It's not James

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  • Published: 15 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 15 Feb 2014
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AU: If Lily and James were alive.
It takes a second. And Sirius is almost about to say the wrong name, because that is not James standing there.
Read at own risk.
Harry potter (c) JK Rowling
Cover (c) Me (Flameo-hotman)


1. ... but it's alright



It takes a second.

Sirius had almost blurted out the wrong name, because that’s not James standing by the kitchen counter with his back to him. He is just as tall as the other, black untidy hair, and a body of a grown up, but it’s still not James. It’s Harry. His Godson. It’s weird because he, Sirius, have known James a lot longer than Harry, but Sirius was there when Harry was born, he has known Harry since his first seconds, but it’s still not James - no matter how close they look alike.

Sirius doesn’t say anything, he just stand still watching his godson by the door, who has grown so much lately that it’s almost hard to see the connection between this grown up and the gurgling baby that would flash a smile big and untainted by sadness or harm years ago.

Sirius takes another studying look. Harry stands almost the same way as James, tall, board shoulders but there is a certain tense in his shoulders that not even James has from the war, but it really isn’t surprising Sirius reminds himself, not at all. He is almost seventeen and he has already been in the face of death too many times. Sirius can’t really blame Lily and James for their overprotectiveness for their son, heck even Sirius has it. So many times they almost lost him. Way too many times. A tension in his lower stomach makes its way forth - not for the first time.   

All these thoughts happens in a minute, and Harry turns around with an alert glint in his eyes, nothing goes by this boy, but as soon he eyes Sirius he relaxes, and flashes a smile, not one who could match the blinding smile of his baby self, but Sirius answered with his own. No, his eyes may be bright green and his body young, but the eyes Sirius lock into is not of a boy that is sixteen, and the thought feels almost killing.


“Alright Sirius?”

Sirius sinks a lump in his throat before he finds his own sound.

 “Yeah, couldn’t be better.”

So, should I write in Danish now? hm? okay.

Edit: Okay, found out that it was mostly english-speaking/reading people who found this, so it would be stupid to write in Danish at the end haha.

Guys this was only a small idea I got the day I submitted this, really quick written and nothing big. It's a ONESHOT, so I have no intention to update or write anymore for this story. If I do write anything more for this, it will be all kind of situations with the "what if"-themed, and not one big story.

Hope you enjoyed! And thank you for all the comments and likes, they warm my Heart!

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