Ellie Cane is a nineteen year old girl who has never been good with relationships but will she change that when she falls in love with a tall curly haired boy or will she screw it up once again?


1. another screw up

Ellie's P.OV.

"God Ellie what did I do wrong? Why would you do this to me?!" Mason shouted at me as his eyes glazed over.

I fumbled with my sheets as I tried to come up with an explanation for why I was in bed with some guy I met at a bar but it was no use.

" I-I don't know I just - ". I tried to explain but he cut me off.

"you just what Ellie, huh?" He asked in an angry tone.

" you cheated on me before so what does it matter if I do it too? Or is there some special rule that says you can do it and I can't!?" I choked out between sobs.

" Ellie that was months ago and I thought we agreed to forgive and forget. You keep bringing it up as an excuse for everything and I'm getting pretty damn sick of it. We need a break." He stated as his voice began to get calmer and walked out.

I watched as he left and broke into loud sobs when I heard the door slam shut. Why do I always mess up? Why can't i get my shit together and settle down with someone? Why?

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