Finally... (Harry Styles fanfic)

He was right there standing meters away. The boy that was my very best friend until I moved in junior high. Should I talk to him? No he won't remember me. Will he? I stood there debating on what to do in my mind. Suddenly, his eyes met mine...


1. Let it go


Sammie's P.O.V.

It's Saturday morning and summertime has finally decided to start(I'm in college). All I want to do is stay in my room under the covers and think of how horrible I feel. I can't even seem to function right anymore. I'm always lost in thought. Two weeks ago my ex boyfriend told me he was using me this whole time to get his ex girlfriend back. I guess he wanted to make her jealous and eventually come crawling back to him again. How could I have been so stupid? Before I could answer myself I heard my phone buzz. It was from one of my best friends Jennifer.

"Hey Sam, are you up for the beach club today? ~Jeni"

I didn't reply because I didn't feel up to it still heart broken.

Next thing I knew, within 10 minutes, I was being lifted off of my bed over someone's shoulder and out the door into Jennifer's dark green Jeep screaming. My friend Cole was laughing at my reaction when I realized he had carried me out of my room. My other best friends Delaney and Bryana were laughing their heads off too. That was my pretty much main group. My jaw stayed dropped for while, but then I snapped out of my trance when the engine started.

Jennifer threw me a bag with my favorite bikini, sunblock and tanning oil, and some sunglasses. I slipped my flip flops on that just so happened to be on the floor of the car and we were off. Everyone except me were singing and cracking jokes. I really did not want to be here.

We finally arrived to the beach club and I felt a smile appear on my face. The one place in the whole world where I could act crazy and it would seem absolutely normal, Salty Kisses.

We all ran down from the car and went straight to the bar. Cole gave me something really strong that had a great after taste. With just one drink I already started to feel a little off and I started to rethink coming here. Wait! Said the little voice in my my head. Just let it go! Put all your feelings aside and don't care for at least today!

Next thing I knew, we were doing shots... not enough to get drunk thankfully. Been there done that!

It was way, way hot today so after dropping our things off in the cabana, I ran into the water with my friends not far behind. We swam around at enjoyed each other's company for quite a while.

After getting out of the water, we decided it was tan time.:) I put some sunscreen on my cheeks and shoulder blades. Being the naturally good tanner(if that's a word) I am, I really had no need for tanning oil, but I had an appalling suit tan! Playing water polo nearly everyday for years and years makes it a little bit hard to get that perfect tan in every place. So I needed to give it an a push.

"You look like you're wearing a tank top!!," yelled Delaney laughing her head off.

"Oh, shut up,"I replied with a chuckle.

After about an hour of tanning, I decided to open up my eyes. I saw all my friends burnt crispy. Ouch. I looked down at myself and saw my great golden brown skin. I looked back at them and started giggling uncontrollably.

"What?", they all said at once. They looked down at themselves and started to pout.

"Come on I know what will make you guys feel better," I said still laughing. They all followed me to the bar and we ordered cocktails.

Finally, when the sun started to go down, we all got out and headed for the dance floor. Everyone was dancing very close! Bryana, Delaney and I all started dancing on each other looking really hot if I do say so myself. Loads of guys were checking us out and some other people looked envious. I didn't care I felt good! Next thing I knew mine and Cole's song came on... we looked at each other with wide eyes and smiles. We had a routine and everything! I was a little embarrassed because our song just so happened to be 'Push It' by: Salt-N-Pepa. I know, I know. How we chose it is still a mystery.

People saw our facial expressions and us going crazy so they made a circle around the two of us. We just went for it. Also, to be fair we had alcohol in our blood so... Some of our moves were really hot and sexy so we heard a lot of 'owwws' but we just laughed it off because we were like brother and sister. Nothing serious.

When the song ended we embraced in a hug and everyone clapped. But then... I saw him standing meters away. He was with 4 other boys and tons of girls were taking pictures with them and asking for their autographs. Wonder why?

A/N: I hope at least one person reads this! I'll have more dialogue in the chapters to come; with more dialogue and more pages! Thanks xoxo -Sammie:)

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