Mentally Insane Juveniles (Leico)

Every one of the cast is mortal here.
Welcome to Mount Olympus High School for the Mentally Disturbed and Troubled Teens!

Once Nico walks through the large doors, he has no idea what he is about to get into.

He meets Leo, along with the rest of the pack, and things take a turn for the worse.

No more spoilers, read now!


1. The New Kid

Nico walked through two golden double doors from an outside pavilion. He looked up and down, gazing at the beauty of his new

boarding school, Mount Olympus High, Boarding School for the Mentally Disturbed and Troubled Teens, his father had made him go, since the last school he was in, ended up having a psycho teacher, who ended up murdering one of her top students. 


After that, he got sent to another one, but eventually got kicked out. He remembered the exact words that the principle told his father; You're son is too bland, and he is ruining the other students' happiness. 


Yeah, what kind of a sorry excuse is that?

Nico didn't let it get to him, he knew that no one at that horrible school liked him at all.


Every other school that Nico went to, he got into a fist fight and started sending people to the hospital.


He let it go, he was getting too caught up in it.


Nico looked all around the entry area.


The lockers to the left and right sides of him were beautifully painted gold with finger scans for the lock, the walls were glowing white marble with bronze thrown in to the mixture, and the ceiling had a dangling glass chandelier, candles instead of lightbulbs.


Nico expected this to be an ugly mental hospital or maybe pure metal jail cell to rot in until death, but this was the exact opposite, as far as he'd seen. He still hadn't met any of the students, or the teachers, except Mr. Brunner, who had talked to him about it before, and now Nico was finally here!


He walked further, shifting his eyes back and forth between all of the sights, his footsteps echoing in the empty hallway.


He looked at his Welcome to Mount Olympus High School pages that Mr. Brunner had given to him, and started to search for his locker.


Nico. di Angelo. Nico. di Angelo. Nico heard a robot voice from behind him. "Hello?"

The robot voice continued. Nico. di Angelo. Nico. di Angelo. 


Nico followed the robot voice, soon to find a locker with his name engraved in a classy font on the top of the outside. 

On the screen, it said, Tap to continue. while the female robot voice continued to say Nico's name. 


"Alright, alright!" Nico yelled at it, obviously frustrated. "Shut up!" 


Nico. di Angelo. Nico. di Angelo. Now, on the screen, it read Place thumb here. 


Nico did as it said, and soon enough, his locker was open and the robot voice finally stopped.

But it was what was on the inside, that really ticked him off. The walls were plastered with unicorn stickers and the locker carpet was baby blue.


"Heck no." Nico immediately started trying to scrape away the childish stickers with his nails, but they stuck like someone put them on there with super sticky gorilla glue and maple syrup combined.


He finally gave up and slammed the door shut, just as a loud bell rang, and students came scrambling into the hallways.


Nico suddenly felt sick. He wasn't good with people, heck, he wasn't even good with himself!


He tried to blend in the crowd by searching through his papers, trying to find his dorm address. "Agh." Nico complained, getting some paper cuts from flipping all of the annoying paper.


"Uh," A female voice from behind him said. "you need help with that?"


Nico stepped around to see who it was. A big grin appeared on his face. 

"Hazel!" Nico picked her up by the waist and spun her around as she giggled under her breath. Once he put her down, he pulled her into a hug and lightly kissed her cheek. 


"I've missed you so much, Nico." Hazel, Nico's half-sister, had lived with him and their dad for a while before being sent to this school for the mentally disturbed, and now Nico was here too.


"Who's this?" A Chinese looking guy, who was really buff, trying to look tough, but also came out as nervously shy.


"Oh, Frank, don't be jealous," Hazel explained. "This is my half-brother, Nico di Angelo."

Frank's expression softened. "Hi, I'm Frank, Hazel's boyfriend."


Nico nodded awkwardly, as mentioned before, he's not really good with people, especially ones that he doesn't love.


He'd been too busy greeting his sister and awkwardly interrogated by Frank, that he hadn't noticed a Latino boy having a conversation with a Native American girl and a blond guy so close to them.


"Ooh!" Hazel excited. "Piper, Jason, Leo, come meet my brother!"


Oh, sweet Jesus, this was going to be fun, or painfully awkward. The three of them walked over. The blond had a small scar on his upper lip, the Native American girl had her hair braided to the side with what seemed like a maple flower tucked into the top of the pony tail, and the Latino boy had a kind of elfish figure, his eyes gleamed trouble. He wore a white see through t-shirt with an army coat on top, his pants were baggy and burned to a crisp on the edges and ripped slightly near the middles, he had some oil on parts of his clothes and looked like he'd been up all night working on something.


"Hey!" The Native American girl said, holding her hand out for Nico to shake. "I'm Piper, you can call me Pipes." 

Nico put out his hand, and shook it briefly and awkwardly, waiting to get on to the next person so this could be over with. 


The blond boy offered his hand. "Hi, I'm Jason Grace." 

Nico shook it, a little longer than he did to Pipers, then moved onto Leo.


"I'm Leo Valdez, and I put the 'C-h-ool' in this stupid school." Leo didn't even bother putting his hand out, which relieved Nico, just because he was pretty sure that his hand was sweating due to the nervousness erupting inside of him.


Nico knew immediately that Leo was one of those narcissistic kids who are all like Bow down before me, 'cause I'm sexy and I know it, you do too, Mentally Insane Juveniles!


Interrupting Nico's thoughts, was Hazel.


"Neeks," Hazel started, a worried expression on her face. "You look like you've lost weight. H-Have you stopped eating, um, again?" Her voice became quieter as the last part of what she said came out.


"Yes, Hazel," Nico reassured her. "I've been eating, don't worry." 


Jason stared at Nico in awe, as if thinking Oh, so you're one of those people. 


"Problem?" Nico snapped, his expression softening when he glanced back at his sister. 


"N-No, not at all." Jason pulled his head away from Nico.


He suddenly felt warmth and pressure over his right shoulder, he looked to the side, and saw Leo peeking at his student papers.

"Hey!" He excited. "We're roomies! Well, along with Percy."


An extremely small smile tugged at the end of his lips, but Nico was really thinking Great, its going to be so fun sharing a room with a narcissistic grease monkey and some weird guy I will probably hate just as much.


"Well," said Hazel. "it's time to eat lunch, coming, Nico?"


Nico nodded and started to follow everyone to the cafeteria.


When they arrived, tons of long, fancy dining room tables and throne chairs, students all staring at him walk through the door and suddenly whispering.


Who's the new Edward Cullen?

He's hot.

I wonder if he'd go out with me.


"Looks like you've got fans, di Angelo." Jason said, his arm hanging friendly and sloppily around Nico's shoulders.

Nico just frowned and nodded, then continued to walk forward and faster so Jason couldn't touch him.


Nico hated being touched. 


Nico followed Hazel up to the buffet; There were all sorts of foods, ones that should be on a thanksgiving table, not a insane children's lunch menu.


"You go sit down right over there with Annabeth and Percy," Hazel ordered, pointing at a table with a blond haired girl and a black haired boy.. "I'll make your plate."


Nico nodded and grabbed a sprite can on the way over.


He sat down on the seat across from Percy, and Leo quickly sat down next to him with a fat plate of thanksgiving dinner--Er, lunch, and started eating it like it was the first meal he'd eaten in months.


"Uh, Leo?" The black haired boy, who Nico was assuming was Percy, said. "You gonna introduce Annabeth and I to your, uh, friend?"


"Oh," Hazel said, putting a big tray of food in front of Nico and sitting down next to him, with her own big tray of food. "this is Nico di Angelo, my half-brother."


Percy nodded. "Hey, I'm Percy."

The blond girl waved. "Hi, I'm Annabeth Chase."


Nico nodded and turned his attention to Hazel. "Haze, this is a lot of food. You can't seriously expect me to eat all this."


Hazel frowned. "You're losing weight again, Neeks. You need to eat more."


Nico frowned, and had a staring contest with his sister. Obviously, Hazel had won, and Nico had to eat his food.


Everyone chuckled lightly, and then went back to eating their meals.


Soon, Piper, Jason, and Frank came to sit down next to Leo and Annabeth.


"So," Annabeth started, putting down her sweet potato casserole. "What'd you do to get in here?"


Nico sighed. "Well, first, my teacher ended up murdering one of her students, then tried to murder me for failing my math exam, I went on to the next school, and they said that I was too depressing and I was ruining the happiness of other students, then the next school, I got into a lot of fights and sent people to the hospital."


Everyone's jaws dropped in awe, like their reasons were nothing compared to Nico's, well, except Leo, he was still digging into his food like some kind of gorilla.


"Wow," Jason said. "you talk a lot when you want to, dontcha?"


Hazel laughed. "He doesn't speak more than 100 words a day unless he has to, and he had now exceeded his limit. You won't be hearing anything out a' him for a while."


"Thats not true Hazel," said Nico. "I now have 22 words left."


Everyone laughed, including Leo, whose plate was completely empty. 


Nico looked back down at his food, he took a few bites out of the turkey, then the sweet potato casserole, when he noticed Hazel, along with pretty much everyone else at the table, staring.


"Okay," Nico said. "I'm going to go get more food." 

He grabbed his tray and walked to the buffet, hidden behind the wall, he threw the food away.


He pulled the school Welcome papers out of his bag, and looked through the papers for his room number.


"Room 409." Nico noted, and started walking out of the cafeteria to the dorm areas.


He got lost a few times, and had to look at the directory around the big school, but he eventually got to a room.


A room that wasn't his. Nico opened the door to see a redheaded girl making out with a blond guy, and he closed the door before they could notice him. "Jeez." 


"Need help finding the room?" a voice said from behind Nico. He turned around to see Leo. "I, um, saw you leave the cafeteria, along with everyone else."


Nico nodded. "Uh, sure."


Leo walked over three steps past Nico. "Here it is." On the sign, it read, 409. 


"Such help." said Nico. Nico pulled out the key that he was given by Mr. Brunner and put it in the key slot. 

The door opened, and Nico was relieved that there wasn't a dude and a redhead making out aggressively on his table.


He walked inside and threw his stuff on the ground, he then turned around, about to close the door, when he came nose to nose with Leo. He had forgotten about him. They were so close that Nico could feel Leo's breath.


They awkwardly stood like that for a while, until Percy walked in, they quickly pulled away, and Nico started unpacking his things.

Percy went and sat on his bed, pulling a note book out from under it. A diary? Nico couldn't be sure, but Percy started writing in it like there was no tomorrow, while Leo started fiddling with some kind of project on his work desk.


The room was wide and roomy. Three beds, separated by work desks, lined up.


Percy's bed, nearest to the bathroom. Lucky him. Leo's bed, in the middle of the room with a bunch of dirty clothes and a tool belt thrown on it, and then there was Nico's; Empty, until Nico decided to put his spreads on it.


Soon, it was black sheets, and a red and black comforter. He threw his iPod and earbuds onto the bed, and started putting up posters to make the weirdo room his own, soon, the right side of the room, was all his.


He put all of his stuff away, and dropped himself onto his bed. He put his earbuds in, closed his eyes, and started listening to Farewell, My Love's latest album.


Soon enough, he was in deep sleep.

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