There’s something special about Destiny King; she just doesn’t know it yet. When her senior year starts, strange things happen to her. She learns new things about her family, friends, and herself. Her best friend, and the guy she secretly likes, Ryder is hiding a secret, a secret that could either protect her, or kill her. Especially when a new student, Nathan, comes in the picture. Even Nathan might have a secret or two. The Back to School Dance changes everything for Destiny; her perspective, her love interest, and her life. Everything for her is unimaginable.


3. Chapter 3

    Destiny sat there, starstruck. Nathan was gorgeous. He was like one of those underwear models that she would see on television. Except way sexier. His baby blue eyes shined bright under the ceiling lights. His black disheveled hair framed his face perfectly, what stood out the most was his unnaturally pale skin. Although it looked normal, and was just the right shade for him, Destiny knew there was something strange about him.

    But when he came and sat in the empty seat right in front of her, she couldn’t tear her eyes away from his. He looked at her with so much intensity, it was like they were the only two in the class.

    “Okay, class, back to introducing ourselves.” Mr.Gilbert’s voice brought her back to reality. “Ryder, your turn. Oops. Forget I said his name.” He chuckled at his own little joke.

     Ryder cleared his throat and caught the attention of many girls, who started gawking at him. Destiny felt herself getting jealous, she knew she shouldn’t be jealous, her and Ryder weren’t a thing, but she couldn’t help it. “Hey everyone. I’m Ryder Benson. My favorite subject in school is English.”

     At that, the English teacher’s face lit up. “Wonderful! That’s perfect, Mr.Benson, you quite the English man,” he laughed, and when no one else did, he continued on, “alright, next person then. It seems we are almost done.”

     All eyes turned to Destiny, who was next. “Okay, well, my name is Destiny King, and my favorite school subject is Art.”

     “You’re an artist?” A deep, sexy voice questioned her.

     She looked at Nathan. “Yes. I usually paint or sketch what comes to my mind. Sometimes it’s specific, sometimes it’s a blurry mess.” Why did she just tell him that?

     Some of the kids snickered, which made her face red and she sat down. But when she looked up at Nathan, he had a very serious face. “I think that’s amazing.”

     Her eyes widened. “Really? Everyone usually thinks it’s ridiculous and stupid.”

     “I’m not everyone.” His eyes sparkled.

     “No. No you’re not.” She couldn’t help the smile that was growing on her face. What was Nathan doing to her? She didn’t even know the guy!

     Nathan stood up in front of the class. “Hello everyone. I bet you’re really wanting to hear my introduction, mostly because I’m new here, right?” Some of the girls sighed dramatically. “I’m Nathan Benson. My favorite subject in school is drama. I love acting, almost as much as I love girls.” He looked at Destiny when he said this. Some of the girls giggled, but she didn’t. She watched as Nathan sat down and winked at her.

     No. I’m not going to get caught up in a mess of brothers. Think about Ryder. How Ryder said he loved you.

     Ignoring the other introductions, she caught a glimpse of Ryder, and he was staring right at her, almost trying to read her. Destiny ripped a corner of her notebook paper and wrote on it:

Meet me at my locker after class.

Gotta talk to ya.


    She folded it up and flicked it at Ryder. It hit him in the eye and she laughed quietly. Ryder looked at her, and she saw a flicker of jealousy before it went away. He unfolded the note and read it quickly. When he looked back up at her, she could see the curiosity in his eyes as he mouthed the word, “okay.”

    She smiled to herself and daydreamed about how this was going to pan out while Mr.Gilbert was talking about the new year and the units they were going to study this year. She was still daydreaming when Nathan’s voice broke it all.

    “It’s Destiny, right?”

    She looked at him, a little dazed. “Oh. Um, yeah. I’m Destiny.”

    He grinned mischievously at her, which made her heart flutter a couple of times. “So, Destiny, how about you show me to my classes?” He handed her his schedule.

    She looked over it and noticed it matched hers exactly. “Oh my! You have the same exact classes as me! Of course I could show you to your classes, but you’ll have to wait until after I talk to Ryder.”

    “Talk to Ryder? When?”

    “After class at my locker.” Why does she keep telling him things she doesn’t want to?

    He offered her a smile that said, ‘I know something you don’t.’ “Alright, maybe afterwards?”

    She shrugged casually. “I guess that would work, but maybe I could get my friend Kayla to show you around instead. She’s really cute and funny, I think you’ll like her.”

    “No!” Nathan whispered rather frantically.

    Destiny squinted her eyes in confusion. “Um, alright? Then I guess you could just wait until I’m done talking to Ryder. But it’s really important so please don’t interrupt us.”

    He put a hand to a chest and pretended to be hurt. “Like I would ever! I respect that you have unfinished business with my brother.”

    “No, I didn’t mean-”

    “Ms. King, do you have something you would like to share with the class?” Her English teacher’s voice boomed and echoed across the room.

    She sunk lower into her seat, trying to make herself invisible. “No sir.”

    “Then I suggest you stop talking. But we only have a minute of class anyways, so why don’t you all pack up your things and be out by the time the bell rings. You may all thank your friend, Destiny, for putting me in a bad mode.”

    Everyone turned their heads to send hateful glares at Destiny. All she wanted to do was disappear. Before she could say anything, though, the bell rang, dismissing all of the students from their class, and stopping all kids from giving her glares.

    Destiny got up out of her seat and dashed out of the classroom towards her locker, not looking back to see if Ryder was behind her.

    “Desi-poo!” Her best friend stood their guarding her locker.

    “Kayla!” Kayle lunged towards her and pulled her into a humongous bear hug. “Kayla, you’re breaking my bones,” she said between grunts.

    “Oh my goodness!” Kayla broke away just as fast as she hugged her. “Sorry girl, I just missed you all summer! I didn’t see you once! What were you up to?”

    Destiny shrugged. “Not much. My family and I went up to our lake house. Nothing new. Ryder visited once in a while. My summer was pretty much a blow. How about yours?”

    Kayla giggled. “Great! I met this really cute British guy on my vacation to Europe, his name is David, and oh my goodness! He’s totally adorable. He even said he loved me and would miss me! Isn’t that adorable?”

    She scratched the back of her neck, like she always did when she was nervous or unsure. “Love? He said he loved you? In just about two months of knowing you, he fell in love with you?”

     “Duh. Who wouldn’t fall in love with me? But enough about me. How about Ryder, are you guys a thing yet? He told me about his feelings for you, and how he should tell you; I told him to just tell you right away. To get to the point, to be frank about it. So? Has he said anything?”

     She casually shrugged and opened her locker to get her books, looking for Ryder on the corner of her eye; he wasn’t anywhere in sight. “For one, if he didn’t tell me anything about his feelings for me, you just gave it away. And two, yes he did. He also asked me to the Back to School dance.”

     Kayla’s eyes got wider with anticipation. “And?”

     “And I told him I don’t know.” Before Kayla could go into a whole lecture about her decision, she slammed her hand down on her friend’s mouth. “Before you say anything, I’ve been thinking it over, and I want to tell him yes. But he was suppose to meet me at my locker, and he hasn’t shown up yet, and we have about three minutes left of passing time. I’m screwed.”

     “Who’s screwed?” A very soft and gentle voice asked her from behind.

     Kayla mouthed the name she was expecting: Ryder. Then she gave Destiny a wink and walked off, taking all her attitude and sassiness with her.

     Destiny turned around and faced Ryder. “Hey.”


     “Okay, listen, we have about two minutes left before we’re both late to class, but I just want you to know, that even though I’m not a big fan of school dances, I would love to go with you. As friends.”

     She saw a flash of hurt in his eyes. But he still smiled. “Uh, that would be great, I guess. As long as I get to go with you, I’m happy.”

     She smiled and looked at the clock. “Shit, we have a minute until we have to get to class, and I still have to walk Nathan to class.”


     “Yeah, you know, Nathan, the brother you never told me about.” Before he could respond, she left to go find Nathan and head to class before she was late. She knew she was being a little harsh on Ryder, but he deserved it for not telling her that he had his brother his whole life.

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