If you loved someone forever, would you let anything take them away? If the one you loved so truly broke your heart so cruelly, would you forgive them and give them the broken pieces anyway? Rose thought she wouldn't. Then she met Jackson. He was everything she wanted. Nice, respectful, funny, attractive, fit, smart, and tall. He was the new kid and everyone knows that when there is a new kid, they instantly are the most popular kid in school. So will she let the monster of popularity claim another one of her heart throbs, or will she fight for the chance at forever?


4. Chapter 3

Silence. More silence. "Okay, class so today we're gonna be singing!" Mr. J exclaims. He tries to make the awkwardness of my being less noticeable, but nothing works. I think that is because he uses such stupid "attention-getters" ,for lack of a better adjective, that the class doesn't even care that he said anything. See, the class I'm in right now is a choir class so if we weren't going to be singing today then the director needs to be let go.

"Sorry I'm late Mr. J, the secretary had a hard time believing that I was new." The new kid mumbles placing the yellow pass on his desk.

"That's okay! What's your name, son?" Mr. J asks with sincere curiosity.

"Jackson. Jackson Wills." He smiles the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. When I turn to the door. I see her. Maddie Bryant. She was the one that started everything.



"Oh my gosh Rose!" Maddie whispers into my ear.

"What?" I ask looking up from my math homework.

"You like John, don't you?" She asks with a smile on her round face.

"Yeah. What about him?" I feel the wall of my defenses start to creep up around me as I look at him glancing over at Maddie and I with a smile on him face.

"He likes you too! He told me yesterday. I would've told you sooner, but I just now remembered." She smiles kindly. He likes me? Oh my gosh! Someone finally likes me! I thought this day would never come because everybody calls me ugly, fat, whore, etc. So now what do I do?! I turn to Maddie. "What do I do?" I ask.

"Go up to him and tell him!" She exclaims. So, I gather myself and march over to where John sits alone, and sit down in the chair next to him.

"Hi John!" I smile brightly.

"Hi Rose! What's up?" He asks me.

"Not much. How about you?" I ask him. I can feel the blood in my face start to pool in my cheeks.

"Nothing. Just wanted to ask you a question." He slyly smiles.

"Sh-shoot." I stammer.

"Do you like me, Rose?" He asks me in all seriousness.

"Why?" I ask scared.

"Because I heard you do, and I just wanted to let you know that I don't like that. I hate you so much. You're a fat whore and all you do is cut yourself for attention. You are a failure at life and no one will ever want to be your boyfriend so I just wanted to let you know that you shouldn't even try." He smiles. Tears stream down my cheeks as I turn around to see Maddie in stitches laughing. I stand up and walk over to her.

"You planned this?" I ask in bewilderment.

"Y-yes-s! That was good John!" She gives him a thumbs up and and turns all serious to me.

"I can't believe you thought I was your friend. Nobody will ever be your friend. I hate you so much." She spits in my face and walks out of the room.


"Maddie, you can sit next to Rose." Mr. J says. NO! NO! NO! This can't be happening.

"Hi Rose! Long time no see!" She smiles a smile that I know is full of lies and cheat.

"Mr. J, she can't sit by me!" I exclaim.

"You complain at others being bullied, and then you don't let a new person to my class sit by you? Shame on you Rose. She will stay there and there is nothing you can do about it." He says firmly to me. If only he knew.

"Um, excuse me Mr. J, you can't say that." Danny speaks up.

"Are you challenging me, Danny?"

"Yes, sir, I am. Rose is bullied. Every day. Just this morning someone burned her face, tripped her on her way in and, now you are having the first person to ever bully Rose sit next to her? Shame on YOU Mr. J." He breathes and turns to me. "Sorry." He mouths as he walks out of the class room. Probably going to the principal's office to report either himself, or Mr. J.

"O-okay. Um Maddie why don't you sit over here." He gestures over to where Jackson is sitting, and then says to Jackson, "Jackson, why don't you sit next to Rose." Jackson takes a seat next to me and turns to me. "Hi. I'm Jackson, and just so you know, I like that Danny kid. He's really cool." He says. 

"Yeah. He is." I smile at him, "I'm Rose, by the way."

"That's a very beautiful name." He sticks his hand out. I shake it firmly with a smile. I can feel the daggers in my back at the moment.

"Maddie's glaring at me right now. Isn't she." I look up at Jackson. He glances in Maddie's direction before confirming my conjecture.

"How did you know that?" He asks amazed.

"I know her. We were best friends for about a year. I'm supposed to know that. She used to glare at the back's of people she despised on a regular basis." I smile and turn around. I smile at her and wave before mouthing. "Yeah. Long time no see!" This year, I'm not letting myself go down with out throwing some of my own hits first.

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