My name is Diana and I get bullied daily, I am the slut of the school that no one has any respect for. Read to find out what happens.


13. ~Chapter 12~


I wake up to the smell of chicken. "Wake up baby girl." I open my eyes and Zayn is standing there with a tray in his hands and a cigarette in his mouth. I sit up and he sets the tray on my lap. I start eating, looking like a pig. I finish and he takes the tray downstairs and I get up and go downstairs and go to the living room where John is asleep with Vic lying on top of him. I go to the kitchen, looking for Zayn but he is nowhere in sight. I hear voices outside and go to the door and it opens just as I reach it. "Hey babe." He says and I look over his shoulder as he closes the door. "Hey." I say, trying to go around him but he just blocks my way. He picks me up, walking away from the door. "Zayn, put me down!" I demand and he does and I stare up at him. "Who's outside?" I accuse, crossing my arms. "What are you talking about?" He asks and I roll my eyes. "I heard two voices coming from outside, who's was the other one?" I ask, raising an eyebrow. "No one, wait, do you not trust me?" He asks, making me feel two feet tall. "What? I do." I say, surrendering and putting my hands on his face. He grabs the backs of my legs and picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist and arms around his neck. "Let's go to the bedroom." He says and I smile and nod. He takes me up to his room, closing the door behind him and dropping me on the bed. He climbs on top of me, his body hovering over mine and his hot breath fanning my face. He leans down and brushes his lips against mine. I lift my head to keep my lips against as he pulls away. His lips attack mine once again, biting my bottom lip for entrance. I let him enter, his tongue exploring my mouth and I wrap my arms around his neck, my hand gliding through his fair, grabbing a handful. His mouth goes down to my neck and attacks with sweet kisses, nibbling the raw skin. I gasp and he starts nibbling my earlobe. I giggle which causes me to snort and my hand flies to my mouth. He sits up on me and stares down at me. He starts laughing and my cheeks bun red, for the first time in a long time. "That was cute." He says and I roll my eyes. "That was unattractive." I say and he laughs. He rolls off of me and lies down next to me, sliding his pants off. I turn to him and he takes me into his arms. "I love you." He says, staring down at me. I snuggle against his warm body, pulling the blanket over us. "I love you too." I say, kissing him. He nuzzles his head into my neck and I stare out the window, lying awake until eventually I fall asleep.

Authors Note

What's going on with Zayn? -BoyBand&&VinerCrazed;)<3


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