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A broke girl helping the community then she meets Jai and convinces her to give him her number they go out together and Jai has apparently told her this is not a date because she doesn't want it to be a date but inside he really likes her and takes him forever to tell her for more start reading


1. the beginning begun

Warning: there will be a lot of course language if you do not allow or like please I advise you to leave thank you

Sara,s P.O.V

Oh my god great more spray paint on walls this one is the biggest of all this is gonna take me hours why do I even try.

~scrubs the wall that says CANCER in a light black~

Great someone's coming there probably the people who done this on the wall, who would come in this back street area anyway.

Jai's P.O.V

Come on let's take a video

Beau (Jai's older brother): alright fine did you get the eggs Daniel

Daniel (bestfriend): yes I did man you always ask if I got everything... Fuck I forgot the lemon

Beau: fucken hell man this us just fantastic Luke go get the fucken lemon

Luke: (Jai's twin brother) why me man you go get it you lazy piece of shit

Beau: shut the fuck up and get it

Luke: fine but James is coming

Beau: James go with Luke and get the lemons

James (bestfriend): fuck off

Luke: please bro

James: fine come lets go

~ Luke and James go to get the lemons~

Beau: oiy Jai who's that

Me: why you asking me why the fuck would I know

~pauses... They both just stare at her in mini light green shorts and a light pink boob tube top with white heel

Me: Daniel do you know who that is

Daniel: NO

Beau: oiy girl why you hear this is our spot

Sara's P.O.V

Just ignore them sara ignore

Beau: are you deaf this is our spot

Me: excuse me this is your spot have you payed for this land or do you click and get what you want, as you can see I am scrubbing the wall the you all wrote with a ugly colour spray paint in enormous writing so forgive me if ignoring you was the wrong idea

Daniel: why are you wearing heels if you scrubbing walls

Me: because I didn't know that there was going to be something this bad


Jai's P.O.V

Why would you say that idiot

Daniel: cuz it's true

Beau: we need to film

Me: be patient she's doing something we should be doing, I feel slack I'm going to help her

Daniel: yeh go help her it will go faster

Me: hey um

Sara: sara

Me: what

Sara: my name it's sara

Me: ohh hey sara

Sara: hey, so what do you want

Me: to help

Sara: hahahahahahahahahahahaha

~jai stares seriously~

Sara: oh wait your serious

Me: of course

~both are scrubbing~

Me: so what are you doing here anyway

Sara: I'm doing this clean up thing in Melbourne

Me: cool

Sara: whatever... So what are you doing here to

Me: wait you don't know me

Sara: no sorry

Me: umm my names Jai, Jai brooks

Sara: uhh

Me: the Janoskians

Sara: oh yeh I've heard of them

Me: yeh we'll I'm part of "them"

Sara: really

Me: yeh... Anyway can I ask you a question

Sara: go for it

Me: can I have your number

Sara: errr no sorry

Beau's P.O.V

Oh Luke got the lemons

Luke: who's that girl

Beau: she cleaning that spray paint that says cancer

Luke: sweet but why's Jai there

Beau: because he felt slack for her so he's helping

Luke: oh whatever

Sara's P.O.V

What the hell is he thinking

Jai: come on just your number

Sara: NO

Jai: why

Sara: cuz I barely know you

Jai: look we're almost done ill leave if you give me your number

Sara: if I give you my number you'll leave and won't annoy me

Jai: yup

Sara: fine give me your phone

Jai: here

~types the number in while Jai is scrubbing~

Sara: take

Jai: thanks ok we'll I finished the word

Sara: oh we'll thanks for your help

Jai: bye

Sara: um bye

Preview for next chapter

~phones rings while sara is in the shower she hears it wraps a towel around her and answers,


Jai: hi sara

Sara: who's this

Jai: me Jai

Sara: oh hi

Jai: wanna go out tonight

Sara: uh as what

Jai: what do you mean

Sara: is this a date

Jai: do you want it to be

Sara: no cuz if it is then I won't come

Jai: fine it's not a date but I won't be able to resist you beautifulness

Sara: haha we'll see if this is not a date

Jai: ok I'll pick you up in 1 hour

Sara: ok cool I'll be ready bye

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