the gist.

5. What species? It doesn't just have to be human, ya know. (Elf, wizard, dog, werewolf, drawf, banana)

6. Do you already have a last name? What is it, if so?

7. Anything else important

     I hope I get some customers soon! Remember, it's free! (Durr duh)

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