I Can Fly

When you are trapped in a lonely reality, the only way out is to fly.

Thanks to Herleen28 for the amazing cover.


1. I Can Fly

Trapped in an abysmal reality

Are the wild and crazy thinkers like me

Our imaginations chained by laws of impossibility

Our horizons cut short by what is true

It's hard to break through

There's nowhere on the ground to move in the blue

So I take my wings up let them fly

In the limitless canvass of a open mind

Breaking every law of physics known to man

Because when you're not in real life, you can

Allowing your life to slip away

Like soap bubbles on air to say goodbye

And the entire known and unknown universe

Is my playground to roam and traverse

Anything I can think up can be real

When I take my wings up and let them feel

The warm updrafts lifting me afloat

In the unreal realistic story I wrote

For myself alone the story continues

Flying with eagles and angels and clouds

Not letting one thing bring me down

I see sights only I could dream

And though it's hard, at first, this seems

But with my imagination, nothing is impossible

I believe this as stubbornly as a carted bull

But the time for reality will have soon been

And I will fold my wings in again

And touch down gently on the ground of life

The stuff that is real, full of bitter strife

But I know that whenever life gets me down

I still have these wings tucked away

So I can take off again and be as free as a ray

Of sunshine in the sky

Because, hey, I have imagination, so

I can fly

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