The Aftermath - Captiol Games

This follows the story of a 16 year old girl, Ella who is picked to participate in the Hunger Games, one for the Captiol children. It was decided, after President Snow died, that they would hold a Hunger Games in honour of the many tributes lost over the years, but this time, they would include the Capitol's children.


1. The Reaping

I stand in the middle of the square, the square where we once celebrated the Hunger Games, where we stood to honour the victorious tributes. Now, however, I stand here for a different reason. After Katniss Everdeen won the games and started the rebellion, that all changed. Today I am waiting to see if I will be a tribute this year, for the final Hunger Games. They say these games are to honour the fallen tributes and soldiers, but I know it is just revenge, revenge for the mistakes we made. 

The girl I once looked up to sits on the platform a few meters away. Katniss Everdeen puts her hand into the bowl, taking her time to pick the right name. 

Like I have seen others do many times before, she pulls out a slip of paper and walks up to the microphone, her mockingjay pin glistening in the sunlight. 

"Gabriel Crane." 

I sigh with relief, only 23 more names to be chosen. I feel Eric's hand clasp mine. His brother saunters up to the platform and out the door behind Katniss. Eric will never see Gabriel again, they said it was better that way. 

Peeta Mellark walks up to the microphone, holding another piece of paper. I can see his hand shaking as he holds it up to the light. 

"Ella Snow." 

"No." Eric says. I feel my heart sink. 

"I have to go." 

"I was going to wait until later to give you this but, this is our last moment." He holds out a small box, covered in blue suede.

I shake my head in disbelief. 

"You'll find someone else." I whisper. 

"Take it Ella, you are and will always be the only one for me." 

As I open the box, the ring sits on a tiny cushion staring back at me. 

"It's beautiful." 

He takes the ring out and slides it onto my finger. 

"I love you." he says. After one last kiss I start to walk away.

"Good luck beautiful." Eric calls

Peeta helps me up onto the platform, tears escaping from my eyes. 

"I'm so sorry." he whispers. I see the pain and sadness written all over his face. 

As I take my final steps out the door I turn back to Eric, brokenhearted and unsaid words still on his lips.

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