we found love in a surprising place

Hi, my names Casey and I live in Cranbury and I have all my life, I have a bunch of friends like Skylar, Madison, Tammy, Willow and Josh. But I’m the closest with Skylar , were that close that our family is even friends , so we go camping with them sometimes, but this time it’s not just us , my well you can’t call him my enemies cause he doesn’t acknowledge me but I just hate him. His name is Adam Smith, he’s popular, funny and he’s every girls dream , well every girls dream if you’re not me or my friends. His brown gorgeous hair is styled to perfection and his gorgeous blue eyes don’t hide the fact that he’s an arrogant jerk, well not to me then. So how will I survive five days in the middle of nowhere at a caravan park alone with just Shauna her younger sister my younger brother and his older brother let’s just say it’s going to be a hell of a long weekend.


1. complete story

We found love in a surprising place- complete Day she finds out about camping “ hi mum” Casey says as she hops in her mum car after a long tiering day of school but she’s happy because tonight her grandma is taking her , her brother Jake and her older sister Kristie to see chitty ,chitty bang, bang the musical in Melbourne. “How was your day ?” my mum asked me putting away her phone that she was reading a book on “ tiring , we had sport this morning and then a very boring maths and German lesson but in textiles I started my frog but I dint get to sew anything yet” Casey said honestly why would you put sport first thing in the morning it just tires you out for the rest of the day, but she was excited to see her sister she haven’t seen her since a couple days after new year’s a month ago. “ were going camping over the long weekend with Dana and Stan to Twangos caravan park “ my mum responded calmly while she parked the car outside of Jake's primary school and getting out to do some shopping at Cole's across the road “ who’s going with us ?” I asked while getting out of the car “Skylar, there friends from Sheraton, their friends from Whittle sea and the smith family “she said while walking towards Cole's, that’s when my world stopped because I couldn’t go camping with Mr popular arrogant jerk and his brother Mr also arrogant and annoying , yay, how will I ever survive now Day 1- first day of camping I was rudely awakened at 4 in the morning by dad just plain moving around he just can’t be quiet but I needed to get up anyway because we were leaving very early, like before the sun was even showing any signs of waking up, luckily Adam and his family are meeting us there at the end of the day which sucks to be him because it means he has to go to school so yeah sucks to be him. The previous day we had needles that we had to get one was a chicken pox vaccination and the other was one for hpv cervical cancer , so that was one either arm, I hated needles and everyone was so shaky and scared about getting them but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be it hurt a lot though and we had to sit in the theatre for half an hour to make sure we didn’t have any reactions to the vaccination or any side effects, nothing happened to me but I did get really shaky and feel really weird , so now both of my arms are really bruise d ( wow sorry for babbling that long about my needles) After we had woken up and gotten in the car we headed around the corner to Skylar’s house because her dad Stan is our navigator, let’s just hope we don’t get lost … again. Waiting outside of Skylar’s house at 4:30 in the morning is not fun, I love (in a friend way)Skylar she’s my bestie but get me up in the morning and I will not cope, 20 minutes later and were just leaving and my sleep is just beginning , I’ve got my pillow against the window and my feet spread out and in Jake’s head. We have been driving four an hour and Skylar just woke up she’s such a lazy 16 year old, oh yeah I haven’t introduced myself. Skylar and I are 16 years old and I’m starting to feel old, my brother and Skylar’s sister are 14 Jake and Jasmine, smites are Tj he’s 18 and Adam is my age 16. My dad woke me up to go in and get some ice at the service station and it was melted before we even touched it but then again it is 6 in the morning, now we are driving like ten minutes down the road to the next service station that has a hungry jacks attached to it, hungry jacks does not do good breakfast but you can’t beat pancakes yummy. “ good morning Sky “ I mumbled to Skylar as I sat down at a bench with my unicorn Uni ( don’t judge I like unicorns )this hungry jacks ( fast food place) looked like an old but shiny and new diner like in America ( sorry no diners in Australia) “ it’s not morning it’s still night time , the suns not up yet so neither am I !” Skylar yelled at me while she went back to looking out the window the bench we were at faced the window but all you could see was the freeway and the petrol station, jasmine and Jake are at the teenage stage were you try to deny that there related to their parents and sibling’s … and it’s fun to tease and embarrass them “hey jazzy jazz do you looooooove meeeee!?” Skylar yelled across the building to where jasmine was sitting playing on her phone “shut up, I don’t know you, go away” jasmine said like it was second nature. We finished eating and headed back to the cars, we have radios/ walkie talkie so our dads just talked and talked all the time Driving, driving, driving all through the country town, all that is here is a bunch of cowwwssss. Long drives are not fun but some of the country town names are just so stupid for example Yae (yay) Walla garret, lake buffalo (that one’s just stupid) and that’s all I can remember but silver lining two and a half hours left. ( A/N:“We are here yes!!” I screamed as I got out of the car luckily Adam was there as I got out of the car, as soon as I stepped out of the car I toppled into Adams arms. My friend wrote this because she’s weird but it didn’t happen so carry on) “Finally we have arrived!” I screamed as I got out of the car, I don’t love camping but it’s fun when my friend and her family come. Our campsite was a couple down from Skylar’s since we were at a caravan park. An HOUR later we had mostly unpacked but we still had to un pack the back of the cars and put stuff in my tent, the dad started to pump up the tubes for swimming and all us girls and Jake went and got changed The river is freezing I’m not joking the parents got in and started swearing and then everyone just adjusted we just floated away and we went down the rapids, they are like a river that has lots of rocks that make it go really fast and rough, you have to paddle so you don’t go into the bushes on the sides.” It’s going to be weird seeing Adam again, it’s been 2 and a half years since he moved” Skylar said as she drifted on her tube “ I think it will be different but I hope he’s not like he used to be MR arrogant charming jerk “ I said taking a sip of my drink , and speak of the devil “ hey Skylar long time no 'see” Adam himself came up to the river bank, we were never friends but neither were Sky and him only their parents. “Skylar, why don’t you take Adam down the rapids?” Dana (Skylar’s mum) asked well more like told her to take him, for the last couple of years he used to live in cranbourly their parents tried to set them up but it didn’t happen. “Yeah okay that should be super fun” Sky said sarcastically to me while getting out of the water, and the parents were just sitting aww at them walking away together, and I don’t know why but it really annoys me. ‘Sitting alone without a home in the sun is where there is fun’ I’m muttering to myself as I’m laying in the sun tanning, because I make that much sense. “Casey where are your thongs? Your feet are filthy” Dana Skylar’s mum asked me as she sat down under the gazebo shelter thing we have set up right next to the river,” I don’t know I haven’t seen them in a couple of hours “ I responded adjusting my position while sun bathing. “ well you should go find them” Dana responded grabbing a can of drink out of the esky “ but I don’t know where they are” I argued back how can you go find something if you don’t know where it is that’s just stupid , “ are you sure your hair isn’t blond?” Dana responded laughing as I tripped over yet again nothing, but I didn’t actually fall just stumble “yes Dana I’m not blond its long wavy blonde-caramel” I said getting up and walking away offenedly but she knew I wasn’t upset . “I couldn’t help but over hear you saying that you lost your thongs” Adam popped up out of nowhere “Jesus Adam do you just like scaring people?’ I asked as I turned around “ well only you but I’m here to help you find your shoes” he answered smiling his quite attractive yet annoying crooked smile “ well that’s really nice of you but I don’t know where they are” I responded just realising that I was only wearing short shorts and a strapless bikini “ that why you go look for them you go to places and look around to see if they’re there “ he responded with a teasing sound to his voice “ oh yeah I knew that of course” I mumbled embarrassingly “ come on beautiful lets go find them” he smiled back grabbing my hand . “Are they over there?” Adam yelled to me “No are they over there?’ I yelled back “No wait… yes!” he yelled coming over to me and putting them on my feet he’s so cute. Wait I cant call him cute this is the guy I have hated since we were six and now I’m saying he’s cute? I think I need counselling Jesus this is not right what have you done to me!( sorry if your religious and all that) Once we had gotten my shoes back on we headed back to Skylar’s campsite where everyone was just hanging, the others had also arrived Sky had family friends that lived three hours away from us and they had come down for the week two so there Sammy she’s like one of the parents so old ish, normy who is her husband and their kids Hailey who is 20, sally who is 18 and brad who is 15. We just talked about random things and just had fun until it was like 10 and TJ, sally, Adam, Sky and I went of to one of the picnic tables and just talked about lots of random things and we compared schools since we all went to different high school’s except for Sky and I It’s 11 now and everyone’s going to bed so we’re just saying goodnight “ goodnight Sky, Goodnight Case, see you tomorrow morning” Adam said as he was told by his parents that it was time for bed “ goodnight Adam “ I replied smiling and I could have sworn that he blushed until little miss big mouth decided to but in “ what no goodnight for me?” she replied fake crying she’s such a weirdo but oh well “ aww I always have a goodnight for you because your my bff my babez and my sista” I replied hugging her as Adam just laughed and walked away. Well today was one heck of a day but it’s only a week I can do this, I hope. “Wake up” is the lovely voice of my little brother waking me up in the morning my favourite thing to do… NOT! (Sarcasm) “ go away Jake” I responded rolling over in the tent the blow up mattress is so annoying “ fine then no bacon and eggs for you” he said walking away, hearing bacon I instantly got up and out of the tent to eat my yummy food and head down to Skylar’s tent area “ morning mum, dad , I heard there was bacon and eggs any for me “ I replied making a cup of tea , the caravan park were staying at has power and showers so it’s very luxury. I don’t look at all like my parents, my mum Sarah has brown long hair that she put foil’s of lighter brown and caramel through to hide the greys and my dad was blond but he was grey before he turned thirty and even when he was blonde it’s not the same as I am now, I look like my aunty jo, my mum’s sister, my brother looks a lot like my dad just a lot less grey.” No we threw it all out” my mu replied sarcastically handing me my plate, honestly she talks like me; sarcasm is always a safe allies “morning Bronte family” I said as I sat down between Skylar and jasmine whom were also eating’s eggs and bacon “good morning purple bunny” I said to jasmine I started calling her that a couple years ago because she has this purple monster hat but it’s cute so I call her purple bunny “morning cricket” she responded going back to texting someone, she calls me cricket because she say’s monsters eat crickets “hey Sky what’s up? “I asked sky, she just shrugged because she was eating “you’re up because your sky” I responded and we both just started laughing because my jokes just suck that much. “Morning everyone” Adam came up to the camp… shirtless… on his bike, he’s shirtless damn look at those abbs he’s vey muscular and it really suites how he walks and just makes everything a whole lot better. Da hell am I talking about beep da beeping beep. “Morning Adam have you had breakfast?” Dana asked sitting down with a cup of coffee “yeah I had some before” he answered back just as Stan (Skylar’s dad) came around the corner “oh beep Adam go put on a shirt just cause you have muscles doesn’t mean you have to show them of to Skylar and Casey” he said scolding Adam it was quite funny because Adam just got up and got his bike and ran away as fast as possible. “You going swimming today Sky?” I asked Skylar because we’ve been having a starring contest and I was bored “no I’m not well” she responded sipping her milo. great now who am I meant to go down the rapids with “ aw now I have no one to go down the rapids with” I pouted just as Adam felt brave enough to come back to the camp and face the wrath of Stan “why don’t you have anyone to go down the rapids with?” he asked as he sat next to me “Skylar isn’t feeling well enough to swim so im al alone” I answered him as I slid on my sunglasses “ well then consider me your fill in Skylar for the day, but don’t expect me to be as awesome as her” he said winking when he called Skylar awesome “ yeah that right I’m awesome and nobody compares to me so you just got owned” Skylar yelled as a couple of boys our age walked by and she just sat down and hid her face, while Adam and I just laughed, “ well come on then if your my fill in Sky then we’re going sown the rapids” I said standing up and taking of my tank top so that I was just in my stripy bikini and my short shorts. “What if we fall in the river?” Adam questioned me as we walked to the top of the rapids he is just thinking of random excuse of why we shouldn’t go down, he’s such a girl “ you went down it yesterday with Skylar and you did swimming lesson’s so all you have to do is swim” I answered as we got nearer to the entrance “ yeah but yesterday Sky pushed me into the bush” he complained as he reluctantly followed behind me into the river “ if it makes you feel better you can hold my hand okay?” I responded and he just nodded, we’re getting in our tubes and waiting for the current to take us down the rapids and Adam is holding onto my hand for dear life “see its not so bad “ I said but I spoke to early because we started going down the rocks and we hit a couple and they hurt a lot. . We finally finished the ride and are just getting off in the calm shallow part “ that was so fun we should do it again!’ I cheered as Adam shook his head, so instead we just floated around in our tubes and randomly started talking about clouds “ but if a rain cloud is full of rain why do rain clouds go over us but not rain?” I asked Adam as he said that rain clouds had rain in them “I don’t know maybe they don’t feel like raining right then and there “ he responded playing with a rock “well then I don’t like clouds their indecisive and they move” I pouted as I scolded at the clouds , Adam just chuckled and mumbled “ your definitely a character beautiful” and we went back to floating in comfortable silence until his mum yelled for him “ I got to go but I’ll see you later Casey” he smiled at me before he got out of the water when he smiles at me it just makes me feel funny like butterflies in my stomach. I was just floating until a rock almost hit me I looked up to see sky standing there so I got out of the water and walked over to the lounge chairs that she was sitting on I put my sunglass on and layed down “ so what do you think of the smites ?” I asked Sky just to break the silence “ well they are a lot less jerky and mean than the last time we saw them “ she responded as she lay down as well “ Adam seems like a real gentlemen though a bit of a wuss and TJ seems to get on really well with Sal” I responded as she laughed at something in her head , this girl is completely mental sometimes “ I don’t know maybe this week won’t be as bad as I thought “ I shrugged and resumed tanning . “ hey girls” my mum called as she brought over a chair to sit under the gazebo as well as Dana “ hey “ we responded as we sat up a bit more fixing our hair Skylar’s is the same length as mine but its brown and not as wavy , in the water were our dad’s Stan and Cain, TJ , sally and Adam . they looked like they were having a great time just mucking around , but every now and again Adam would look over and smile at me I think Skylar noticed but decided to not say anything.” You know what you should make mum? Your dip” Sky just out of the blue suggested, like I said before she’s just a freak ball “I would but we don’t have a blender so it would be really chunky” Dana said but oh well it was just an idea “we could put a fork in my cordless drill “Stan said as he got out of the water “okay so let’s go get the ingredients” Dana said as we all got up to hunt for the ingredients That plan didn’t go well, we tried a Wisk in the drill and it broke the Wisk and it went flying, so we put a fork in it and it did the job but it was still a bit chunky. see this dip is Philly cream cheese, salsa dip and its presented spread out on a plate covered in grated cheese and lettuce, it sounds awful but it’s really yum epically with corn chips “Dana this dip is amazing’ I complemented it while taking another chip full “well I already knew I was amazing but thank you anyway “ Dana replied this group definitely have healthy ego’s that’s for sure .” hey Sky if they ever re-created the titanic exactly the same in the same route would you go on it?” i questioned her just because I’m random “no I wouldn’t” she replied without a second thought “ but the likely hood of crashing into an iceberg is very rare and wouldn’t it be amazing to go from London to the artic ?” I questioned her again determined to change her mind “I would it would be amazing” Adam popped into the conversation , “see Adam’s on my side” I pointed to him and he smiled proudly “yeah that’s because he like’s you” she said and winked at me and left so I chased her and we crashed to the ground and started laughing. “you have a pony “ Normy said as I came back to the campsite in my pj’s with my UNICORN “ no it’s a unicorn” I pointed to the horn on its head and he just kept going on and on about it and then he started throwing peanuts at everyone , he’s an odd guy . I decided to go for a walk across the shore and when I’m walking alone I tend to sing just because I can so I started singing summer love by one direction *you were mine for the summer, now we know its nearly over, feels like snow in September , but I always will remember , you were my summer love* “you’re a great singer” Adam made a magic act and appeared behind me again “thanks even though it’s not my best and do you always appear from thin air?’ I asked him chuckling at the end “it’s called I walked here using my legs” he smiled sarcastically “anyway I came to say goodnight my parents are sending me to bed “ he told me pouting “goodnight Adam “I responded smiling at his cuteness “ goodnight Casey “ he said kissing my cheek and I’m glad it was dark because I was blushing like a tomato , oh that boy just like’s to make me a tomato “morning Casey, Skylar” Adam says as he comes up to the campsite this time he is wearing a shirt, unfortunately “morning Adam” Skylar and I responded in sync and busted out laughing as Adam just stood there grinning “aw Stan did you let the hyena’s in the campsite “Dana said in a whiny sarcastic voice as she walked around the corner, that just made us laugh even more.”Hey Casey, do you want to go for a walk after breakfast?’’ Adam asks smiling at her “sure that would be fun” Casey responds as she finishes her cup of tea. “so what did you want to talk about “ I ask as I start walking with him towards nowhere inparticualr until he stops and faces me “I just wanted to explain why I became like this when we turned 9, “when we were in primary school I got bullied and threatened a lot and I tried to hide it but it was nearly impossible, the bullies told me that if I wanted you to stay alive I needed to join them in bulling everyone else-including you.” He responded looking at the ground almost in tears thinking back to when they first approached him. 7 years ago “Hey dweeb” Collin the school bully, said coming up to me with the rest of his group “Yes?” I responded shyly putting away my sketch pad, these boys have been bullying me for a year now and I don’t want them to ruin my sketches. “We have a deal for you, you join us and bully everyone else or we hurt Casey” he said smiling, at this stage Casey and I were best friend’s including Skylar but Adam liked Casey more than a friend. He did what he had to do to protect Casey and joined them with bullying, but it killed him to bully her. Back to present “I never knew, I’m sorry Adam I should have been there for you when you needed a friend” I was now full on crying it was so sad and the fact that I wasn’t there for him but he still protected me by bullying me made it all worse. “You didn’t know Case you can’t blame yourself you didn’t know “he smiles at me and out stretches his hand to me “friends/” he asks and I grab his hand and smile at him “friends” I conclude it feels so great to have my best friend back I have truly missed him. “Hey Ad can you pass me a handful of nuts?” I asked innocently at him and he smile while handing me a handful, and I just start throwing them at him just cause I can “HAY!” he calls to me shielding himself from the incoming nuts “Hay is for horses!” I argue back at him sarcastically. “Girl please are you calling me, a horse?” he asks with obviously fake teenage girl drama voice, “well you do have a long face” I reply back smiling at him cheekily, and I just start throwing nuts at him. His face gets really straight and blank “Oh no you didn’t! For that you are going to face the tickle monster” now he smiles cheekily at me as I start running but unfortunately Adam catches up and tickles me to the ground , and I just start giggling because… it tickles “Adam….. Stopppp” I giggle as I roll around on the ground trying to move out of his grasp, therefore tripping Adam and making him land on me, “never” he whispers in my ear before getting up and offering a hand I just smile at his goofiness it feels like were nine again, and we were both blissfully unaware of what sky was thinking and planning on doing. Skylar’s point of view Adam and Casey are rather …close and something just doesn’t seem right so I decide to confront both of them separately. I walk over to Adam who’s sitting on a branch a bit away from Casey sketching something that looks a lot like her, hmm Coincidence? I think not. “Hey Adam, what you sketching “Skylar said as she took as seat next to him where he was sitting sketching something “Oh hey Sky I’m just sketching… nothing” he responded nervously but I saw his picture he was sketching Casey, it also doesn’t help that she sitting a couple meters away reading a book in the prefect model position, stupid boy “Ok give it up I know you like Casey and you were sketching her” I responded not bothering to tip toe around why I’m here talking to him, I want a confession. “Fine I may or may not like Casey” he said blushing which was really cute. “Well why don’t you tell her?” I asked curiously, I know she likes him as well it’s so obvious “Because I used to bully her even though I didn’t want two and now she must hate me” he responded opening his sketch book and looking down at the sketch of her he’s a really good artist. “well it’s better to tell her and risk the chances that to not tell her and she slip out of your fingers” I responded rembering a poem I read a while ago “forget the risk, and take the fall, if it’s what you want .then it’s worth it all” I added smiling “Thanks sky you always know what to say” he replied smiling I decide to go confront my sista , my power ranger twin and my Amigo about the situation too. Hey babez, what you up to” I said as I sat down on the ground next to Casey. “Just writing a poem “she said closing her book. “Can I read it?” I asked curious to what it’s about “Um…sure why not” she said handing me the book open to the page the poem read: Roses are red Violets are blue You’re the perfect boy But too bad that you treat all other girls like a play toy I really like you And I hope you like me too “This is a great poem Case but it’s kind of said yet happy, oh you confusing Muppet” I responded realising that the poem is a bout Adam. “Thanks sky-fi “she responded smiling at me “Okay give it up I know you like Adam” I said smiling at her and winking. “Like Adam? Are you crazy? Why would I like my used to be bully/ best friend? ‘She responded nervously all the more proving my point. I glared at her until she finally cracked into a shy smile. “Fine I like Adam, is that such a bad thing?’ she asked looking so happy. “No it’s perfect, but why don’t you tell him?” I ask puzzled. “I’m too afraid, I mean come on he’s super amazingly attractive and he’s a gentlemen, he can have any girl he wants” she responds frowning at the realisation “but think it’s worth it to tell him about your feelings than to let him slip through your fingers and not have him” I said taking her hand in mine “forget the risk and take the fall, if it’s what you want, then it’s worth it all” “Thanks Sky-fi you always know what to say” Casey responded smiling Ok so I’ve dealt with those two soon-to-be love-birds, now of to fly on my magic unicorn in the happy land of cabbage and dragons. I wasn’t watching where I was going and I accidently bumped into someone, causing me to fall over “Oh My God! Are you okay?, I’m such a klutz I should have been watching were I was going” I respond nervously as I turn to look at the guy and let’s just say there is definitely something good to look at, let’s just say he’s shirtless and has a built in washboard , “oh it’s not your fault , I’ll live” he smiles sheepishly at me and I see his face he has dark brown hair that is slightly quiffed and dazzlingly green eyes “I’m Skylar I say as he helps me up –not that I need it but its courteous, “Skylar , that’s a lovely name ,I’m Cole its lovely to meet you” he smiles at me. And that how I spend my day getting to know the wonderful Cole. Casey pov “Come on Adam lets gooo down the rapids again!” I tell him as I drag him to the start of it. we hop, well more like sit into our tubes and go down the rapids and I take the time to look at the nature “it really is beautiful here” I say as I sigh looking at a patch of blue flowers, “yeah it is but your more beautiful” he said turning to smile at me which makes me blush, such a cheesy man. “Yeah ok then whatever you think” I say as I go back to looking at the scenery. “Hey Sky where you been all day?” I ask Sky as she steps into the water where Adam and I were sitting in a pond of flowing water but he had to leave “oh nowhere I was just chatting with Mr Cole” she winks at me as she lies in the water two and I decide to just let this one go … for now anyway. Sky and I spend another hour or so just lying in the water in our bikini’s as several boys whistle at us which we just ignore. I’m walking back to Sky’s campsite when I bump into something and I just start falling but amazingly Adam catches me from falling. He looks into my eyes and-as cheesy as it sounds its true- I just can’t help but stare at him in amazement. That is until we hear someone coughing and we turn to see Skylar wiggling her eyebrows at us and smiling like a fool. That’s when I realise that I’m in Adams arm and he must to “oh sorry” he says helping me stand up straight, and oh jeer do I feel embarrassed. It’s time to go to sleep so unfortunately I have to say goodnight to Adam , “goodnight Casey sweet dream and I’ll see you in the morning “ he says as he holds my hand since we went for a walk down the shoreline “Goodnight Adam “I say as I kiss Adam on the cheek and walk away. Today has been one heck of a day but I know tomorrow I’m going to tell Adam how I feel. Chapter four-day four Casey point of view Skylar and I woke up extra early this morning and decided to go wake up Adam because he was the only one left in his cabin. “Okay so you are going to grab the pots and we’re both going to sing off key” I told Skylar as she had a wicked grin on her face-this is going to be so fun. He looked so peaceful sleeping as we opened the door to the cabin, honestly I think it’s rather mean that were waking him up but it will be fun not to mention he might be shirtless. I was snapped out of my day dreaming my the horrible sound of Sky banging the pans together, all of a sudden Adam fell of the bed which just sent Sky and I into outrageous laughing fit and he stood up and I stopped laughing because he was shirtless, and let’s put it this way he definitely works out to have those major abbs , he was also just staring until we heard Sky cough and we turned to see her wiggling her eyebrows at us which made us both blush like tomato’s. Adam had gotten changed (with us NOT in the room) and then he and I went on a walk down to the park. “Hey Adam will you push me?” I ask as I stare up at him and he just nods and smiles, he starts pushing me as we just stay in comfortable silence, until he decided to talk “Casey why did you stop singing?” he asks me as he stops the swing and we walk over to the bench to sit and talk, “to be honest you’re the reason I stopped singing, you were always there when I sang and when you left I just couldn’t make myself sing” I said thinking back to when I tried and got stage fright. “I never knew why you effected my singing so much, I guess it’s because you told me I could sing and you were the only one I believed” I said almost crying until Adam lift’s up my chin and looks me in the eye while saying “you are an amazing singer and you should never doubt that even if I’m not he one telling you” with a serious look to his face and all I do is hug him and kiss his cheek “thanks Adam” I whisper to him as we suddenly end up just staring at each other and subconsciously leaning into our lips meet in a sweet kiss full of love ,I know I should be freaking out about kissing Adam but it just feels so right. “Hey Adam I’ve been meaning to tell you that, I like you more than a friend” I say as we pull a part and just smile like goofy idiots “I have been meaning to tell you the same thing” he says back as we kiss again and he grabs my hand and leads us for a walk. Adam and I are sitting against a wall just cuddling with me in his lap after we got back from going down the rapids. “You are just so beautiful it’s hard to explain in words because in my eyes nobody compares” Adam smiles at me as he kisses my cheek making me blush “aww look at the two love birds Sally!” Skylar says as she comes up to our wall with Sally “aww look its Dumbo and her pal” I reply smiling at her with sarcasm she just smiles at me mumbling love you to babe as she walks of “she really is …. How to put this nicely … a bowl of fruit loops with extra loopy” I smile at Adam who just taps my nose making me giggle “that’s not a nice thing to say about your friend” he mockingly scolds me “I never claimed to be nice” I smile as he just cuddles me closer, right now life just feels perfect. “hey Casey would you like to go on a picnic with me today?” Adam asked looking hopefully into my eyes , now how could I say no to that , exactly I can’t “of course I will Adam” I smiled up at him as he leaned down and pecked my lips smiling. “Now I must be of Case but met me at the playground at 2:30 “he said as he helped pull me up off the ground and we let our hands slowly drift apart , like in all those romantic movies. I walked over to Skylar campsite to fortunately see Skylar and Sally sitting there talking “guys I need you help picking an outfit for a date” I asked them and they instantly started chanting ‘Casey’s got a date! With A boy!’ really how old are they, five?. I must off said that out loud because they both stopped and looked at me giving me the ‘excuse you beach?’ “So will you guys help?” I asked trying to distract them, luckily it worked and they dragged me off to the tent. “the colour goes with her hair but makes her look way to pale” Skylar argued with Sally as I just stood there, Sally had picked a light blue almost white see through tank top, that I pretty sure I didn’t pack. “How about this one its simple cute and is the perfect colour?” Skylar asked as a she held out a coral and white tank top that had a floral sort of lace pattern and it got lighter until the middle where it was plain white , it looked gorgeous “omg YES!” that is the best top in the world!” Sally screamed jumping up and down, I feel sorry for the campers that could hear her, “and how about we pair it with these stone wash short shorts and these white and coral thongs?” Skylar said holding up the best outfit ever I seriously love these guys. Once I had gotten changed sally got to work on my make-up, not too much just a little and Skylar brushed my hair and loosed my curls ”thanks guys I look amazing!’ I said hugging the girls as I went off to meet Adam for our date. Adam point of view After I left Casey I decide I needed help with organising the best date in the world for the best girl in the world, Casey. I still can’t believe that she feels the same way I feel about here, its nutritional how I feel but she just makes me so happy that words can’t even describe it. I walked over to where I saw my older brother TJ talking to Hailey who is a family friend of Skylar’s family, “hey TJ can you help me organise a date for Casey?” I asked him praying that he would say yes, I love him and all he’s my brother but sometimes he can just be such a jerk. “yeah sure I’ll help you organise a date for your girlfriend” he smiled smugly at me and I saw Hailey in the corner of my eye smirk at him, “I can help to Adam , it might help if there is at least one girl helping or else it might just go downhill and we wouldn’t want that” Hailey smiled at me. “ok so what do you have in mind?” Hailey asked as we sat down in my cabin she had a piece of paper and a pen looking ready to take notes, “I want something really special but also a little relaxed since we are camping” I smiled at the thought of the perfect date with the perfect girl “okay I have a great idea, how about a picnic but full of surprise and romantic gestures?” she asked as she wrote something down on her paper and handed it to me, I read it over and nodded my head, this is going to be perfect. Hailey, TJ and I were looking at my wardrobe thinking about what I should wear “how about some nice black jeans and a dark red V-neck with red high tops?” TJ suggests and Hailey literally jumped “dude where have you been hiding this style?” she questioned with wide eyes I just laughed at them as I went in the other room to change, I came back and did not expect to see TJ and Hailey kissing , so I coughed to let them no of my presence “oh yeah… um..Okay so with your hair we are just going to spike it a bit” Hailey said stepping away from Adam as he just sat here and grinned smugly. Casey point of view I’m just walking over the playground now and instead of seeing Adam I see Hailey standing there with a sign with my name on it “Hey Hailey , do you know where Adam is?” I asked her and she just grinned and handed me a heart shaped note , it read: Casey, Follow the petals that are lined in a path behind Hailey another note will meet you there, stay beautiful <3 Adam It was actually really sweet and had me trying to fight back tears, I looked behind Hailey to see the petals that Adam said to follow so with a quick wave to Hailey I started walking down the path of beautiful petals. (skipping like 15 minutes of walking) The first clue at the end of the petals is Roses are red, violets are blue, I can’t write poems so I will leave that to you, but instead I can express all the things that you do, a wonderful actress, a singer and a beautiful girl, a friend, a sister and a beautiful soul. The hunt isn’t over follow the violets to see the next clue After I reached the end of the violets There stood Jake holding a flower and a note, he handed me the flower and note, but before he left he whispered in my ear “he’s a keeper sis” The flower was a rainbow rose, which I know from experience that they are not easy to find The note was a picture of us when we were 7, at the park our older siblings had decided to meet up and we had begged to come along, the photo is Adam pulling a funny face and me laughing, that day was amazing and it was one of my favourite memories *flash back* an sorry about dropping in a sister it’s true and yeah her name is Kristy she’s the same age as TJ whom is 10 “Hey mum can I go to the park to meet up with TJ?” my older sister Kristy asks my mum pulling out the puppy dog eyes. If my sister is meeting TJ then maybe I could meet Adam, though I have already met Adam so why I have to meet him is beyond my 7 year old brain. “Yeah but you have to take Casey” she responds going back to her book. When we got to the park Kristy just walked off and I stood still not knowing where to go until I heard Adam yelling my name Adam and I decided to have a ‘try to make you laugh” contest where someone says either something funny or makes a funny face. Adam was puffing up his cheeks and pulling his ears which made him look like a silly monkey. We played hide and seek, tag, and we danced around *flashback over* The note read, my mum never got rid of this photo and had several copies. It’s one of my favourite memories because it was around then when I started to get a crush on you, now looks where we are. This is the last clue and all you have to do is meet me at the end of the trail. I walked over to the trail and there stood Adam looking incredibly handsome in a Marron top and black jeans looking so carelessly hot, “hey beautiful’’ Adam said coming up to me and kissing my cheek making me blush “hey Adam” I said as he took my hand and started leading me some where “where are we going ?” I asked curiously , there is not many places to go at this caravan park it’s pretty much just a river , land and campsites, “now where would the surprise be if I told you ?” he asked rhetorically making me huff in annoyance which he softly chuckled to. Adam stopped and blindfolded me, which honestly wasn’t a good idea because I’m a klutz when I can see but when I can’t well god help us. I was right because I have fell over almost 5 times in the last 5 meters of walking “Adam you are going to get us both killed if I keep walking blindfolded” I say because every time I fall so does he “don’t worry your pretty little head angle we are almost there” Adam says kissing my forehead. Sure enough I could fell Adam slowing down and coming to a stop, “okay Case you stay here and keep the blind fold on until I say okay?” Adam asks me as he makes sure I’m on steady ground so that I don’t fall over yet again “okay” I respond anxious to 1. Be able to see again and 2. Be able to see the date that Adam planned out for us. “okay you can take off the blind fold now” Adam yells to me, as I take of the blind fold at first I’m adjusting to the brightness but when I do I notice lots of flours and fairy lights strung around a gazebo and inside lays a bunch of candles and a picnic “Adam this is …. Beautiful” I say breathlessly trying to comprehend that all of this is for me , wow now I feel like a big diva “beautiful date for an incredibly beautiful girl” he responds walking up to me and grabbing my hand “milady” he says bowing at the waist making me giggle slightly Once we had sat down we just started talking about all our memories from when we were younger like the time that we had a funeral fro my fish because we thought it was dead but it actually wasn’t , or when we put on a talent show with all our friends . “so Adam what has happened since you moved?” I asked him taking a bite out of a slice of pizza, the food that Adam had organized was a fruit platter , a pizza and chocolate strawberries “well I joined a football team and I started going to art lessons outside of school but other than that I haven’t done anything really different or meaningful” he responds taking a bite out of his pizza, Adam always was a great artist and said that when I was a famous singer he would paint my portrait . We fell into a comfortable silence just eating pizza until Adam started laughing, “What’s so funny?” I asked confused , I hope Its not something to do with me “you have a lot of pizza sauce around your mouth you look like a clown” Adam said breathlessly in between laughs. We had finished the pizza and we were currently lying down on the blanket eating strawberries, just enjoying each other’s company “ I still can’t believe that I’m lucky enough to score a date with you” Adam said looking propping himself and looking into my eyes, “what balcony did you fall off? I’m the lucky one” I said looking at him like he was mad (not angry just insane mad) “you don’t get it do you? You are incredibly gorgeous, you have the best personality, your so kind and everyone instantly loves you , boys are always starring at you in awe and your just oblivious to it all” he says smiling down at me , Adam makes me so happy and even though we only just started dating I think I love him, and I think I have for a while now. (sorry to skip rest of the date) “Casey, will you be my girlfriend? I know we are going to go separate ways in a couple of days but we can just spend each day together” Adam asks me as we are packing up the picnic blanket “Adam off course I’ll be your girlfriend “ I say walking up to him and smiling , he just wraps his arms around my waist and I wrap mine around his neck, and then finally he closes the distance and kisses me. Day five I’m still overwhelmed with how much time and thought Adam put into our picnic date yesterday it was so sweet, after the date we took a lazy stroll through this really cute meadow we found. And before we separated that night to head off to sleep, he asked me out on another date, this time a dinner date. To say I was excited would have been the understatement of the century, but the sad thing is today Adam is going to be gone for most of it because he’s going four wheel driving with all the other guys. Adam and I are sitting on our dinosaurs just ridding around together all peacefully , until we hear the annoying voice of Skylar the Oger “get off of those stupid dinosaurs” she says as she comes stomping over to us. Instead of responding me and Adam just laugh and start throwing tacos at her to try and get her to leave, but she doesn’t like that and she throws Mexican/Sudanese children at us until tom cruise came. He sent out an army of murderous banana’s that drowned us in pudding, we all died including the banana. (lol don’t freak out it was only a dream) “Casey!, wake up!” Skylar yelled at me as she hovered over my banana lounge where I was sun bathing “gee thanks for the wakeup call but I didn’t order one” I responded getting up from my position, as creepy as my dream was at least I got to spend time with Adam. “wow if you can’t go a couple hours without Adam how is it going to work when the week is over?” Skylar said in all seriousness, “I know that it’s almost the end and once it is we will go back home which is over four hours away from Adam, but we’re just living in the moment and taking every day and doing as much as we can to be together” I said almost crying at the thought of never seeing Adam again. “wow this feels like a sappy romantic film, and those always have a happy ending” Skylar said in hope of cheering me up. Adam point of view “ I want to know what love is , and I want you to show meee I want to feel what love is , and won’t you discover meee “ My phone sang playing Casey’s ringtone , “who the hell do you have that ringtone for?” TJ asked me while I fumbled around for my phone to answer it , “none of your business “ I respond answering the phone. (phone conversation AD= Adam CA= Casey) CA: hey Adam ! guess what! AD: hey babe , I have no Idea , what? CA: nooooo you . have. To. Guess AD: aww but I don’t know what it is so I can’t guess CA: are you pouting? And you have to at least guess something random AD: I don’t pout, um is there a giraffe in your tent? CA: that is seriously the worst guess ever and yes you do pout! AD: come on just tell me all ready! CA: oh…. Um.. so..Yeah *mumbles* I have nothing I just wanted to hear your voice AD: *heard what she said* sorry, what was that? CA: I said, I have nothing to tell you I just wanted to hear your voice Awwwww AD: aww I missed you too, but don’t fret when I get back we are going on a dinner date actually outside of the park CA: really? AD: yep, always the best for my princess CA: you’re so sweet, oh I got to go AD: alright, love you babe CA: I love you to Adam, bye (end of phone conversation) Sometimes that girl just makes me so happy; I don’t know what we are going to do at the end of the week when we go our separate ways. “Hey TJ, could you drive Casey and I to the restaurant in town tonight?” I ask him as I search for the reastraunt’s name on my phone, “yeah sure”. Skylar point of view Casey was all moping about this morning until she called Adam and now she’s like a bright ray of sunshine, its badly hurting my eyes ! “Hey Casey, I’m going for a walk I will be back in time to help you get ready for your date” I called to her as I grabbed my scooter and rode off. I can’t stop thinking about the last time I was riding around and how I bumped into Cole, he’s actually a really great guy and we spent hours just talking, if it wasn’t for the fact that he lives in the same town as Adam- four hours from where I live- then I would of dated him but I just couldn’t handle the heart break of saying good bye. While I was thinking all of this I must of forgotten about dodging people and plants and I ended crashing into someone causing us both to fall to the ground , :you know , we have to stop meeting this way, you keep making me fall for you” the familiar voice of Cole said as he got up and helped me up, “wow that was extremely cheddery “ I respond brushing myself off. “did you just say cheddery ?” he asked looking at me funny “yeah it what you call something like what you said to me” I responded , seriously everyone knows what cheddery is , he just started laughing so hard that he almost fell to the ground, it actually was quite stupid he looked like a lunatic “oh my god that is hilarious! It’s not cheddery its cheesy, what I said was cheesy not cheddery” Cole said once he finished laughing, I could feel my cheeks getting hotter so I ducked my head, this is so embarrassing . “Hey don’t be embarrassed, I mean it’s not like you said the word cheddery” Cole said as he was all sweet until he decided to be a jerk, “you’re a jerk!” I said as I got onto my scooter and went to ride away. Im now sitting under a tree just crying my eyes out, why do all guys have to be jerks? It’s not fair, I thought he was lovely. I was just sitting there quietly until I heard someone strumming a guitar and coming closer. I looked up to see Cole and before I could say anything he started singing. From the moment I met you, everything changed I knew I had to get you, whatever the pain I had to take you and make you mine I would walk through the desert I would walk down the aisle I would swim all the oceans just to see you smile Whatever it takes is fine Oh oh ohh oh So put your hands up Oh oh ohh oh 'Cause it’s a stand up I won’t be leaving ‘Til I finish stealing Every piece of your heart Every piece of your heart I know your heart's been broken but don’t you give up I’ll be there, yeah I know it to fix you with love It hurts me to think that you’ve ever cried (you’ve ever cried) Oh oh ohh oh So put your hands up Oh oh ohh oh 'Cause it’s a stand up I won’t be leaving ‘Til I finish stealing Every piece of your heart Every piece of your heart Can't ever get it right No matter how hard I try And I've tried Well, I put up a good fight But your words cut like knives And I'm tired As you break my heart again this time Tell me I'm a screwed up mess That I never listen, listen Tell me you don't want my kiss That you need your distance, distance Tell me anything but don't you say he’s what you're missing, baby If he's the reason that you’re leaving me tonight Spare me what you think and... tell me a lie Well you're the charming type That little twinkle in your eye Gets me every time. (first verse an chorus of one directions stand up and tell me a lie) Bye the end I was crying it was just so sweet, “Skylar I know im a jerk but I honestly wish I wasn’t, I know you don’t want to date and then Say good bye, but the time I get to spend with you is all I’m asking for, is will you go on a date with me?” Cole said as he came over a sat next to me, “of course I will go on a date with you” I responded Casey point of view “okay so we need to find an outfit that is subtle for going to an actual restaurant “Skylar said as he opened up my bag of clothes, “I think I have something, my aunty always told me to pack for any occasion so I have a bag of dresses” I say smiling at the hours I had spent shopping with my diva of an aunty. After at least 20 minutes picking out the perfect outfit, and doing my hair and makeup I was ready. (Not adding outfit description because I haven’t thought of it yet link will be in the comments) “I hope you have a great time girl” Skylar told me as she was lounging on a chair as I put on my heels, “thanks sky, I know something’s up with you and I want to know everything when I get back” I sad looking very sternly at her which just resulted in her smiling and walking away, year im not all that intimidating. “Casey, why are you all dressed up?” my father asked me as I was walking to where I was supposed to meet Adam, I was trying to avoid him because he’s my father and I don’t know how he would feel if I told him I was going on a date “nowhere special just to some dance thing in town with sally, sky, Tj and Adam” I responded calmly as I kept walking, not to self-tell sky and sally to avoid everyone so it seems they are gone. After that close call with my father finally made my way to the welcome sign, and just in time because tj pulled up in his suv and Adam hopped out to greet me. “Casey you look even more beautiful than ever and I didn’t think that was possible” Adam said while he kissed me on the cheek making me blush so badly. The car drive was quiet, which is weird because I have never know there to be a quiet moment with these boys, to make matters worse when tj dropped us off he made sure to warn Adam in a jokingly matter about having a curfew and to treat the lady with respect, yep. The date wasn’t anything special really, it was just a simple dinner; we danced as well which made my dress spin out. It was all very romantic, and when Adam was walking me back towards my tent he gave me a slight peck on the lips as he left, it truly was the best day ever, which just reminded me we only had 2 and a half days left. Day six Today began like any normal day here at the caravan park, sklyer and I had breakfast at her tent set up near the river, Adam came down shirtless on his bike, a gorgeous site to see until Stan scarred him away, sometimes Stan acts like he’s my father as well. But what made today different and unusual was that after we had finished eating and were sun bathing by the river, some guy singled to sklyer to go with him, I questioned her and she said she would tell me later. So Adam and I have decided to go for a swim, we were just lying in the shallow section just out of view of the parents, as much as I love Adam I don’t want to deal with my parents questions. Adam do you ever wonder what will happen to us once we have to leave, go back to our home towns” I question him as I lie back with my eyes closed, “unfortunately I do Casey, I love you so much and I can’t lose you, and the only solution I have come up with is convincing my parents to move back to wear we used to live near you” he sighed as he looked over at Casey lying there like an angel, “life sucks, if only we could just have everything perfect, I believe that we are destined to be together and those who are destined always find their way back to their love” Casey said sighing, acting tough and not showing how scared she truly was. Adam and Casey just lay there, enjoying each other’s presence not wanting to think of what lay ahead. When Casey decided that they should spend their last days in happiness not in sadness. Adam and Casey had gotten out of the water and dried off, putting a dress on top of her swim suit Casey ran off saying “catch me if you can”, at this time Adam had his camera and was madly snapping photos of the angel running ahead of him, he started chasing her laughing at their silliness and enjoying the feel of the wind blowing in her gorgeous hair. Until their moment was interrupted when Casey being the clumsy person she is ran into an old lady carrying a stack of bread, she instantly started apologising and bother her and Adam picked up the bread and helped her carry it, she just laughed and said how gorgeous young love was, she told them of how her husband and her had met at the very same caravan park when they were young, and managed to come back every year, and ended up getting married straight out of high school, they asked where her husband was and she sadly replied with in heaven, though his last gift to her was him buying the caravan where they first fell in love with each other so it could bring love to other young people. This women’s story gave them hope, hope that they could have a relationship as wonderful as theirs. After lunch sklyer finally showed up again at the camp, after they had eaten a lovely chicken salad Casey pulled her to the side to talk by the river, “okay sky I want an explanation of who that boy is and here you went” she said eagerly looking happy for her friend “well that’s a long story, but okay, that boy was Cole, some guy that lives in the same town that Adam lives in, I bumped into him on my scooter two days ago, he’s kind of a jerk, but yesterday after being a jerk, he found me a sang to me and told me how he didn’t care that we had to say good bye he just wanted to live in the moment, so today we went for a walk around the caravan park and just played on the play equipment and just had fun, anyway what did you do” sklyer said happily but then quickly changing the subject at the end, “well first im so happy for you and I can’t believe you found someone, he sounds amazing and you sound so cute together, today Adam and I just floated on the water and talked of the depressing good bye, and then we were running around chasing each other as he was taking photos, we ran into this old lady and she told us the story of how she met her true love here when she was young, and how each year they came back to keep their love alive and got married after graduation, but sadly he passed away 10 years ago but his parting gift to her was that he brought this caravan so that it could forever remain the place they found and hopefully other find true love, how sweet and romantic is that” Casey said telling sklyer the old woman’s story of love, the story brought hope inside sklyer that maybe her and Cole could work out, that they could stay together and end up a happy old couple Sklyer and Casey had agreed on all of them having a picnic tomorrow and then spending their last day together being happy. The day ended on a happy note but left the lingering feeling that it might not all work out. Before they went to sleep that night they had a camp fire with everything and they all discussed how much fun they had been having, and their plans for tomorrow, no one noticing the sad look in Casey, sklyer and Adams faces at the idea of the trip being over. That night in bed all Casey could think about was the horrifying idea of ending up alone with twenty cats at Adams wedding to some gorgeous model Day seven Casey point of view “good morning my beautiful princess” Adam said as he came up behind me as I made a cup of tea, startling me and making me almost pour the kettle on myself, but Adam grabbed hold of it before I could. “oh god im so fricking clumsy, good morning prince charming” I said smiling at him, all the parents were doing something I think they were going into town so they were organising a car and someone to watch the younger kids. I finished making my cup of tea while Adam made some coffee, how he could drink something as horrendous as coffee is beyond me. “good morning my gorgeous friend” sklyer said coming back to the camping trailer after having a shower, but she was dressed not walking around in a towel, “good morning your highness, I was wondering where you were thought you were off snogging Cole” I said jokingly while sipping my tea, she just glared at me and started laughing, one of the reasons I love her she can never stay mad at me. “Cole? Do you mean Cole breaushan?” Adam said looking confused, probably because we were laughing like hyenas, “yeah that’s his name and its creepy you know that” she said looking at him like he was insane, which I would too that’s kind of weird how he knows her boyfriend’s full name “he goes to my high school, I knew he was coming here as well but I haven’t seen him, weird coincidence huh” Adam said drinking his coffee and sitting in the chair next to me, “well that just makes the plan for the day even better, sklyer and I decided that we are all going on a picnic for lunch and then we may go off as couples or spend an hour of two as boy time and girl time” I said excited, if we all ended up married we would be the closest people because Cole and Adam are friends and sklyer and I are friends. After a nice breakfast with Adam and sklyer I went to go write something in my book, it’s basically where I write stories and poems, but I also do that on my laptop but I left my laptop at home because I thought it may be a bit weird taking my laptop camping. “what you writing princess” Adam whispered behind me on the branch where I sat, it wasn’t too far off the ground only around a metre but it still hurt when I feel off, “oh my god Casey are you alright, sometimes I forget how prone you are to falling” Adam says leaping gracefully from the branch and helping me up of the ground, amazingly though im completely fine, which surprises me greatly for I normally cannot walk after falling from that high. “I was just writing a little story about two rocks falling in love and losing each other when I get ambushed by the tree, and you show up and I fall off, ha I guess I really am falling for you” I say making a horrible pun at the end, which is expected with my personality I can’t go a week without making a horrible pun or joke. Adam just shakes his head at me laughing a little and takes my hand leading us to the swings, I really love swings and when I get my own place there will be a lot of indoor swings, the relax me. Adam and I played a couple songs on his guitar singing together and danced around, laughing in pure happiness, we got a lot of weird stares but then a lot of people said that we made a good couple, I guess that im not the only one who thinks that then. Sklyer and I met up before the picnic so that we could make all the food, I had cut up some fruit the night before and put it in her fridge, and some dip this morning to go with some biscuits, so all we did was make a chicken salad and chuck in some drinks. “okay I think that is all we need for our perfect picnic” sklyer said closing the picnic basket after squeezing in the blanket, we walked over to where we were meant to meet the guys, but they weren’t there which was sad, but I had a feeling knowing Adam they were going to sneak up on us, “boo” Adam whispered in my air making me smile, I turned to face him still smiling before saying “how did I know you would sneak up on me” I smiled pecking him lightly on the lips and cuddling him in a huge hug, but then I remembered that we weren’t the only ones there so I stepped out of Adams embrace and I turned to face sklyer and who I presumed to be Cole, “hey im Casey it’s nice to meet you, if you hurt my friend I will hurt your face, and then places where the sun don’t shines, and then I will get her dad stans whip and gun, and I will crush you” I said smiling at him, I laughed internally at the scared expression that went onto his face “Casey! Seriously I didn’t do that to Adam” sklyer yelled at me telling Cole that I was only joking, when I was being serious well half serious, “well yeah that’s because we both have known Adam forever and there seriously was no need, I don’t know this person and you told me he was a jerk when you first met him” I said back snapping my fingers jokingly, she just sighed and said that we should make our way to the picnic spot. “Adam can you please be manly and place the blanket down” I said adding the manly in their to make it seem that he was the only one that could do it, he just laughed. “so how did you two meet Adam” Cole said after we had been eating for a while and where all just sitting down talking, “well we were in the same prep class, and I seriously don’t know what happened to make us friends but we were friends, and our parents became friends, and then Adam was threatened to be a bully, so our friendship with him broke but mine and sklyer didn’t, and then Adam moved away and a week ago was the first time I have seen him since” I said looking over to Adam sadly when I mentioned how we stopped being friends. “how did you and Cole meet Adam?” sklyer asked Adam as she sipped her drink, trying to change the subject to something hopefully more happy, “well we were both in the same class when I moved, but I got bullied because I was new and no one liked me, one day Cole came up to the bullies when they were about to hit them and threated them and made them run off, we have been friends ever since” Adam said smiling towards the end, people are so mean Adam moved away from the bullies just for them to find him a t a different school, no one deserves that ever, not even the bullies themselves. We talked for hours, before we thought that we should go down the rapids one last time, for we were all leaving tomorrow and wouldn’t have time. “What are we going to do if any of the parents spot us” sklyer asked as we were walking up to the start of the rapids. “we are going to say that Cole is Adams friend, and we are just going down the rapids, there is no need to say anymore and we aren’t lying” I say quickly thinking that up on the spot, knowing how much sklyer hated lying to adults, such a goody two shoes. Adam and I went down the rapids holding hands so we wouldn’t be separated, we managed to avoid the bushes, though got hit on the bum a bit, so Ouchy, we are just floating back to the shallow end now, we decided we were going to go all the way down, there is a ledge of rocks where above it the water is calm and then really fast, its hard to control, but we did and it was so much fun. Sklyer and I parted ways with the boys so that we could shower and get ready for dinner at our own camp sites, then all the teenagers were going to sit and talk at the picnic table near the river and chill, saying half good byes before tomorrow morning. “I can’t believe this week had gone so fast, I really don’t want to go home being here is like being ina bubble where nothing goes wrong” sally said as we were all sitting down discussing the best things that happened this week, “I know what you mean, I would give anything to stay here forever, and leave all worries of school, work, and family behind, being oblivious is fun” Tj said sighing. It seems as if everyone had found something they had been missing at the caravan park, where it be love like sklyer Adam and I, or whether it be companionship or even just the escape from all your woes. As it neared closer and closer to the time we had to sleep I felt the tears coming, I had mastered the art of crying silently years ago, so I just sat there crying not ready to leave. That night before going to sleep that night Adam and I sad on the sand and hugged and kissed as if the world would end, our world would end tomorrow. Chapter 8- day eight Goodbye Narrator’s point of view The day has come where it is time to say goodbye, most people are sad that everything is over, but no one is more devastated than Adam and Casey. Their love is strong, but is it strong enough to with stand the difficulties of lond distance, where they really meant to be together, was it written in the stars, or were they just blinded by the love they thought they deserved. But they didn’t need that love, they needed more, they needed a eternal love that would never be over, not a 4 day fling, and now it’s time that their little happily ever after falls apart Casey point of view I can’t believe this day has snuck up on me, I can’t say goodbye to him. I know we will talk and Skype all the time, but I can’t handle the distance. We aren’t leaving until later in the afternoon, Adam is leaving after us, but I still need to say goodbye. “Good morning Casey” Skylar said solemnly, as she ate some toast as her parents bussed around her packing up the tent and mini kitchen. Yeah she was that lazy, she would just stand there and let everyone else pack up for her, “it’s not really a good morning sky”” I said making myself a cup of tea before the kettle was packed away, today we left, day we went home. “Tell me about it” she mumbled sadly, even though her and Cole hadn’t made as much of a connection, they wouldn’t have the chance to because they had to say goodbye. “Morning case, sky” Adam said as he walked over to where we stood reminiscing over the most wonderful camping trip. “morning Adam” Skylar and I said in unison though I gave him a little kiss, though Skylar didn’t, we just stood there for a while until Cole showed up, he asked sklyer if she would go with him for a walk, so they left. Slowly Adam and I started to walk towards the river. “why couldn’t we stay for longer, why couldn’t I have forgiven you sooner so we had more time together, why is the world so annoying Adam, what did we do to deserve this” I said taking a seat on a branch a metre above the ground, Adam sat next to me and sighed, wrapping his arm around my waist, “I don’t know case, I seriously don’t know, but all the time I have gotten to spend with you is a gift and I shall treasure it forever, the universe has been kind enough to grant me this sliver of happiness, even though I don’t deserve it, im a horrible human being” Adam said as I layed my head on his shoulder fighting back the tears I could feel wanting to escape. “Adam you are a wonderful person, even when you were bad you did it to help me, that’s nice, your nice, your wonderful” I said finally letting the tears free, I always believed that crying makes you weak, but someone once told me that it just means that you have been strong for too long. Adam and I just sat there both silently crying, and he would occasionally kiss me, but we just enjoyed each other’s company willing time to stop. Sarah point of view (Casey mum) I was helping Dana pack away all the chairs and tables when I say it, sitting on a branch near the river, just out of sight and easily missed, was Adam and Casey, they were hugging each other in a tight embrace, “Dana look over there” I said pointing to the pair, hoping to get her opinion on the situation, because to me it looked like they were in love, “oh my god, I thought those two would end up together eventually, I could just see it” Dana said coming to stand next to me, “why haven’t they told anyone Dana, oh god Dana they can’t be together because of how far we live from each other” I said suddenly feeling sad for my daughter, she had finally found someone she thought deserved her love, but she had to say good bye. “I think they just didn’t want anyone to fuss over them, you know Cain and Stan would of interrogated him if they knew, I think they just wanted to be together without having to deal with formalities” Dana said looking sympathetic over the two love birds, “what you talking about” Karen (Adam mum) said as she came over to us, we just pointed to the two teenagers, she was shocked, and we explained all of our theories to her “ my poor boy, he always did love her, it broke his heart when she hated him, and refused to speak to him, and he finally has her, just for her to be out of his reach again” Karen said crying, why does life have to be so sad, it’s like a romance novel, that doesn’t have a happy ending. Dana, Karen and I left the two be and went back to packing up. Skylar point of view After she left with Cole “why does my angel have to leave me” Cole said as we stopped, by the tree he found me crying at when he first sang to me, “it’s not me that’s doing this, it’s the universe being a bitch” I said to him completely serious, he just chuckled and kissed my forehead, “ you are literally the cutest thing on the planet” he said pulling me into an embrace. “What are we going to do Cole, I don’t want to leave you” I said looking up at him eyes full of tears begging to be shed but I wouldn’t let them, I was stronger than that. “my beautiful angel, it’s the universe deciding that I don’t deserve you, and im selfish to want to keep you to myself when you need a man that can treat you right, and the universe doesn’t think that person is me” Cole said crying, none of that was true I didn’t want anyone but him ever. “Cole, no one could be more perfect for me than you, if your selfish to want me, then im selfish because I want you, the universe is a horrible thing, but I believe that we will be together, whether it’s in this lifetime which I hope it is, or if when we are reincarnated into British people, or complete weirdos. I believe our souls have been finding each other in every life time, for thousands of years we keep getting reincarnated, because our souls were made for each other” I said in all honesty, I did believe that, the idea of reincarnation is amazing to me. “yet another reason why I love you, so wise, so optimistic, so cool, so beautiful” he said smiling at me, all of sudden his voice started singing from somewhere, playing the guitar, I think it was a recording, it was signing this Filled up with doubt I have to move home But I want to stay with you For all of the summer I have my plan That you won’t remember If you want to see the world Then please ask your mother I cannot hold your hand To watch you go I am a liar As you might know I need you now I need your touch And your lips I need that smile And your kiss You’re so cool You’re so beautiful You’re so You’re so As the song continued to play, Cole brought me into a slow dance, I recognised the song as so by ed sheeran, he had just slowed it down and only had acoustic guitar in the background, while we were swaying around he would softly sing the lyrics into my ear making me smile, and when he pourpursley changed the lyrics from “ your so cool” to “your so weird” it made me laugh, so we just danced laughing and enjoying each other’s company, at the time I didn’t know it, but my parents had spotted us and were standing their smiling at my happiness. Casey point of view “Adam, I can’t do it, I can’t” I said looking up at Adam from the branch we had been sitting on for ages now. He looked at me confused; he obviously didn’t understand what I meant. “I can’t do a long distance relationship Adam, you deserve some girl that can prance around town like a normal couple, you deserve so much more than I can give you Adam” I said crying, but trying to hide it, “there is no one else better for me in the whole world than you Casey, you can’t walk away, you can’t leave me again” Adam said starting off shouting then crying towards the end, “don’t leave me Casey” Adam pleaded, I couldn’t help It at this point I was crying, “I can’t Adam, find someone else” I said running off before I could beg him to forgive me, he deserves better than me, so much. I just kept running, I ran to the edge of the park, and I just sat there crying, beating the fence making my hands bloody, why is the world so cruel why can’t everything be perfect, like my parents relationship. Skylar found me and eventually dragged me away, she cleaned up my hands and bandaged them, she hugged me and let me cry after I told her what I did, she didn’t try to tell me that everything was going to be alright, that’s one of the reasons she’s my closest friend. I packed the last of my things into my bag to take with me into the car, I grabbed my unicorn and went to say good bye to everyone. “oh you have your pony again” Nathan said as I went to say good bye to his family, “ I thought we already discussed this, Uni is a unicorn not a horse” I said laughing at him, hugging him good bye, he managed to make me momentarily forget about everything. “I’ll see ya around kid” he said as I smiled and went to say good bye to sally, “you have to text me all the time okay, im sorry for what happened” sally said pulling me into a hug, I just smiled and finished saying goodbye to her family. “I understand why you did what you did, but I can see it hurts the both of you, and I hope that you will end up together in the future because you would make an awesome sister in law” Tj said hugging me making me smile.( play song on the side now) I had finished all my good byes without seeing him, but as I got in the car, I saw him standing on the ledge of the bridge above the lake, but before I could panic Tj got him down safely. As we were driving away I couldn’t stop the tears, I cries silently as I listened to autumn leaves my ed sheeran, it made the moment like a movie, driving past everyone, all waving at us smiling, as I cried, passing the store where that nice old lady told us her story, it hurt. Because in this place I had hated, loved and lost. And I don’t understand what I did to deserve this horrible fate. (Stop playing song now) Adams point of view Casey had just gotten in her car to drive off, followed by sklyer and her family. I couldn’t live with this hole I felt in my chest so I decide it was my time to die. I got on the bridge a good twenty meters above the river just above the rocks, I stepped on the ledge, and was about to jump when tj’s voice stopped me, “you don’t think this hurts her as well, she had to leave the love of her life, because she wanted you to be happy, if you jump you would just hurt her as well, now man the hell up and get down from that ledge, we have to pack up we are leaving in a hour instead of later. He was right, I guess I just need to live with the pain; we packed up everything and left. Epilogue Adam continued to pester Casey after she left the caravan park; she eventually changed her phone number. The month after though her parents separated, and she became severely depressed, it was her dads fault and everyone turned their back on him, even Stan his best friend. Her parents were divorced the following year, and Stan became even more like a father to her, they found out that Stan had a disease that would kill him before 2019 and there was nothing they could do. So they all spent those two years travelling and having fun. When Skylar found out about her dads disease she dropped contact with Cole. Casey’s mum feel in love again with this guy Michael, everyone loved him and his kids and they were all happy. Until 2019 when Stan started to visit the hospital more frequently because he was dying. He died in September a month after Casey turned 19. Today was the day of the funeral, and everyone was going to be there. Adam and his family had found out that Stan had died and had come down for his funeral, it would be the first time in three years that Adam and Casey would of seen each other. Casey’s point of view “do you need help with your hair sklyer” I asked as I finished of my water proof makeup, today was stans funeral and we were both depressed beyond belief, for me it was like losing my father all over again, but for sklyer she was just losing her father. “No im okay” was Skylar’s response as she came up to me and hugged me. We finished getting ready for the funeral; both of us wearing a black dress with black roses, Stan wouldn’t have liked red roses he would have found them to girly. Everyone showed up for the funeral, all of sklyer mums family from Perth, and all of Stans relative’s, all of his many friends. I was giving a speech at the funeral, Skylar was meant to do it but she couldn’t bare it, so I was speaking on her behalf. I got up to stand in front of the casket, next to a portrait of Stan, Skylar, jasmine and me last year in Melbourne, I remember that day, we had decided that we were going to be tourists in Melbourne for the day, and asked locals about everything, and we would run in the art galleries, it was one of the best days. “ hello everyone, my name is Casey most of you know me but for those of you who don’t, I am Skylar’s best friend and Stan treated me as if I was his daughter as well when my parents split. Im here to talk to you today about the amazing person that Stan was on behalf of Skylar. Stan wasn’t the friendliest looking guy, I remember the first day I met him, he had come back from work so he was a little grumpy, I was 6 at the time and he completely terrified me, he introduced himself to me and then went into his garage. Skylar and I were playing around on our scooters outside the house, when this boy came up to me, he was pulling my hair and he pushed me to the ground, like any other 6 year old girl I cried, Stan heard me and he came out and he growled at the boy, making him run away, which made me laugh, he helped me up and told me “ boys are wimps, if they annoy you get me to growl at them, now come on pretty lets go inside now” he said smiling at me with eyes full of kindness, at that moment I knew that under that tough exterior was a man who cared so much. Throughout all mine and Skylar’s years of schooling he would be mean to the boys who were mean to us, he said that we acted like sister, and if I was a sister to Skylar I was a daughter to him. Stan was one of the best people I have ever met, and I hope to grow up and be as awesome as him” I said laughing, crying and smiling in certain points during the speech, everybody cried, Skylar came up with me to place our black roses in the casket with Stan. I was crying, when the funeral ended, I didn’t notice it but Adam came up to me, he didn’t say anything he just held me, I overheard someone speaking and I turned to see my dad Cain, before I could get angry at him for I haven’t seen him in three years I heard his conversation “im sorry I was such a douche Stan, I can’t believe I was so stupid as to let someone as amazing as Sarah slip through my fingers, thank you for looking after my daughter when I wasn’t there for her, im determined to make it up to her, I have spent the last three years building a house for her, and one for her mother, it’s the least I could do to try to make up for being such an ass back then, Sarah’s new husband seems nice though, I saw them talking, he seems like he can take care of Sarah, and im happy for them, and Stan im sorry I wasn’t there to spend the last three years of your life with you, and now it’s my turn to be a father to your daughter” my dad finished his one sided conversation with Stan, it just made me cry even more, my dad had built me my own house to try to make it up to me. I stepped away from Adams embrace with the silent promise to talk to him later. I walked up to my dad who had his back to me and I hugged him, “ im sorry dad, we shouldn’t of shunned you like we did, we should of stayed in contact, and even though you missed my eighteenth I forgive you” I said hugging him in a tight hug, he just cried into my shoulder, “ I missed you so much little miss, I guess you heard that I built you a house, it’s a little 17th/18th/19th/graduation/three Christmas gift, and it’s completely paid off, no mortgage, and I set you up an account with all the money you could ever need, im so glad you forgive me” my dad said smiling at me. After a long heart felt conversation with my dad, he went off to tell my mum and Michael about the house he built for her, and I went off to find Adam, I found him sitting looking over all the graves, “it’s sad that all these people have died, surely it would be that everyone could live without dying, but I guess sometimes dying puts them out of the misery of living alone” Adam said as I came and sat next to him, I just hugged him and he hugged me back crying “Adam I love you so much, but I couldn’t let you have to deal with a long distance relationship, but I want to start again, we can make it work I have a year of school this year, so I can visit you all the time” I said hugging him and kissing his cheek. He smiled at me so lovingly “even if you didn’t say that, I was planning on moving back here again, getting my own place and begging for you to take me back” he said smiling like he was the luckiest man in the world. “I know it might be a bit too soon but move in with me, my dad said the house he built me has seven rooms, don’t ask me why my dad is just weird like that, that way we could be together, plus rent free for you” I said smiling at him, even though anyone else would think it too soon to move in together, I loved him and couldn’t be apart anymore. “you know what im going to take you up on that offer, but only after you agree to go on a date with me, if we are going to do this then I want to do it right” Adam said as he kissed me, both of us smiling at the amazing feel of each other’s lips, it had been way to long Skylar’s point of view After Casey’s speech “Hey dad, I miss you so much. Why did you have to get a disease and die, you will never see me get married, you will never be a grandfather, how is mum going to live without you, who will walk me down the aisle, who will my future husband ask for permission to marry me. I love you dad, but I don’t know how im going to continue on in life, I need you daddy” I said while I cried and probably sounded like a fish. I couldn’t believe my daddy was gone, I had three years to prepare for this moment but it still hurt. Suddenly I could feel a pair of arms embrace me from behind, without even caring who it was I turned around and buried my head in their chest as a I cried, after 15 minutes just standing there crying I calmed down, I looked up to meet the ocean blue eyes of Cole. It had been three years since I last spoke to Cole, I had stooped all contact between us when I found out my dad was sick, I want to spend his last years with him, not with a boy, however important that boy may be. “im so sorry Skylar, I know how hard it is to lose someone very close to you, my mum died when I was 10, at first I was upset, then angry but I was only truly happy again when I met you. When you stopped talking to you I was angry, but Adam told me that your dad was sick, I understood that you wanted to spend as much time with your dad, I also understand that right now you are to hurt to be in a relationship, but I don’t care because im going to stick by you and be everything you need” Cole said smiling at me, stopping me every time I tried to protest, to say that he didn’t understand, or to explain why I stopped. “I truly don’t deserve someone as amazingly awesome as you” I said smiling at him, he was about to say something else, but I didn’t let him, I just moved in and kissed him. It was a beautiful kiss full of passion, to try to make up for the past three years we have been apart, I could feel him smiling in the kiss. When we broke apart we just smiled and layed our foreheads against each other, “wait how are you even here, how long are you staying, where are you staying” I asked frantically the minute logical part of my brain rushed out, sometimes that’s happens “ well I came down with Adam and his family, we are staying for a couple months because Karen and Steve are here to help your mum out, Adam is here to beg for Casey to take him back, Tj is here because he wanted to pay his respects but he is going back in a couple of days to be with his fiancé Leah, and we are all staying in a hotel, but I think Adam is getting his own place here” Cole said smiling at me, all I could do was kiss him again, “if you will have me, I want to start again, will you go on a date with me” Cole said shyly blushing, I decided to mess around with him to make up for my logical moment “ well I don’t know, im kind of busy and have a lot of admires, but you know what sure what do I have to lose” I said smiling at his distressed expression, and then pulling him in for yet another kiss. Sarah’s point of view (Casey’s mum) “oh Michael, I can’t believe he’s gone” I said weeping into Michael my husband of 4 months shoulder, but before I could fully break down sobbing and go off to console Dana, Cain my ex-husband showed up. “If you take one more step I will have you removed from the premises” I said gripping hard onto Michael’s arm, why would that bastard try to speak to me, why would he even show up for the funeral. “I understand your pissed off with me, I hope we can be friends one day because you know we do have two children together, but that’s not why im here. Over the last three years I have spent time with architectures and have designed and built two houses. These houses have no mortgage and are completely furnished. One of them is for Casey as a combines present for all the birthdays and Christmas I have missed, the other is for you and your husband. It’s a farewell gift in a way, to thank you for fifteen years of companionship, I have also set up a bank account with enough money to pay bills and food, basically everything you could ever need for years” Cain said not moving any closer, he just threw some keys which Michael caught and left. It astonishes me that he built me a house, but I just can’t wait to see it, though hopefully he didn’t design it himself because his sense of style is non-existent. Narrator’s point of view Soon after the funeral Skylar, Casey, Adam and Casey all moved into the house Casey’s father had built for her. Skylar became a journalist for the herald sun, Cole was a music teacher, Adam became a paramedic and Casey was an actress and successful author. Out of the two pairs Adam and Casey were the first to tie the knot, after a year of being together Adam asked Casey to marry him, after two years of planning they got married. It was a large fairy-tale wedding planned to the t, though Adam couldn’t care if they got married at a hospital, he was just happy to have her all to his self, they honeymooned all over Europe Adam having to pry her away from the gorgeous sights of London. While Adam and Casey were on their six month honeymoon Cole proposed to Skylar, she said yes of course and as soon as Casey was back they spent 8 months planning it. Unlike Adam and Casey’s big wedding they had a small wedding on the beach, Casey’s father walking Skylar down the aisle in place of her own. After Skylar and Cole were married they moved out of Casey and Adams house. It was now 10 years after they had all moved apart, though Casey and Skylar were never away from each other for more than a week, tonight they were all gathering at Adam and Casey’s house for an announcement. Cole and Skylar went over there with their children allyanah there eight year old daughter and Shaun there four year old son. Adam and Casey also had two children, a nine year old boy Connor and a five year old daughter Evangeline. “Hello smites family we are her for dinner and news, anyone home” Cole said walking into Adam and Casey’s house, over the years they lost the respect of knocking on the door before entering. “Hey guys, kids go play outside with Eva and Connor, Cole Adam is in his man cave and Skylar im in the kitchen” Casey shouted from the kitchen where she was finishing off dinner for the clan. “Hey girl what’s cooking good looking” Skylar said to Casey as she walked into the kitchen. “nothing much just my great grandmas ham lasagne and some garlic rice with vegetable’s” Casey said as she pulled the lasagne out of the oven, sklyer helping plat up the eight plates for everyone in their little family. After dinner they all gathered in the 1st lounge room, they had the little children sitting on the ground, and Adam and Cole siting on the arm chairs while Skylar sat on the couch. “Well everyone I have gathered you all here today to tell you something really exciting, I am pregnant with our third child!” I said excitedly, everyone cheered and congratulated me, “well I guess now is a great time to tell you all, I am pregnant as well!” Skylar said happily, we all laughed and discussed baby names, nursery ideas, and so much more. The kids were also excited for two new babies to be in the family, the men went into the man cave and left the women and children to discuss things, and that night as they all said good bye, Skylar and Cole had to get the children to bed, and Eva and Shaun had to go to sleep as well. Casey couldn’t help but smile looking over how she fell in love with her husband; it all began when they feel in love in a surprising place
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