If you loved someone forever, would you let anything take them away? If the one you loved so truly broke your heart so cruelly, would you forgive them and give them the broken pieces anyway? Rose thought she wouldn't. Then she met Jackson. He was everything she wanted. Nice, respectful, funny, attractive, fit, smart, and tall. He was the new kid and everyone knows that when there is a new kid, they instantly are the most popular kid in school. So will she let the monster of popularity claim another one of her heart throbs, or will she fight for the chance at forever?


1. Preface

"I love you." I whisper to him.

"I love you too, Rose." He whispers back. I lean in ever so slowly and press my lips to his and the fireworks explode in a never-ending light show. I love this boy so much. He loves me. I finally found the one. He will be mine forever.


I wake with a start and the tears automatically stream down my face with no end in sight. I let myself fall for someone again. If I only could pick who found their way to my heart...

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