Last First Kiss (Niam)

This fanfic is mainly about the life of Niam ❤️ (there may be bits of Larry inside of this story) and if


1. Awkward...

"Nooo!" Niall yelled, as Liam tried to get the remote from him.

"Niall I want to watch Toy Story!" Liam frowned as he leaned over Niall, reaching for the remote. Niall scooted to the end of the couch and stuck the remote in his pants.

"Ew Niall! That's gross." Liam said, sitting back defeated. Niall stuck his tongue out at Liam and grinned. Liam raised an eyebrow and watched Niall.

"How are you going to turn the tv up?" Liam asked, a smirk formed on his face. Niall smiled.

"I'll just walk up to the tv." He said simply, and stood up. As he walked over to the tv, Liam jumped up just in time to tackle him on the carpet. He pinned down the startled Niall and smiled.

"give me the remote, and Nobody gets tickled." Liam threatened with a smile. Niall's eyes went wide. Niall didn't say a word, obviously not giving In. Liam started tickling Niall's side, causing him to laugh loudly.

"Liam Noooo!!" Niall screamed, laughing.

"Alright, give me the remote or I'll kiss you!" Liam said, knowing he had defeated Niall. Niall quickly looked away, scrunching up his face. He knew Liam wouldn't actually kiss him. I mean.. Really. Niall grinned up at Liam, thinking Liam had given up.

"If you insist!" Liam lean down, and presses his warm lips against Niall's. Niall felt his stomach explode in fireworks. His eyes went wide and he placed his hands on Liam's chest, pushing him off. Niall quickly stood up.

"What the fuck??" Niall spat, wiping his face. Liam looked up at Niall from the floor, with wide brown eyes.

"N-Niall I'm sorry!" Liam whispered.

"You kissed me! Are you crazy?" Niall stared at him, and threw the remote beside Liam, leaving to his bedroom. Liam felt a huge pang of guilt. What had he done.

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