Key of My Heart (harry styles)

Charlie was a young free and happy little girl. Until the day she goes through the death of her mother. Charlie's heart shatters into a million pieces for her mother was the only one she loved. Will Charlie let someone back into her heart or is she another lovesick human on the planet?


3. 8 Years Later


Chapter 2


Charlie's POV.

8 Years Later

As the cool breeze whips through my hair, I stand frozen. The place that my mother was so called “put to rest” but I didn’t believe that bullshit. She needed to be here on the world with me. Not me standing in front of the engraved stone that is just like all of the others in this contained area. My pure gentle, calm, loving, and pleasant mother vanished away from me like thin air.

I put down the lilacs (which were her favorite) on her stone and slowly walked away with my head down, praying that one day I will be able to see her content self again.

This was the same routine I did every Tuesday afternoon when the sun was setting and bright and early Friday morning for the past 8 years of my life without her. Go to the garden out back of my house, pick some lilacs, bring them to mom and talk to her for a while and repeat every time. My life was a broken record. It was all the same but nothing really felt inline without her here. 

A person would think that I would only grieve for a few years then just forget everything that has happened but no; it is difficult to live without a role model in your life. My mother was the one that I always looked up to and having her gone was the worst pain in my heart. It was so difficult to bear.  

After I reached my car I had to go back to my other routine that is not revolved around my mom. I shifted my car into drive and made my way to “Chapter One” this little bookstore that I have recently started working at. My mother would love to hear that I am doing the job that I have dreamed of. Even though my father begged me to do a job that would be better paying, but my mother would always say “poor and happy or rich and disappointed”.

As soon as I got to my co-worker Jenna greeted the little shop that I have come so accustomed to coming to I. 

Jenna became one of my good friends when I first started working at the bookstore. She is like an older sister. I don't know what I would have done if I didn’t meet her. 

"Hey sweet cheeks! Tonight you and I are going out."

"Do I really have to come with you, you know I don't like going out"

"Girl, you haven't been out for ages. You need to have a night out and tonight is going to be the night!"

"Fine, just because I like you"

As I started to put the new books from a box on the shelf a ring sounded from the door opening. A guy that was tallish and was very muscular walked in, he had short brown hair and light brown eyes. I had to say that he was attractive but he had many tattoos, which kind of threw me off. 

"Hey do you have the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy?" He said with a smirk.

"U-um yeah I t-think that it is in t-the back" For some reason I stammered; he was just so intimidating that I couldn’t stop.

"Thanks babe" he winked and went to the back.

Fifty Shades of Grey was a good book but why would a guy want that? Behind all of the smut and sex scenes it was a love story just like any other. Where the guy is a bad ass and doesn’t ever want to get married until he sees the woman of his dreams and then suddenly goes a-wall and does everything to woo the girl. Then he gets the girl and they go through some small hardships probably a breakup but suddenly they figure out that they are meant to be together and they get married have 2 children one boy and one girl, get married and live in a mansion and live happily ever after. It was all the same, but why couldn’t the real world be like that. Why can’t my life be like that?

“I do not know” My voice was barely audible.

"Who was that hottie?" Jenna came up behind me scaring me. I could tell that she was watching the tattoo mystery that came into the store.

“I do not know” My voice was barely audible.

“Well whoever he is, he is sexy” Jenna purred into my ear


As soon as he was done he came up to the register with the three books in hand.

“Hey” His voice did not match the rest of his body. His tattoos gave him the hard look but his voice was almost warm and inviting.

“Would that be all?” I tried to keep my voice monotone.

“Yeah, Thanks for the help. See you around” He walked out of the store so confidently.

For some reason didn’t want him to go. Stop it Charlie you don’t know that guy he is just someone that walked into the store for a book. You probably won’t see him again.

“Well tonight we make sure that you are ready to party because it is going to get live” Jenna practically screamed into my ear.

“Haha what time are you going to pick me up?”

“Around 8”

I don’t know how I am going to feel tonight but hopefully it is good. I don’t want Jenna to hate me because I am going to be in a sour mood. So I have to put a fake smile on my face and get ready.

The day ends goes by slowly and I am dreading tonight as the day goes by. When the clock reaches 6:30 it is time to go home. Jenna went home about an hour ago and reminded me about tonight. How was I ever going to forget?

I started to sweep the floor very slowly so I can post pone going home. Because I know once I go home it is all about getting ready for tonight.

Right when I started to mop the floor the bell rang from up front

“Hello… You are not suppose to be in here it is past time”

I turned my head to see no one here. What the hell there has to be an explanation for this. I just shook it off thinking that the AC units just made the bells move. It was nothing Charlie. Well hopefully it was nothing.

Just as I turned back around a tall muscular but not too muscular man in a beanie walked by the window of the Shoppe. It’s around the time that people started to go inside because here in Algoma it isn’t safe for a person to be walking around. But this guy just walked around like it was nothing. Strange.

The man stopped in his tracks and turned to see me looking at him. His piercing green eyes are something that I will not forget. He was gorgeous but something about me put me on edge.

The smirk that formed on his face literally had chills streaming down my back. Who ever this guy is I needed to see him again. This feeling for this guy was way different from the first guy that came walking into the store.

I finished up the store and headed home. Tonight I am going to have some fun that I need to make up from all of this grieving.  


Chapter TWO!

Sorry for the really long wait. I love you guys!



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